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Water Polo Betting: 4 Top Things You Need to Know To Win

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Water Polo Betting: 4 Top Things You Need to Know To Win

Water polo is one of the most sophisticated sports in world history. It has a rich history, and some of its rules have changed. Water polo was initially like rugby, where players could grab their opponents, snatch and hold the ball whenever possible. 

Since this sport is played on water, it became more dangerous for players because of its rugby-like rules, and people had to change the rules to practice safety and prevent injuries. 

Water polo is another betting opportunity for gamblers, even if some find it difficult to place bets. Read on to find out more details and how to bet on water polo.

How to Bet on Water Polo

Here’s what you should know about water polo betting:

Betting on Water Polo

Before you place your bets on water polo, you need to learn about the sport and its important details to help you make the right decisions to win. Water polo has constant rule changes, making it more interesting to watch. As an Olympic event, water polo became popular in some parts of the world, and many would profit from betting on it.

You can catch water polo matches in a tournament format, and there is available information about the players and teams. The increase in the sport's popularity also affects the betting volume and the value found in the odds, which is an ideal betting opportunity for gamblers. It would be best to think about some factors for betting on water polo.

Study the Rules

The Olympic games have many sports activities to follow, and they all have great betting opportunities. You must know how a sport works before engaging in any gambling activities. The basic rules will help you understand how the sport works, and learning some terminologies used will keep you on track. 

Power Rankings

Once you learn the basic rules of Water Polo, you need to know the world power rankings and find out which teams are dominating the sport. It would be best to find out first which countries are among the traditional powers you should consider for your water polo betting. Some water polo teams remain competitive and keep their good reputations in the industry.

Some countries take the sport seriously and show success because they are determined to win. These teams invest heavily in their team development, health, and equipment to help them become successful at the Olympics. They are also the public favorites because of their good stories, which most bettors would go for betting on water polo. 

The World League

Many participating water polo teams in the Olympics do not have enough match experience with other international groups. Some teams participate in exhibition games but do not exert enough effort to show good results. Water polo teams may show their true skills in an international league that happens every year. 

Water polo has a World League that features regional tournaments in which most teams compete to qualify and play for the Super Final. Eight teams will play in the Super Final round-robin format towards the semifinals and then the finals. 

People can expect intense action from participating teams, making the betting scene even more exciting. This league helps bettors determine which teams will dominate the World Olympics and create better chances of winning bets.

Team Favors

There will be two groups of water polo teams during the World Olympics and compete in a round-robin format to qualify for the semifinals and finals. This setup can have a significant impact on the results of the tournament. Winners of each group will match up in the finals, but it does not give a guarantee that there will be a fair match.

There will be chances that teams will face easier opponents or the other way around. The group format gives people a better view of the power rankings, which is also a great opportunity for bettors to weigh in on their betting. Bettors will have better chances of choosing stronger teams and predicting the results of water polo matches.

Women of Water Polo

Many people would consider water polo as a sport dominated by men, and they will pick their side over the women. Women also compete in the water polo World League and the Olympic tournament. There are fewer teams in the Olympic tournament, and talent is distinguishable between the best and the worst teams. Some bettors find this situation more appealing for a sure bet on women's water polo.

Types of Water Polo Bets

Betting on water polo requires responsibilities from bettors, such as knowing the details of the sport, the teams, players, and the types of bets available. Here are the types of bets that you can consider for water polo.

Outcome Bet

You can choose three options in an outcome bet for water polo. The first-team victory, second-team victory, and draw.

Handicap Bet

Water polo is a betting opportunity where you can easily recognize the public favorites. These teams show their strength in competing with other opponents, making it easy for bettors to choose and make the right wager. The handicap lets you determine a water polo team's chances of winning matches and recognize the higher odds for betting.

Period Bet

Water polo matches have four periods with eight minutes each to play. Bettors can bet on each period's winner with a handicap.

Over/Under Bet

Water polo is working on attracting more people to follow the sport. Some of the rules are often changed depending on the achievable goals that a team can make. The score totals for water polo attracts more bettors to invest in betting.

How to Place Bets on Water Polo

Water polo is a sport that does not have significant popularity in the industry. Many would assume that it is a bad venture for bookmakers to provide water polo betting, putting bettors in a rough position in winning bets. Bookmakers depend on the available statistics and the players as well.

If you want to place bets on water polo, here are a few things that you should consider.

Take a Look at the Pool

Before you start water polo betting, you need to equip yourself with enough information. It would be best if you looked at the pool where the upcoming match will occur. Home pools can help the hosting team boost their confidence against opponents in any team sport. 

Water polo matches can also take place in outdoor pools, which can also affect the players' performance.

Another important factor that you need to consider is the goalkeepers, players, the team line-ups, team form, top players, and injuries. These are all basic parameters that you should obtain in any team sport to help you determine the right team for you. 

Know the Opponents

Every sport develops rivalries among other competitors, making it more interesting to watch and place bets. International matches shows which countries dominate water polo, such as Croatia and Hungary. 

The United States' women's water polo team is unrivaled worldwide. Knowing who will play against each other will give you an advantage in water polo betting.

Water Polo Betting Online

There are many options for water polo betting. Bookmakers cover most major water polo matches such as European leagues, NCAA matchups, and the FINA Water Polo World League. But there are also online platforms that bettors can use for water polo betting, and you can find websites with less effort because of their availability.

Most water polo betting sites are credible, but you still need to be careful not to become a victim of fraud. Here are some factors you need to consider in online water polo betting sites:

Have More Than One Betting Account

It would be best to have more than one water polo betting account with different bookmakers to make it easier for you to find other matches with corresponding odds. Having multiple accounts would help you with betting on water polo because no single bookmaker has consistent and complete water polo betting offers. It would be best if you had several betting sites to find the best offers in the market for water polo.

Safety of Your Funds

Keeping your funds safe is of utmost importance if you have several accounts. You also need to find a reputable betting site, especially when betting in water polo. Most bettors would rely on popular betting sites to make sure they would prevent fraudulent activities. 

Popular bookmakers would usually have promotions that would entice potential bettors and would also be beneficial to water polo betting since most offers would result in breakeven betting. Promotions would still provide small gains for bettors.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting on water polo lets you place your bets on competitions as they happen. Traditional sports betting will close its markets before the start of the event. Bettors can place their bets on short-term matches, like who will make a goal next during the match. 

Final Thoughts

Water polo betting can have enough viewership that helps in increasing offers from bookmakers and other major betting sites. The Olympics takes place every four years, making water polo betting more special among bettors and the international audience. Water polo is another sport that provides many opportunities for people to earn money through water polo betting.

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