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Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country bordered by the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. Its vast rivers have helped the country forge trading with India and China. Largely an agricultural country, the economy relies heavily on rice crops grown primarily in the provinces of Mekong and Tonle Sap. These provinces also have the country’s largest inland waterways that serve as one of the main transportation systems to bring food products to other provinces.

The country is still picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild itself after several wars. There is still so much to be done and many of the areas still rely on humanitarian aid from foreign organisations. Raged and savaged by war, the country still has so much to offer its visitors and tourists, who provide good sources of income for the locals.

The most famous tourist destination in Cambodia is the Angkor temple complex. The area is filled with ruins left by the Khmer Rouge, depicts the nation’s story, heritage, and character as a country. Though they underwent many hardships, their beauty and warmth still show in the warm smiles of the locals. More than the temples, Cambodia still has so much to offer tourists. Adventurous activities such as riding a jeep or a motorcycle whilst roaming the city and provinces are just some of the things to do here. Watching folk dances and theatre performances that depict the rich history of Cambodia are also worth making time for.

Most expats living in Cambodia choose to stay in the capital of Phnom Penh, but there are those who also prefer the coastal areas of Sihanoukville. Many expats claim that it is easy to live comfortably in Cambodia because it has one of the most affordable costs of living in Asia. Some do not even have to spend more than $2,000 per month. A lot of expats have also ventured into businesses in the country since it is easy to secure a visa.

More than the temples, Cambodia is also known for being a gambling destination. Its neighbouring countries have made it illegal for their citizens to gamble. This gambling regulation was exploited by Cambodia. They built casinos along the Cambodia/Thai border and the Cambodia/Vietnamese border. However, just like their neighbouring countries, Cambodian locals are strongly prohibited from gambling as well. They are not even allowed to enter a casino or even work in one.

Currently, Cambodia has more than 50 land-based casinos and all of them are exclusive for foreign passport holders only. Online gambling, whilst still unregulated in Cambodia, is oftentimes considered illegal for the locals. Still, many choose to risk and gamble anyway. Cambodians often access online casinos and play slots, poker, baccarat, and join live dealer tables. They also like to bet on football and Sepak Takraw. Many online bookies have deployed land-based bookies who go around, collect bets, and deposit payouts without raising any suspicion from the authorities. Some of the online casinos in Cambodia are owned and operated by affluent Chinese investors who cannot engage in this kind of business in their home country.

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