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Thailand is a vibrant country home to many tourist spots. Its location at the heart of Southeast Asia bordering Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia make an interesting country to visit. Divided into six regions and 76 provinces, Thailand has so much to explore.

Despite its location, Thailand is unique in terms of its culture and heritage. Most of them are well-preserved despite possible influences from its neighbouring countries. Its language is used by almost all of its citizens but they are also conversant in English, as it is also widely used in the city and most commercial establishments. English is also taught in school. The rural and provincial areas of the country used dialects.

Going around Thailand is quite easy because of its highly accessible transport system. There are several airports that are managed and operated by the Airports Authority of Thailand. They also have an extensive railway system that connects cities and provinces. Its southern railway provides transportation for those who want to visit Singapore and Malaysia.

Thailand’s economy is driven by the private sector group that has mostly focused on market-based industries. The country serves as host to many foreign investments thanks to its open foreign policy. The country also earns from tourism revenues. Many of the country’s beaches are becoming more popular by the day. The islands of Phuket and Koh Phangan attract tourists and even expats.

Over the years, Thailand is a magnet for expats. Many of them consider living or retiring in Thailand because the country offers high standards of living at a very low cost. They can choose to live on an island or in a coastal city and still enjoy access to the city. Expats do not have a hard time adjusting to the Thai way of living since there are lots of expat communities that have established their own neighbourhood and infrastructures. In fact, a large population of expats in the country is known to support many sustainable health and wellness businesses in the country.

Aside from its amazing tourist spots and expat communities, many foreigners keep coming back to Thailand because of its interestingly unique gambling industry. Hi Lo, the popular Thai dice game, sparks the interest of foreigners. Similarly, the national lottery is also well-followed gambling in Thailand.

Interestingly, Thailand has strict gambling laws that prohibit any form of gambling except for the National Lottery and horse racing. Still, the country has a staggering 70% of gamblers. Many of them often travel to the border to play in cheeky casinos targeting Thai locals. Some are more adventurous and bet on illegal gambling operators, others are smarter and just bet on online casinos.

Regulation of online casinos in Thailand is quite difficult because they cannot ask online casino owners to shut down their operations because it is illegal in Thailand. The government has, however, previously asked the court to block several ISPs engaged in illegal gambling. However, this does not deter players from Thailand in accessing online casinos because it is where they can enjoy many games such as sports betting, slots, and live dealers.

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