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China is an East Asian territory that has many bordering neighbours. A total of 14 countries share their borders with China including Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. An enormous Asian country, China was able to maintain most of its heritage and culture despite being surrounded by a number of foreign countries.

Despite being a leading country in terms of foreign trade and international investment, the country still falls behind in developing its mass transportation system. Many of the roads in the country are still unpaved. Agriculture remains the main economy in the country. The country is very rich in natural resources but it was only in the years of the 20th century that they were able to fully cultivate it.

Tourism is also a major industry that has driven China’s economy to greater heights. Since the country opened its doors to more people and relaxed restrictions, many people were given the chance to see the beautiful country of China.

In recent years, many tourists have seen what China can offer more than the usual tourist spots like the Great Wall of China. Most of the top destinations in the country give guests a peek at what makes China the country that it is today. Many traditional Chinese are still conservative but a good number of them are already welcoming new trends and opening their eyes to what other countries can offer. This Oriental country still has many unexplored places that are truly wonderful. Shanghai, for one, is a great example of a wonderful mixture of old and new China. Skyscrapers surrounding the ancient temples is a clear example of what China really is.

China is making a name particularly in technology and innovation and this has brought a number of expats to live in China. Since the cost of living is reasonably affordable, many expats here live in luxury. A large percentage of expats live in Shanghai because of the way of living is somewhat similar to the Western lifestyle. Shenzhen, which is closer to Hong Kong is a favourite among young professionals who want to start a tech business or work in one of the tech giants headquartered there.

In addition to the amazing tourist destinations, China is also heavily visited for its gambling regions. Macau, the Monte Carlo of the East attracts huge numbers of tourists annually. About two-thirds of Chinese nationals from mainland China make the trip to Macau and Hong Kong to gamble. Gambling is illegal in China. The only allowed form of gambling is the state-sanctioned lottery. Other than that, mainland Chinese nationals either go to Macau, Hong Kong, or gamble in online casinos.

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