Sports Betting in China

Sports Betting in China

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China is a developing country, known for having harsh laws when it comes to gambling. Despite being known as the “inventor” of the concept of betting or gambling, Chinese nationals living in mainland China are not allowed to gamble. Thanks to the acquisition of Hong Kong and Macau, locals have a place where they are free to bet.

Where Can I Bet on Sports in China?

As mentioned, the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong are the venues where it is legal to gamble. Some casinos in Macau offer sports betting facilities and so does Hong Kong. In addition to casinos, Macau also has horse and greyhound racing betting.

The Macau Jockey Club has a racecourse on the Taipa Island. It is open every Tuesday and Saturday or Sunday. In Hong Kong, horse racing betting is mainly done under the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the sole club granted a permit by the government. They also hold a monopoly on football matches and lotteries in the region.

Hong Kong’s horse race betting is one of the biggest in the world. Founded in 1884, Hong Kong Jockey Club is the only legal bookmaker in Hong Kong, making them profit immensely resulting in them being the largest taxpayer. During the 2016-17 racing season, the club reported a total turnover of HK$216.5 billion, with the government earning HK$21.7 billion in duty and profit taxes.

Greyhound racing in Macau is held at the Canidrome located on Avenida General Castelo Branco. The race schedule is every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and weekend from 7:45 in the evening. Every race night has 16 games. An admission fee of MOP$10 for the public stands is reusable for betting. Punters can place their bets in the racing centre but they can also do so in Jai Alai Palace, Hotel Lisboa, and Kam Pek Casino where there are off-course betting centres.

What are the Available Sports Betting Channels for China?

Since horse racing is also big among Asian punters, the Macau Jockey Club allows gamblers to choose from a wide range of betting options. These are:

On-Course Betting

Inside the racecourse are more than 210 betting terminals, which can sell tickets and pay winnings. Bettors can choose to place bets in Macau patacas or Hong Kong dollars. Punters can place their bets before the race by filling out a ticket or by verbal instruction.

Off-Course Betting

In the popular and populated districts of the Macau Peninsula and Taipa Islands are more than 80 off-track betting terminals. These are the preferred modes of betting by punters who have limited access to the racecourse.

Telephone Betting

The Macau Jockey Club also allows punters to place their bets over the phone. They have placed more than 600 telephone service terminals and as much as 38,000 telebet accounts. Payout of winning punters may be directly transferred to their bank accounts.

Online Betting

It was only in 2003 that online betting was introduced in Macau. Punters can visit and place bets via

Fast Access Terminals (FAT)

Fast Access Terminals are personal betting terminals that provide betting calculation, account inquiry, tracking of bet history, withdrawal instructions, and other important race information. To date, more than 1,000 customers currently utilize FAT.

Hong Kong Service Centres

The region of Hong Kong has three service centres, namely Sheung Wan Service Centre, Shaukeiwan Service Centre, and Mongkok Service Centre.

What are the Types of Bet Allowed?

Pari-mutuel Betting

In this type of bet, the dividend of a particular bet pool will be divided into the number of winning combinations. Winners will get winnings based on the percentage of the pool depending on their winning stakes.

Win, Place, Quinella Place, and Double will have 82.5% of pool payout whilst the Tierce, Trio, First 4, Quartet, Double Trio, Triple Trio, Treble and Six Up will have 75% pool payout. The Triple Trio will have a 7.5% deduction for Jackpot Reserve.

Fixed Odds Bet Type – Jockey Challenge

This type of bet allows the punter to choose their preferred jockey and target odds. The dividend is then calculated based on the fixed odds in play at the time the wager was accepted. Jockeys racing will have number assignments from 1 to 14. Numbers 1 to 13 will be for each jockey whilst the Number 14 will be the rest of the jockeys present in the race. Choosing the jockey having the most Jockey Challenge Points during a race meeting will award winnings at the price taken.

What is Sports Lottery in China?

Sports Lottery is China’s versions of sports betting. In this government-sanctioned game of chance, Chinese nationals are allowed to place pooled bets. They can bet on European football and American basketball. However, sports lottery is not as popular as online sports betting since more often than not the winnings are not sufficient to return the stake. Serious gamblers know that the better odds are in online bookies. Online sportsbook often return as much as 7x the stake than government-run lotteries.

Is it legal to do online sports betting while in China? It is illegal but it is safe. Local authorities do manage to block online gambling websites to cater to their citizens but most online sportsbook are fully accessible to the locals. In case, a preferred site is blocked, locals have various ways of sneaking around the wall.

What are the Best Online Sports Book for Chinese Players?


This online sports book is tried and tested. They have been in existence for several years already and have proven that they are reliable and generous with their odds. Punters love that they can bet on a wide range of sports and premier leagues. The website also features in-play betting and even comes with live streaming of games. Mainland Chinese residents can access the site via


Dafabet is also one of the best online sportsbooks that cater to the Asian punters. Started in 2004, Dafabet has reasonable odds and fast turnaround times. They are also reliable when it comes to giving betting tips. Many mainlanders prefer this site because they offer a low vig compared with other bookies. SpeedBet is the website’s live betting platform. The site also has amazing bonuses including cash backs and weekly deposit bonuses.

Be sure that you are in mainland China when you access it, as it does not accept players from Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions.


Betway has come a long way since it changed its management and improved its operations. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commission. The site has 28 different sports categories that punters can bet on. In addition to popular sports, the site also accepts bets for judo, e-sports, beach volleyball, and pesapallo. Football matches from 42 different nations including European tournaments are available in the website. It is not only an online sportsbook since it also has traditional casino games including poker.


22Bet is a relatively new online sportsbook but despite being a neophyte it has already proven to be worthy. Launched in 2017, this online bookie is proving bettors that they have what it takes to stay in the gambling market. The site offers an extensive market for e-sports that many online bookies overlook.

22Bet is also one of the few bookies that accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. They also have a robust collection of sports including major sports like basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, and tennis. They also have an interesting roster of niche sports such as surfing, pesapallo, hurling, Gaelic football, and streetball.


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1xBet is a newbie in the online sports booking industry but it is rapidly setting its name among the top bookmakers in the market today. To date, it has of the biggest markets because many are so pleased with the website’s wide range of betting options. Punters can choose from more than 955 markets compared with other online bookies that only have 200 markets.

Sports available on the site include MMA, Formula One, ice hockey, tennis, football, basketball, and e-sports.


Pinnacle is the most popular online sportsbook for serious gamblers since this bookie offer the highest possible limit online. In fact, they are considered to be an innovator when it comes to online sports booking.

Punters can choose from a strong roster of games including soccer, baseball, American football, hockey, tennis, MMA, golf, rugby, e-sports, swimming, poker, winter sports, boxing, and Olympic Games. They even have betting for politics.

The great thing about Pinnacle is their solid reputation in online betting. They also offer excellent odds, the reason why many punters are loyal to this online bookie. The site also has an incredible live in-play action for many of the broadcasted NBA and college football and basketball games.

Bonuses only available until MIDNIGHT Saturday June 22nd 2024 – Do NOT miss out, Get your Bonus NOW!

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