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How To Play Bingo in Malaysia

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How To Play Bingo in Malaysia

Malaysia is a lovely country located north of Singapore. The country has exciting dining and culinary experience that a lot of expats keep coming back to. When it comes to gambling, however, the country only has one casino available for expats, foreigners, and tourists. Those who want to have some fun may have to look for other ways to entertain themselves. Others planning to stay a little longer may want to explore other forms of gambling, something that they can do for longer periods of time without spending too much money. One of these is playing bingo.

Is it Legal to Play Bingo in Malaysia?

Malaysia has clear gambling laws. Muslim locals are bound by their Sharia Law which bans any form of gambling. For the rest of the citizens, gambling in casinos like the Casino de Genting in Genting Highlands is legal provided they meet the necessary qualifications set by the government. Some bingo parlours exist in the country but they are illegally operated by underground casino operators.

Those operating bingo houses may be persecuted by the law under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. The law criminalizes operating any kind of gaming houses and those caught inside one. Gaming houses are generally described as any place where people can gather and engage in any gambling activity so it essentially covers bingo houses as well. Individuals caught inside a gaming house may be fined up to 5,000 MYR and imprisoned up to six months.

Whilst the Common Gaming Houses Act may apply to any gaming websites, the law does not stipulate individual online bingo gamers. So, it seems perfectly okay for Malaysian citizens and expats to play online bingo without the fear of prosecution from the authorities.

Where Can I Play Bingo in Malaysia?

Whilst visiting Malaysia, you will find four locations where it is legal to gamble. This includes Casino de Genting, Selangor Turf Club, Perak Turf Club, and Penang Turf Club. Casino de Genting is a casino whilst the other three are race tracks. So when it comes to bingo the choice of playing locations is close to zero. The best bet to play bingo is through online bingo rooms. Some aggressive bingo players, however, may choose to play in some risky locations such as underground clubs operating as bingo parlours but visiting expats are highly advised against it.

It is best to stay safe and play in online bingo rooms. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a steady laptop or computer, you are good to go. There are loads of online bingo websites that accept Malaysian players or players with Malaysian address so they are quite easy to access. A lot of these websites accept several payment methods and withdrawal options.

Top Online Bingo Websites for Malaysian Players

Visiting and playing in online bingo sites operating abroad is a safe place to play different bingo styles in Malaysia. These offshore bingo websites are beyond the reach of Malaysia’s local authorities so it is really close to impossible to shut them down. Accessing these top online bingo websites allows Malaysian residents to enjoy a couple of bingo games at the comforts of their homes.

These online bingo websites include:

All Bingo Club

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 100%

The all-pink bingo community of All Bingo is an exciting online bingo website to try. It offers instant play bingo games with generous bonuses. The bingo community has active chat rooms where it easy to meet like-minded individuals. Powered by Microgaming, All Bingo accepts players from Malaysia, Taiwan, Egypt, Indonesia, Tanzania, and countries belonging to the European Union.

Bet365 Bingo

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 200%

Bingo players who want to play with other games would find Bet365 Bingo as a great place for complete entertainment. The online bingo website has lots of bingo rooms and offers tons of special promotions. Players can also choose to play slots and other games. Bet365 Bingo is also a great place for newbie players too. The website offers 75 Ball and 90 Ball bingo games and also a unique 80 Ball game. Powered by Playtech, Bet365 Bingo is under the Hillside (Gibraltar) Limited Casino Group so players can expect high-quality gaming experience.

Betsson Bingo

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 100%

This classy online bingo website brings interesting bingo games for its avid fans. Players can choose from Turbo Bingo and basic free games for a fulfilling night. The website offers two special Solo rooms where players can choose to play single-player bingo games. It also has plenty of promotions where players can win new cars, free holidays, and other exciting prizes. Betsson Bingo offers live casino, instant play, and free casino play. The site is powered by GTS and accepts players from Egypt, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore among others.

Bingo Hall

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 2500%

Bingo Hall is one of the best online bingo websites that offer lots of bingo rooms, patterns, and a huge assortment of promotions. Whilst the site has limited banking options and smaller withdrawal limits, it is still one of the best bingo websites worthy of playing hours on end. With over 300 bingo patterns and more than 10 bingo rooms to choose from, players will surely have a great time. All of the rooms have amazing progressive jackpot prizes and the site has regular promotions such as holiday prizes, daily deposit bonuses, and cash backs to free cards.

Cashmill Bingo

Bonus: –

Despite offering only three bingo rooms, Cashmill Bingo is still a great website to play bingo in since it offers dozens of bingo styles. It boasts of Main Hall and Ball Hall where they can play and win real money and the Free Hall where they can play for free. Aside from bingo, players can also choose video poker, pull tabs, and slots should they feel a bit unlucky in bingo.

Chit Chat Bingo

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 300% + 10 Bonus Spins

Chit Chat Bingo is easily one of the popular bingo rooms in the UK since it offers exciting bingo from both mobile and personal computers. One of the most reliable bingo community, Chit Chat Bingo offers 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo. Players can also choose to play classic bingo rooms, progressive jackpots, and coverall jackpots. The website also offers other novelty game titles and slots aside from bingo games.

Giggle Bingo

Bonus: Welcome Package including $10 no deposit and $1600 in four deposits

Players love Giggle Bingo because it is more than just a bingo site. It offers avid bingo players an option to play in hundreds of bingo events in five different bingo rooms. Players can choose to play 90-Ball and 75-Ball bingo games. Aside from the classic bingo games, they can also play speed bingo, coverall jackpots, progressive jackpot, and pattern bingo games.

The website also has great customer service available via live chat and Skype.

Mira Bingo

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 300%

Mira Bingo belongs to the Best Bingo Network and offers players the option to play in four different bingo rooms filled to the brim with an amazing collection of bingo games. Players can play 90-Ball and 75-Ball bingo in addition to 80-Ball Bingo and 30-Ball Turbo Bingo. They also offer cheap bingo cards which may allow them to win as much as 2,000 in one game. Aside from bingo, players can also play reel slots, video slots, and scratch card keno. Powered by Cozy Games, Mira Bingo accepts players from Malaysia, Latvia, Denmark, India, Indonesia, and Turkey to name a few.

Moon Bingo

Bonus: First Deposit Bonus 300%

Those looking for a website where they can play bingo, instant win games, and slots, Moon Bingo is the best website for them. Moon Bingo is playable across a variety of platforms allowing its players to enjoy bingo games on the go. It is highly visited by avid bingo players because the bingo community offers massive bonuses and promotions and a huge selection of games they can play at any given time.

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