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Top Mobile Gaming Apps in South Korea

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Top Mobile Gaming Apps in South Korea

South Korea is the home of eSports so it is really no surprise that a huge chunk of the population is hooked on mobile games. After all, most big names in eSports started honing their crafts playing mobile games at the comforts of their home before they started playing in stadiums. The nation is setting the standard when it comes to computer and mobile games, with most of the players preferring RPG or Role Playing Games. App Annie reported that South Koreans’ most downloaded games in both iOS App Store and Google Play Store include Brawl Stars, Color Bump 3D, and PUBG Mobile. For top free apps, Zombie Strike Idle Battle SRPG leads the pack. Here is the complete list of the top mobile gaming apps in Korea.

The Most Popular Mobile Gaming Apps in South Korea

The growing popularity of South Korean culture has many people, young and old, curious about what South Koreans do and eat. More than that, gamers want to know what the locals play during their idle time on their phones. Here is the complete list of top mobile gaming apps in South Korea:

Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle SRPG

As mentioned, Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle SRPG is South Korea’s most downloaded free app. The game was developed by Tojoy, a new entrant in the Android game development industry. As their third RPG game, Zombie Strike offers its players impressive graphics and promising gameplay mechanics.

The game allows its players to command a survival camp during a zombie apocalypse. Players must then gather heroes to help him fight against throngs of zombies and other human survivors in a variety of game modes. Zombie Strike will challenge every player’s strategic skills and tactical prowess in many ways.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile arena fighter party video game developed and published by Supercell. The brawler/shoot ‘em up game ranks its players through their level and total trophies. Players must collect brawlers and choose one to use in every game. Loot chests called Brawl Boxes contain coins, brawlers, and Power Points to level up brawlers can be obtained with tokens that players can earn as they play different matches. Players can also obtain Big Boxes using Star Tokens or gems.

The fast-paced gameplay of Brawl Stars makes the game oddly entertaining for fans of other Supercell games like Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Clash of Clans.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG: Mobile)

This online multiplayer battle royale game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. PUBG: Mobile takes inspiration from other mods created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for different games. It is also greatly indfluenced by Battle Royale, a 2000 Japanese film.

The game sets up to 100 players as they parachute onto an island to scavenge for weapons and equipment they will use to kill other players as they try to survive. Over time, players will notice that the available safe area for the game’s map will decrease forcing the remaining players to tighter areas and encourage combat. Players can team up with other gamers with the goal of becoming the last team standing to win the round.

Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D may be a simple game published by Good Job Games but the skill-based game is quite tough to master. The game comes with labyrinth-like pathways filled with booby traps that will really test your skill. The game’s mission is to guide the ball from the start of each round until it reaches the finish line. See it is quite simple but players have to accomplish this without crashing against any of the obstacles that the game may have. The pathway also has shapes that must be knocked down to make way for the ball to pass through. Each phase requires the players to avoid a specific colour or else they have to start over again.

Lineage M

Lineage M is a medieval mobile fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) franchise from NCsoft, a South Korean game developer, which allows players to create a character that comes from a variety of classes. They can also form parties with other players and kill monsters whilst tackling huge world raids, and transform their characters as special abilities are unlocked for a limited time.

Since its release, the game has become a big hit in South Korea with over a million in subscriptions. The game is also available in Chinese, Japanese, English, and Russian versions.

Ruler of Empires

Also called Roem, Ruler of Empires is an RPG game developed by Dongsik Gang that takes its players back to their childhood with its 2D RPG display and enchanting graphic design that makes for the ultimate gaming experience. The game comes with a realistic and relatable background and storyline. The game sends its players to save the village of Meter against Meterion. Players can accelerate their growth when they team up with friends and fight during raids.


Avocados are yummy and healthy. A lot of individuals love that they can eat their avocados daily. South Koreans, however, love to play with them. Avo! is Playdeo’s first mobile game, which allows players to control an avocado as it makes its way in a path filled with drones with the help of Billie. Playdeo claims the game will revolutionize gaming by offering “television you can touch” with the game’s seven live-action episodes that blend gameplay with video footage.


Party.io is probably the only game that provides entertainment to its users by making them throw people off. Since its release, Party.io has gained a huge following. Players can control a playdough-like character that can grab their opponents and throw them off in an arena, which can be a hot air balloon, floating houses, or a birthday cake. The last player standing wins the game. What makes the game really unique is the different ways the character fight and fall. Scoring high can make the figures become bigger and scores can be obtained by maintaining a high number of kills. Players also need to draw an infinity symbol on their phone and tap the screen simultaneously to direct their avatars. The only downside to the game is its limitation of only allowing users to compete against computer-controlled characters. Still, it is one of the best mobile gaming apps in Korea.

Its gameplay is pretty simple, which is probably why South Koreans love it. It is a perfect game to play whilst they are on the bus or waiting in line.

1010! Color

Another offering from Zynga, 1010! Color is a minimalist block puzzle game filled with challenges great for training the brain. The brain teaser puzzle is pretty relaxing and easy to learn. Players simply have to match 3-puzzle game by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces on the board. They have to combine sets of three or more of the same colour. They can also merge three similar colours to clear puzzle blocks and leave space for new pieces. The goal is to clear more puzzle in one click for a higher score.

Have you played any of these games? Let us know how much you’ve enjoyed playing them in the comments below!

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