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How to Play Keno Lottery in Korea

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How to Play Keno Lottery in Korea

Korea has a fascinating gambling law. It is the only country that does not allow its locals to gamble in any way wherever they are. A couple of Korean pop idols involved in gambling have been persecuted by the government. The only legal place for them to gamble and bet on is in Kangwon Land, that’s why many consider it as their very own paradise.

Even if the casino is located in a remote province, gamblers still travel long hours just to place their wagers. Some even fall in line just to have a seat in the casino. Interestingly, expats visiting Korea can enjoy a host of casinos and casino games that locals do not have the liberty of. Foreigners can play in any foreigner-only casinos and enjoy a host of games. They can also play in online casinos that offer casino games, sports betting, and lotteries like Keno.

History of Keno Lottery

This lottery originated from China several centuries ago when it was used to provide a form of entertainment and source of income during the war. Many believed that funds from the lottery were used to fund the Great Wall of China. In the olden times, keno games were played weekly or only once a day. The set of winning numbers is selected randomly. Several accounts claim that the winning numbers were sent from big cities to small towns through carrier pigeons.

What is Keno Lottery?

Keno lottery is similar to any lottery games. Players simply have to choose numbers and win a corresponding prize should the numbers match those drawn. The total amount of money won is dependent on the amount of numbers correctly guessed. Players bet on the outcome of the draw. The difference of online keno lottery from a regular lottery is that keno allows their players to bet on numbers, which are drawn every four minutes, every day of the week. Each lottery draw has 20 numbers drawn from a total of 80. Each ticket bought by the punter allows them to choose from a single digit number up to 10 numbers. In Keno lottery, players who bet on more numbers have more chances of matching the drawn numbers and have higher odds of winning.

This type of lottery has gained a huge following because of the simple gameplay that allows them to win large sums of money quickly. Keno lottery is also offered in land-based casinos but they are mostly enjoyed by many through online casinos. Keno is a simple game to play, easy to learn, and does not require a strategy to win. If you are feeling lucky and do not want to risk much, keno lottery is for you.

Played every four minutes, keno has generous payouts that really keep online casino players hooked. Online Keno players can choose to play manually or automatically through Quick Pick.

The game of Keno is somewhat similar to playing Bingo, but Keno is played by pre-selecting 20 numbers from a total of 80.

How Does Online Keno Lottery Work?

In online Keno lottery, players often place a bet on the outcome of a different draw (i.e. Quick Draw) instead of the official draw. Still, players can choose numbers in the same way as if they are choosing the official draw. Players who win will be paid directly by the online casino.

Players can choose between one and 10 numbers from a pool of one to 80 for each line. They can also choose to use an auto pick option that allows them to automatically choose 10 numbers they can bet on. Then, they will decide on how much they want to wager for each game.

Those who match all the 10 numbers drawn will automatically win the jackpot.

How Much Does Keno Lottery Cost?

Keno lottery differs in cost depending on how much each player want to stake and the total numbers they want to bet on. So a single stake can cost as much as $2,500 depending on the minimum amount an online casino charges. Just remember, the amount of numbers and the stake value will determine the ticket price.

How Do I Play Keno?

Playing Keno is simple. Players simply have to create an account in their preferred online casino that offers Keno lotto. Select Keno and choose the numbers you want. Mark the number by clicking on it. Each chosen number is called the keno spot and the keno card has 10 rows and 8 columns of numbers. The card will tell you how many numbers you can choose and the numbers you still need to pick from the roster.

For faster play, you can also choose to click on the “Quick Pick” option. Choosing this does not change the odds for winning. Once you have selected your numbers, enter the draw by confirming your purchase.

How Do I Know If I Won?

Once the draw is done, you will know if you’ve won if you see your numbers on the screen. You will see in your dashboard that you’ve won. Your prize depends on the total amount you’ve wagered and the amount of numbers correctly matched.

How Do I Claim My Keno Lottery Winnings?

Online Keno lottery comes with the convenience of having online accounts. Players who’ve won will automatically receive their winnings in their online accounts. So it is important to keep your account verified to easily withdraw your earnings. You can also use your winnings for your future wagers.

Keno Odds

Keno has poor odds. In fact, it is really quite difficult to correctly guess 10 numbers out of 80 but that’s the beauty of playing keno. You mostly rely on luck. Picking a number, just one number on the card out of the 10 numbers drawn, and each player gets to have one catch in one attempt, the payout can be 3 for 1. Guessing two correct numbers will give you a payout of 12 for 1 payout. In short, players can win more if they choose more numbers.

What is Video Keno?

Video Keno is one variation of Keno lottery which allows players to play on a single machine with no other players involved. Each ticket will indicate the maximum payoffs in each play. Instead of playing one game every three or four minutes, players can play as many games as they want in each minute. Payouts for Video Keno is higher for small tickets but the maximum is much lower for big tickets so players have to choose their game depending on the total payout and payout speed. The great thing about playing Keno online is the possibility of playing Video Keno and regular Keno at the same time.

Standard Keno Pay Table

  • If you choose one number, your payout is 2 to 1.
  • If you choose three numbers, you can win either two hits which allow you to get your money back or three hits which are roughly 41 – 1.
  • If you choose six numbers, you can win from three to six hits, up to 1500 to 1 for getting all six.
  • If you choose 10 numbers, you can win from five to 10 hits, up to 100,000 to 1 for getting all 10.

Do note that different casinos, whether online or land-based, have different payouts. You can search online for casinos that offer great deals such as signup bonus and play bonus.

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