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India is a populous country that occupies the Indian subcontinent. Some of its neighbors are China, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Pakistan. For the past years, the country has continually developed to become among the fastest rising countries in the region. 

The country is rife with tourist spots that earn the admiration of visitors. In fact, some of these visitors have gone and chosen to live in the country. Its exquisite culture and charm seem to attract a number of foreigners to call India their second home. 

There is a high concentration of expats in urban areas where the growth of business and technology is most centralized. It is easy to find expat communities in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. In fact, Bangalore is now termed as the Silicon Valley of India since it serves as the home of tech-centered enterprises and startups in the country. 

In terms of the cost of living, India is a relatively affordable country to live in. 

India is a country with a lot of intricate architecture to explore. Most of the tourist spots in the country showcase magnificent architectural and engineering feat that truly makes them unique. 

Perhaps one of the things that make India a well-visited nation in the region is its love for gambling. Gambling in India is illegal. Despite this, however, many of the locals still engage in gambling activities. The laws governing gambling are largely outdated.  Local law enforcement often receives criticisms for not strictly implementing gambling laws. For this reason, many of the locals and expats alike fearlessly engage in betting activities. 

Online casinos in India are the next option for those who want to enjoy a game of betting without fearing prosecution. Since most of the online casinos serving Indian players have licenses abroad, they are beyond the jurisdiction of the local authorities. Some online casinos that restrict access to Indian players are often played on by using VPNs. 

Online slots in India are also gaining popularity because most of the games have generous rewards and bonuses for Indian players. Some players from India often claim to beat the system of online slots. While this can be disputed, online slots remain a favourite pastime among players. 

Online sports betting in India is among the most popularly wagered on. In India, sports is a big thing, and betting on one is an even better pastime shared by many punters. Some of the widely bet on sports include football, cricket, golf, hockey, volleyball, and polo. When you are in India, there’s no scarcity of bookies who will accept bets. 

India is a country worth checking out if you are big on architecture and gambling. It’s like having the best of both worlds when you are in India. 

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