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Korea is one of the underrated Asian countries. Many do not include the said country in their travel list because they associate the region to the conservative and authoritarian rule of North Korea. They fail to see how beautiful this country really is.

The country is divided into two regions: North Korea and South Korea. The region occupies the Korean Peninsula strategically bordered by Japan, China, and Russia, making it an exciting and unique place to visit. More recently, the country is becoming more popular among tourists since many now realize that Koreans are actually warm people. North Korea is not a scary country to visit for as long as you respect their culture and do not violate their laws. South Korea is gaining a lot of traction lately thanks to the growing fan base of K-Pop idols.

Korea is a country worth visiting since it home to many out-of-this-world tourist spots, satisfying cuisines, and friendly citizens. Visiting North Korea may be limited to its capital, Pyongyang but the city is rife with amazing places and historical information that gives tourists a deeper understanding of their culture and lifestyle.

South Korea, on the other hand, showcases Seoul – its capital city, but there are hundreds more to explore in the country. The region is also known for having unforgettable festivals. It is like they always find a reason to celebrate! A city with the best kimchi? They have the Gwangjo Kimchi Festival. Dak galbi as one of their gastronomic dishes? They have a festival for that too. South Korea is full of celebrations that even expats highly consider moving into the country. They can choose to live in vibrant Seoul or they can choose the unique landscape of Jeju Island.

Korea is a country that takes gambling addiction quite seriously. To prevent this from becoming a national problem, they have made it illegal for their citizens to engage in gambling activities. North Koreans, as the more conservative region of the two, completely disallows gambling in any form for its citizens. The country does have a casino but the entrance is only exclusive for foreigners.

South Korea, on the other hand, has relaxed some of its gambling laws. Citizens are not allowed to play in a casino for monetary gain. They are permitted to play for momentary pleasure in the only casino allowed for South Koreans. This casino, Kangwon Land Resort and Casino, is located in Gangwo-Do Province, a remote area in Jeongsongun County. This casino receives as much as 10,000 locals on a daily basis. Some even wait for hours just to get a seat at the tables.

Locals are also permitted to bet on horse races, bicycle races, lotteries, and Toto sports. To legally bet, they must be 18 years old and older. Foreigners have more freedom when it comes to gambling. In fact, most of the casinos in the country cater to foreigners. They must be able to present their passport to gain entry.

The country permits foreigners, expats included, to gamble. Some even access online casinos from the country since a good number of online casinos now cater to players from South Korea.

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