Live Dealer In Vietnam

Live Dealer In Vietnam

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Vietnam

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Curious about how you can play live casino? Find the latest information on the best casino games and how they can give you the best gaming experience. 

Vietnamese players find it hard to play in land-based casinos despite the government’s latest resolution that relaxes its laws against gambling in Vietnam. Engaging even in online gambling is quite frustrating since it is still considered illegal in this Communist country. For this reason, Vietnamese citizens often choose to join foreign gambling sites. They risk playing in these international casinos since the authorities cannot regulate the market as much as how they would for a brick-and-mortar casino.

What Are Live Casino Games?

Online Live Dealer

Live dealer games basically allow gamblers to experience almost the same live table games they would play in a traditional land-based casino using live streaming on their smartphones, laptops, or desktops. All you need is a strong Internet connection and then download the app of the live casino to be able to play. You can also play live on one of your preferred sites on the web. 

Real live dealers operate live dealer games in real-time, where they offer traditional casino tools such as roulette balls and wheels for roulette, and decks of cards for live blackjack and baccarat. You won’t find any chips with live dealer games though, but you will be able to interact with other players and place bets with real money using an electronic wagering interface.

Live Casino Games vs. Online Live Dealer

Gamblers who play live dealer games should know that the result of each game is also the same way as it is with land-based casinos, only that it is more accurate and faster. Live dealer games provide players with the same experience as traditional casino games, with the convenience of playing anywhere and any time they want. 

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

Regular players of live dealer games can experience some advantages against traditional casino games and electronic versions of casino games. Just like in a traditional casino setting, players can communicate and interact with the dealers in real-time. Since a real person operates the live dealer games, players developed an element of trust on how to determine the result of the games, not by a computer. They can play live without ever thinking whether the game uses a random number generator, making them rely on luck rather than skills. 

Players can have the chance to play more hands and spins since bettings and payouts go through electronic transactions, making it more accurate and faster compared to a traditional live casino. It also means omitting human error and you will not worry about your payout equation.

How Do You Play Live Casino?

Live Casino

Live dealer casino games are the latest innovation in the gambling market. This is an answer for players who do not have the capacity to travel to a land-based casino or who want to enjoy casino games in the privacy of their homes and during their most convenient times. Live dealers provide players with a unique gambling experience. Players can enjoy reliable and realistic games managed by live dealers and not by Random Number Generators.

Online live casinos are gaining more popularity because of the benefits it gives to its players. If you are new to this kind of platform, there will be difficulties in understanding how the system works.

The first step that you have to do is to create your own account. To set up your account, you need to provide your details such as phone number, email address, home address, and decide on how much your deposit limit will be.

You also need to be responsible for the information that you will give, and always keep track of the events that you are doing such as your game time, how much you spend, and your online winnings.

Those who are new to live dealer casinos must note that every deal and bet occurs in real-time. The dealer will manage the game and players are given only a few seconds to react or place their bets. Players are expected to be attentive. To enhance user experience, most websites incorporated a live chat option. This allows players to directly interact with the dealer and other players on the table.

Players from Vietnam can choose from a wide array of live casino games and play in real money mode. Live dealer casino players play for real money. No free play is available in this mode. Those who want to get a feel of the table are allowed to join and observe the game before playing with real money. Some websites, though, offer a practice mode option but it is not live. It’ll just let the player become familiar with the pace and movement of live dealer casinos.

Live dealer casinos are gaining popularity in Vietnam because it gives its players the possibility of wagering at Asia-facing tables that offer an authentic casino experience. Vietnamese players can enjoy casino games in a Macau-based casino, complete with the real casino action and atmosphere.

Most live dealer casinos also accept local currencies. This is very convenient and economical. Players do not have to shoulder exchange fees, giving them more budget to wager on live casino games. They can also enjoy several bonuses and daily promotions tailor-fit for live casino players.

Gamblers from Vietnam can also choose from different live dealer games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker games. Some casinos offer Fishing King, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger.

What are the Available Payment Options for Vietnamese Players for Live Casino Online

Payment Options

A few live casinos accept Vietnamese Dong as a form of payment option, but most require players to carry out transactions and place wagers in international currencies such as the USD. This can cause players to shoulder exchange fees. To avoid it, the best solution is to choose a live casino that supports the local currency on top of looking at their roster of live casino games.

To start playing in live casino tables, Vietnamese punters must fund their accounts. They can do so by bank transfers, online banking transfers through GoCash88 and Bpay, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. You may want to check online casino games available deposit bonuses so you would have an idea of how you can take advantage of them. In most cases, you can have bonus spins on roulette live or match bonuses on other table games. 

If it is time to withdraw winnings from live casinos, players can request to get their money via e-wallets. They are convenient, secure, and have a shorter withdrawal processing time. E-wallets are also highly advisable for Vietnamese players because it does not require too much financial information and local authorities cannot monitor and regulate the financial transactions of the players. So, it is easy to have the best live casino experience without worrying about your bonus funds. 

In terms of withdrawal fees, it depends on the online casino and the withdrawal option chosen. Players can find this information in the Banking Section of the online casino. They often include the necessary information about withdrawal fees and limits.

What Are the Best Live Dealer Casino Games to Play Online?


Here are some live dealer casino games to play:

Live Roulette

Live roulette has the same rules as the traditional game in land-based casinos but with one change: there is a time limit for placing your bets in each round, then the live casino dealer will spin when the time is up. Live roulette, for some, is among the enjoyable online casino games to play online since it allows you to have direct interaction with dealers. You can play roulette live games at your convenience compared with a land-based casino wherein you are constrained with time and location. 

Live Blackjack

One of the most popular live casino games, live blackjack brings the same live casino experience for its players, where you can also interact and see the dealer during a face-off. The rules of this game did not change, where the purpose of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand while preventing your hand from going over 21. Ju

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is similar to live roulette, where you place your bets on the player interface, and the rules are easy to learn. The live casino dealer will tell if your bet is accepted before drawing cards. There are also several game variants of live baccarat available in live dealer online casinos. You just have to choose which one suits your preference. 

Live Game Shows

Live game shows are online live dealer versions of popular hits like ‘Deal Or No Deal’ or board games such as ‘Monopoly.’ The purpose is to entertain its players with an enhanced ‘personality’ game show host that conducts the conventions of the game equivalent. This platform also offers more chances of earning such as multipliers and bonus rounds. This live casino offering is pretty new because most players are used to live casino games of poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Take note that live dealer online casino sites often exclusively offer these live games, so check out which ones have the titles that you can play live. 

Live Poker

A skilled live dealer conducts live poker, much like playing poker in a real casino. Texas Hold’Em Poker is the most popular of the many variants of poker games. The five-card poker game is also an exciting variant where you play against the house, and aim to beat the dealer’s hand from a combination of the two dealer cards you have. The community cards on the table will help you build a stronger hand. There are tons of poker games offered by software providers, including Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Both Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold’em are popular among players because of their gameplay.

Tips On Playing Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games

Here are some useful tips for playing live casino games in live dealer casinos:

1. Secure A Strong Connection Bandwidth

Live casinos need a strong internet connection, especially with online live dealers that use live streaming features. To make sure that there will be no interruptions with your favourite game, check your internet connection if it can support the minimum technical requirements of an online casino.

2. Practice a Game Strategy

Any game involves a good strategy to win. You increase your chances of winning if you practice a good game strategy that will support your gameplay, especially in making difficult decisions. If you are not familiar with how roulette wheels work, you could practice first before going online to play for real money in live dealer casinos. For example, you can play with offline Texas Hold’em or Ultimate Texas Hold’em with your friends. Once you have a game strategy in place, that’s when you can play live with real money. 

3. Bet What You Can Afford

One of the basic things you should do in gambling, stick to your budget to ensure a fun experience in live dealer casinos. You can try free casino games first to get a feel of the live casino games. If you have bonus spins, you can use them to win a bonus offer that will allow you to boost your gameplay. 

4. It’s Okay to Quit

It is okay to quit whenever you feel that luck is not on your side. Players can’t win every time, so you should always prepare for the worst result. If you don’t have any bonus spins to leverage your casino game, it is okay to quit. You can always play live online on another day. If you have a losing streak, try playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and casino hold ‘em with your peers to up your casino game. 

5. Search For Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Most online casino operators offer bonuses and promotions to entice more players and to keep their valued clients to keep on playing at their site. If you are an avid casino player, you will also find special treats in online casinos to boost your stake and have more chances of winning. There are different ways on how you can take advantage of your casino bonus in many live casinos. You just have to choose the best live casino. 

When choosing your online casino, make sure to read their frequently asked questions page so you will know about their software provider, wagering requirement, wagering contributions, real-time bonus funds, casino bonuses, and deposit options.

What Is the Most Trusted Online Casino in Vietnam?

Online Casino

Before signing up and making an initial deposit for an online live casino, players must check their reputation. The gambling sites should be credible, have no issues with withdrawals, various deposit options, and must have an amazing customer support service.

Listed below are just some of the most reliable online live casinos that offer real dealers managing real casino games and tables.


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Online live casinos are a great way to have fun, but it can get boring when you just play with machines. understands that. Thus, they offer players casino live dealer games to give them the convenience of online live casino games and the familiarity of playing with a live person. The casino site has games like Sic Bo baccarat, roulette, and much more, so try playing with them today.

Live Casino HouseLiveCasinoHouse

Welcome Bonus:  0.5% refund up to $3000 per week / Super Bonus 700%

Live Casino House

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If you are looking for one of the best live casinos with the best gambling experience, then you should go with Live Casino House. They give you not just a whole bunch of games from some fantastic providers. They also provide you with a whole lot of options like table color and dealers. They are a great site that gives you the best live dealer experience around and you should try playing with them. This live dealer casino is where you can actually play live casino games with huge bonuses and great gameplay. With its deposit options and payment methods, this casino is definitely better than Betway casino. So if you want to play casino live roulette or live blackjack, Live Casino House is your best option for playing with real dealers.


Welcome Bonus:  up to 10% Daily Reload bonus up to 1,000,000 VND / Special casino bonus up to $100


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If you want to play at a casino live, there are a lot of options out there. But, we suggest you try HappyLuke. It is a live casino that offers more than just video games, they have live casino dealers as well, assuring you that you will have the best gambling experience while you play live. On top of that, they have some great promotions and deposit bonuses to help you win more money. If you are looking for an online casino that has fun games, great providers, and better bonuses, this casino will give you the best live casino experience where you can play roulette live and have the best time of your life. 

Are Play Live Casino Games Legit? Is Live Dealer Blackjack Rigged?

Rigged Blackjack

Many online live dealer players would always question if their favourite blackjack games are rigged. There are some players who say that the system cheated on them, claiming there are anomalies in an Internet casino. 

Some would say that they feel safer playing blackjack than poker, which some players also say that can be rigged. Online blackjack is usually not rigged, but it is possible. 

Can Online Casinos Be Rigged?

Rigged Casinos

With so many doubts going on in the minds of blackjack players, one of them would be if the live casino itself can be rigged. Truthfully, online casinos can be easily rigged, but it doesn’t mean that they really are. Remember, these casino games mostly use a random number generator to give their players to win by chance. However, the best live casinos rely on dealers and their skills. If you think you are more skilled than the dealers, then you can play live and win one of the biggest games of your life. 

Live casino developers and operators would do anything to protect their company and not be associated with rigged live casino and games. This gives them enough reason not to produce rigged games, including blackjack. Developers make casino games with an embedded random number generator to make sure that every event in the games is purely random.

It is no secret that developers create online casino games slightly in favour of the casinos to make more profit. Although casino games have a slight edge, it doesn’t mean that a player can’t win in any game. One way to win is to read up on several game guides, be it for playing roulette live or any type of live games. You have to have the necessary casino experience in playing table games to make sure that you don’t use up your bonus funds in vain. 

Apart from the provisions made by the software developers, all online casinos must abide by the laws of the place they operate. If they operate internationally, they also need to process all legal documents to be able to proceed with their business to ensure they provide safety and fair play for their players.

The most recognized licenses in the online gambling industry are from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). If your online casino possesses these requirements, you will be certain that their games are not rigged.

Players should also know that most online casinos give permission to independent auditors to periodically investigate the online casino’s honesty and fairness.

Rigging Blackjack – What’s the Reason and How?

Rigging Blackjack

It is okay for every player to be suspicious of online gambling games. Online casinos control the software which makes them control how the game would turn out and steer the odds in their favour. This could also mean that they can easily rig a blackjack game without anyone noticing.

These reasons make it easy to understand for you to think about playing live online blackjack if your game is rigged. To make it worse, rigged baccarat games happened before, such as the infamous Potripper scandal, where the online casino operators can see the players’ cards.

There are few cases of these incidents but not unheard of, especially with blackjack games, where an online casino has many ways to rig the game. One of the most common ways of rigging a blackjack game would be the removal of the face cards or the aces completely. Most blackjack games utilize less than 50% of available playing cards each game, making it unnoticeable to the players.

There are other methods of rigging an online blackjack game but most casinos will not use them, because of legal reasons to protect their players. While most online casinos won’t allow rigging of games, because it is basically not worth it. A simple report of any anomaly with blackjack games could easily destroy an online casino’s reputation.

Know When Your Online Blackjack Game is Rigged

Rigged Blackjack

It is important that you know the signs that your online blackjack game is rigged, which also makes you decide the best live casinos that you should patronize. Keep in mind that casinos that are legitimate will always protect their reputation, thus the chances of rigging a blackjack game are small.

Apart from knowing if a live dealer casino holds a license from UKGC or MGA, make sure that their blackjack game is from a reputable and legitimate software developer such as Playtech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc., that genuinely uses a random number generator to provide players with an entertaining live casino experience.

Playing live blackjack is not hard to understand and follow, with fewer potential problems that can occur. Most blackjack games run with algorithms that enable the shuffling of cards randomly. Once you are in a reputable casino, the chances of rigged games are almost impossible.

If you regularly play live baccarat, and you notice a series of losing games, it would be best to check on how you play the game. You dictate your own game results and not the game itself.

Now that you know how to play casino live, are you ready to play live casino games with your pals? Choose from a wide range of games available on the page, including roulette live, blackjack, poker, and a whole slew of live games now so you can have real-time fun and real-time winnings!

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Vietnam

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1xbet• Welcome Package up to VND 40,000,000 + 150 FS


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happyluke• Welcome bonus 200% up to 200 USD


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