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Free Play vs. Real Money Casino Games

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Free Play vs. Real Money Casino Games

Part of the ever more flexible range of gambling entertainment options on offer is the opportunity to try any game for free. While some players think of free casino games as a waste of time, they are actually beneficial. These free games give you time to become acquainted with the casino, as well as how the games work. Sometimes, both newbies and experienced players have to try the free mode first. That enables them to explore the playing process in-depth or simply have some fun. 

When playing casino games for real money, you need to sign up for an account at your preferred site. You also have to select a supported payment method to make deposits/withdrawals and complete transactions. Upon fulfilling those requirements, you can already access the online casino games on offer and play for real money payouts.

Free Play Casinos 

Casino games offer a thrill that you can’t find elsewhere. From the buzz of playing a hand of poker against other players to the tension of watching the ball on the roulette wheel, wishing it would drop to your favor. While most online casino players want to get their hands on cash rewards, others are just not comfortable risking their funds. But these players can turn to several trusted online casinos that offer free games. Free play casinos let you play exciting casino games without any money on the line. But of course, using them comes with some pros and cons.


You Can Learn How to Play: Before you dive into real money casino games, you first need to understand the play rules. In the past, the only authentic way to do this was to visit a brick and mortar casino to learn as you play. Unfortunately, that usually led to losses along the way. Now, you already have the option of learning without risking all of your funds.

No Money Risked: The excitement of casino games often comes with the agony of loss. That results in many players starting to lose interest. Free play casinos simulate the thrill without putting you in a financial risk of any kind. Meaning, you can play for as long as you want without worrying about bankruptcy.


No Money Won: Then again, since you’re not betting money, you will not win anything should your wager pay off. As a result, the excitement of playing casino games can die down because you will not get anything in return. 

A Potential Gateway for Youngsters: Free play casinos generally have little in the way of age restrictions. That may add to younger individuals gaining knowledge of gambling before they are even ready.

Types of Free Play Casino Games

When it comes to online casino games, slot machines are the most popular. Many sites offer free slots to play for fun. These are no download games that work in your browser, desktop, tablet, as well as mobile. All you have to do is choose from the numerous options and start playing.  

Other free play casino games worth trying are video poker, online roulette, and online blackjack. Unlike a slot machine, video poker allows you to make game-play decisions. Meaning, you have command over the outcome of the hands you play. Video poker also has one of the smallest house edges. 

Launching free blackjack games on your smartphone or desktop is pretty simple. There is no need to download any software or sign up to a casino site. While you can find a wide variety of free blackjack, the basic game rules stay pretty similar. 

Meanwhile, playing free roulette at live casinos is impossible. However, it is an entirely different story online. You can play free online roulette at various sites. Free online roulette lets you try no deposit games, practice roulette without risking your funds, test new strategies, and a whole lot more. You can play it for free and instantly without registering. 

Real Money Casinos

Real money casinos are essentially the digital counterparts of what you will find in physical casinos. You will be playing for real money, so the chance of winning is there. However, it also comes with the possibility of placing yourself into financial trouble. Like in free play casinos, playing at real money casinos have several pros and cons. 


Chances of Winning Big: Firstly, you stand a chance at winning large sums of money when playing online. Even better, you can do that in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to spend money on accommodation or travel. Meaning, you have more budget for playing. 

Outstanding Offers: With a ton of real money casinos available now, most sites will have exciting promotions in place that you can benefit from. They may give newcomers a certain amount to spend or boost the odds of winning at some games. Seasoned gamblers can take advantage of that to rack up handsome winnings immediately.


You Can Lose Big: As with any form of gambling, playing real money casino games opens up the possibility of losing big. That is if you are not careful. The best way to prevent that is to set the maximum amount that you can spend. After you hit that mark, stop playing. 

Security: Online gambling is still in a somewhat gray area. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the applicable laws before playing. Also, limited regulation is in place, so there is a potential for fraud. But you can avoid that by researching before using any site. Check out what other players are saying. Try to discover as much about the real money casino as possible.

Types of Real Money Casino Games 

Leading online casino sites present a tremendous selection of games from different providers when you register to play for real money. The game lineup is crucial for an online casino to keep its players happy. Some of the most popular real money casino games are baccarat, poker, keno, sic bo, and live casino games. 

Playing baccarat for real money is very common. The number of cards being dealt and how cards are added might be confusing at first, but it is a pretty uncomplicated online casino game to enjoy. Baccarat has several variants such as baccarat squeeze, speed baccarat, punto banco, and mini baccarat. 

Another simple real money casino game is sic bo. You only select your wager on the virtual felt and try your hand at guessing what the roll of the dice will be. If your digits come up, you win. When playing online sic bo, you can bet as little as you want. There is almost no learning curve, making it ridiculously easy to play.

Finally, keno is simple to learn and quick to play. This lottery-style game is popular across online casinos. Essentially, real money keno is the lottery on demand. The game usually consists of a keno card, a paytable, and several buttons. To play, select your numbers and wait for the site to draw a set of digits. Your pay out depends on how many you can guess correctly. 


Overall, free play casinos give you less risk while still providing several of the perks of playing for real money. You can enjoy the convenience of playing online and the thrill of the games. Free play casinos also allow you to explore how every game is played. However, big winners in free play casinos take home what big losers get—nothing.

On the other hand, playing in real money casinos offer the possibility of receiving big cash prizes. But of course, with the risk coming in the amount of money you shed in them. You also have to be wary of security issues. Moreover, the process of cashing out your winnings can take some time.

Wherever you decide to play, you are entitled to the convenience and access to virtually any casino game you can imagine. You only need to be aware of what type of casino game it is before placing your first wager. 

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