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Best Hotels in Bangkok

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Best Hotels in Bangkok

Planning a trip to Thailand anytime soon? Looking for the best hotels for Bangkok trip? Read on our list of the best hotels in Bangkok. 

Thailand is among the most gorgeous Asian places that have attracted a massive crowd of tourists over the years. In fact, it has become the primary economic driver in the country, with most people relying on tourists for their living. That said, you can expect the country to be among the most tourist-friendly in Asia. Now, to help you get started on your journey, here are some useful tips to help you when it comes to choosing your hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. 

When it comes to accommodations, Bangkok will have everything that would suit your preference as the city is literally littered with thousands of inns and guesthouses that cater to both local and foreign tourists. But your choice of Bangkok hotel will depend on various factors, particularly on what you want to achieve for your travel. 

Where to Stay in Bangkok, Thailand?

Bangkok, Thailand remains one of the best tourist destinations, and it is packed with all kinds of accommodations at all budgets. They have it all from high-class shopping to invigorating markets, impressive ancient temples and monuments, and high-end dining to inviting street food. You can never go wrong with visiting and staying in a Bangkok hotel.

With all these destinations to experience, Bangkok, Thailand also has an excellent, user-friendly, and cheap public transportation system. You can smoothly go around the city of Bangkok using their Skytrain, Subway MRT, buses, and river ferries. There are also taxis, grab cars, or the popular tuk-tuk to take you anywhere and drive you around.

Travelling takes a lot of preparation and decision-making to avoid any unwanted event that may occur. Finding the right accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand will need a lot of research about how it would cater to all your needs when you get there. You need to consider how big your room would be, where you can store your luggage, and whether you have enough space for walking. 

Most people are also particular about beds, as you would need it for resting after spending the whole day touring the city of Bangkok, Thailand. You may also want to consider the location of your accommodation, that it should be quiet with no noise from the streets outside or any late-night activities downstairs. It should also be near public transport terminals for easy commuting. A Bangkok hotel can feature a well-equipped gym, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. All these pointers can help you find the best hotels in Bangkok for your trip.

Here are some areas where you can stay in Bangkok:

Khao San / Banglamphu Area

Khao San is Bangkok’s most famous street where backpackers usually go. “Happy hour” is available here both night and day, and it is fun to visit this place to have a party and cold Chang beer with its many pubs. 

You will have a nice treat with Khao San’s cheap Thai street food and affordable but trendy shoes, accessories, and clothes in their markets. This place is also popular with the locals, especially on weekends, where they would enjoy the market atmosphere and party.

Most young backpackers who are on a limited budget are the ones staying around Khao San road. There are only a few five-star hotels available here. What you can find in good numbers are a mid-range Bangkok hotel and budget guesthouse.

The Khao San road area and the streets around it are just a small part of a much larger Banglamphu area, which is an old part of town. Its location stretches down the river and almost reaches the Royal Palace.

The city of Banglamphu offers many traditional shops, temples, restaurants, and old homes that have been around for generations that would make you appreciate the Siam culture of the locals. There are also plenty of prominent attractions in the area like modern malls and skyscrapers. A number of old shophouses were also converted into cool boutique hotels, guesthouses, and cozy cafes.

Places To Go in Khao San Road

  • Khao San Road – Also known as the Thanon Khao San in Thai, offers lively restaurants, bars, street markets, and a fun backpacker vibe. 
  • Democracy Monument – You can enjoy famous street foods and delightful Thai desserts from street vendors.
  • Golden Mount Temple – Golden Mount Temple is a Buddhist Temple, located on top of the Phu Khao Thong, also known as the Golden Mountain. You can enjoy a sunset view of this magnificent temple.
  • Giant Swing – A popular tourist spot where you can enjoy a 21-meter high swing, painted in blood red. This swing was built by King Rama I in 1784, only two years after the declaration of Bangkok as the new capital of Thailand.
  • Jay Fai Restaurant – Bangkok’s only Michelin star street food restaurant, Thai chef Jay Fai has been in this business in her mid-seventies. Her specialty is the crab omelet that helped in obtaining the Michelin star status.
  • Bangkok National Museum – You can learn all about Thailand’s colorful history in Bangkok’s largest museum.
  • River Ferry – The river ferry can connect you to a few stops by the river and also reach the Grand Palace and Bangkok’s famous temples.

Hotels in Khao San Road 

Riva Surya Hotel Bangkok

The Riva Surya is a four-star Bangkok hotel in the Khao San Road area, regarded as one of the best in Bangkok, Thailand. It features spacious, comfortable, and elegant rooms with breakfast served daily. The rooms also feature some of the basics, including a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, and coffee makers. You can enjoy eating your meal on the beautiful balcony within the property to see the river’s wonderful views. This hotel gives Bangkok’s backpacking hub a youthful vibe, with easy access to old town attractions if you use the ferry. 

Casa Vimaya Riverside 

Cassa Vimaya opened in December 2017, and it is a relatively new Bangkok hotel. It is situated in a quiet street, best for tourists who want to have a good night’s sleep. They offer large, clean, and comfortable rooms that feature a colonial-style era interior design. The rooms are furnished with a big flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and an air-conditioner. Casa Vimaya has a swimming pool on its rooftop and a bar for refreshments.

Old Capital Bike Inn

The Old Capital Bike Inn was an old heritage home before it was refurbished and made into Bangkok’s most pleasing boutique accommodations. It has ten rooms, all unique with Thai teak furniture and features wall art that illustrates life in old Bangkok.  The Old Capital Bike Inn showcases their classic Thai interior design, with conventional comforts like air-conditioner, flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. 

Casa Nithra Hotel Bangkok

You can reach Casa Nithra Bangkok with just a short walk away from Khao San Road. It is one of the best affordable accommodations in the area, where you can get a good night’s sleep and close enough to join the party in the Khao San Road festivities. It has a rooftop swimming pool and comfortable rooms that have breakfast with plenty of options.

Villa De Khaosan Hotel Bangkok

Villa De Khaosan is a recently developed boutique hotel with a location near Khao San Road. Just a couple of minutes walk away from Khao San is this 17th-century French-style architecture design that also has spacious, clean, comfortable, and equipped with a flat-screen TV, air-conditioner, and free WIFI rooms. They also have a rooftop pool with a bar to enjoy your rest from your whole day touring.

Bangkok Riverside

The riverside in Bangkok is an excellent place to stay in the city for its majestic temples, shrines, and the Royal Palace. You will feel Bangkok’s historic roots if you decide to stay here for your vacation. Riverside Bangkok is definitely a must-visit. 

The Chao Phraya river is where the Chinese immigrants founded the first community that became Thailand’s capital. You can find Bangkok’s top five-star hotels here if you are looking for good accommodation. There are also guesthouses and small boutique hotels. Bangkok and its sceneries are best enjoyed in the company of friends and loved ones. 

Places To Go in Bangkok Riverside

The city has tons of wonderful offerings, including:

  • Wat Arun / Temple Of The Dawn – The Wat Arun is one of the main attractions of Bangkok. This unique tower has colorfully decorated porcelain tiles, in which you can witness its peak beauty during mornings as the sun reflects off its surface. The property is also impressive at night time when illuminated. 
  • Royal Grand Palace – The splendid Grand Palace used to be the residence of the King of Thailand. The Palace is Bangkok’s most popular tourist destination, which you don’t want to miss when you visit the country.
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) – The Wat Phra Kaew is in the Royal Palace grounds and features the Buddha statue made of jade. This property is particularly popular for foreign tourists.
  • Gigantic Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) – Standing tall at 16 metres, the reclining golden Buddha remains impressive. You can enjoy the site after sunset when there are only a few people around.

Hotels in Riverside 

Bangkok has accommodations and other leisure shops that are a little more expensive than other city areas. This district only has one Skytrain station, Saphan Taksin, and no subway MRT. You can just take a short walk to Central Pier and ride riverboats and ferries up the river. 

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

One of the luxurious hotels in the city is the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. If you are looking for an old-world luxury hotel stay in the city, the Mandarin Oriental will surely deliver your expectations. It is Thailand’s first luxury hotel that hosted presidents, royalties, and literary legends. This luxury hotel is perfect for honeymoons and special occasions. It features nine restaurants, a fitness center, two outdoor pools, tennis courts, a spa and wellness center, and a great location on the riverbank with marvelous scenery. Don't be surprised if your rooms have been slept on by dignitaries.

When it comes to the rooms, you can expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep after an enjoyable city trip. 

The Peninsula Bangkok 

If you want to enjoy luxury, without having to spend too much, the Peninsula Bangkok hotel resort is an excellent choice. Located opposite from th Mandarin Oriental, it is among the luxury hotels that give remarkable value for your money. This hotel has large, chic rooms, exceptional service, an amazing pool, spa, a breathtaking view of the river, and a fantastic breakfast buffet. The Peninsula Bangkok values its customers by providing a free shuttle if you want to experience the river.

AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel 

The Avani Riverside recently opened last 2016, and it did not disappoint its visitors as an alternative to their more expensive rival competitors. All of their rooms are fronting the river, and the view is just stunning. The hotel boasts its outstanding infinity pool sitting on the 26th floor with a view of the Bangkok skyline and the Chao Phraya River.

Sukhumvit Area 

Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s most modern neighborhoods located in the central part of the city along Sukhumvit Road. This area gives people the convenience of accessibility with public transportation, modern supermarkets, unending shopping, and various exquisite dining options.

Popular among westerners and expats, all kinds of restaurants are available in Sukhumvit. There are Middle East restaurants, Italian, Australian, American, and of course, Thai street food in between.

Sukhumvit is one of the best areas with a nightlife scene. The clubbing and dining here are extraordinary and always full of festivities.

Sukhumvit’s accommodations are also perfect for travelers. The city has many different hotels with various price ranges available. This city also has a systematic connection to public transportations, so it is an excellent area to explore Bangkok, Thailand.

Things to Do in Sukhumvit Area

Although Sukhumvit lacks traditional places to visit, the area has Bangkok’s best luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs, and bars.

  • Mall-Hopping – Sukhumvit Road has numerous shopping malls that you can find in almost every after a few hundred meters. Some famous malls here are Terminal 21 (with its city-themed concept floors), Emporium Central Chidlom, Emquartier, and the elegant Central Embassy mall with a large open bookstore and food court on the top floor.
  • Nightlife Scene – There are endless options throughout the area that holds parties you won’t forget. Soi 11 is a destination for party-goers that has many restaurants and bars.
  • Dining– You don’t have to go far to look for a diversity of cuisines in just one place. You can find Italian pasta, German sausages, Indian curry, Argentinian beef, Japanese sushi, American hamburger, or Irish pub meal.

Hotels in Sukhumvit 

Finding a place to stay in Sukhumvit is not a problem. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you are on a budget or would want a lavish stay for your vacation.

Okura Prestige Bangkok

This five-star modern luxury Bangkok hotel is a popular choice for travelers. Okura Prestige Bangkok is part of the Okura chain luxurious hotels. It features Japanese interior design and details in most of the rooms. Additionally, the hotel provides good service for all its 240 spacious rooms. You can also enjoy the infinity pool on the 35th floor and witness the city’s majestic view.

The Athenee Hotel 

The Athenee Hotel was built almost 20 years ago, and it was renovated in 2017. The renovation retained the old-world luxury of marble foyers, grand ballrooms, and grand staircases. Their rooms still have a Thai colonial style with elegant furnishings that provide comfort and security. You can also enjoy their large screen TV and free WIFI. They also have a large pool in a tropical garden with a provision of sunbeds and a 24-hour fitness center. The location of the Athenee Hotel is at the center of Bangkok’s embassy district, and a five minutes’ walk to the Skytrain station. 


Perhaps one of the best Bangkok hotels is this family-owned luxury boutique hotel with a five-star rating. Ariyasomvilla is one of Bangkok’s first-class accommodations that caters to an authentic traditional Thai experience. While it may not have the butler service that Anantara Siam Hotel has, its rooms offer a private balcony that overlooks scenic views. They have an outdoor pool in a green leafy garden, a 1940-inspired Thai decor room design, but with modern furnishings like a flat-screen TV, free WIFI, and air-conditioner. Ariyasomvilla is also close to the Ploen Chit Skytrain station in Bangkok, Thailand, where you can explore old Siam’s beauty. 

Hotel Muse 

Hotel Muse is a combination of conventional international style and a historical Thai luxury. They have comfortable rooms and appealing bathroom design. Their breakfast is something to look forward to, as they offer a fantastic selection of food and cheese. Hotel Muse has the Speakeasy Rooftop bar where you can relax and enjoy the view. The hotel also offers a relaxing spa experience for their guests. 

If you are a fan of the Art Deco era, then the hotel’s Art Deco architecture would fascinate you. Do check out their gallery to see their Art Deco collections. 

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

A branch of the Marriott hotel chain, this hotel has a modern design and service that you can expect from the name. They have large rooms with comfortable beds and modern furnishings. This hotel branch has several restaurants and a spectacular view of Bangkok’s skyline by its rooftop bar. They also provide a breakfast buffet that you can say is one of the best anywhere in Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel spa is also among the best in the area. The nearest Skytrain station is the Thong Lo, which is just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Marriott Hotel is very close to Soi 38, a famous street food spot. The hotel also offers airport transfers. 

Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road

Hotel Indigo is a mid-sized hotel that has a vintage-inspired decor and design. Their rooms are large enough to accommodate a seating area, a cozy bed, floor to ceiling windows, air-conditioner, free WIFI, and a minibar. You can enjoy the sunset from the room’s small but relaxing balcony. The hotel also provides a great view of Bangkok’s skyline if you go to their rooftop bar or use their infinity swimming pool. Hotel Indigo has a strategic location for easy commuting, with a small distance to Ploen Chit Skytrain Station. 

Novotel Sukhumvit 20

Novotel Sukhumvit offers excellent value for your money, as it gives you a modern hotel feeling with a very accommodating staff. They have spacious rooms with a modern design that have comfortable beds and great views of the city. A healthy breakfast is also available with a lot of options for you to choose from their restaurant offerings. They also have the Skybar on the roof, a complete gym, and an enjoyable rooftop pool area. Novotel hotel offers a free shuttle service going to the Asok Skytrain Station. You can also reach the Terminal 21 shopping mall with just a ten-minute walk.

Hotel Sib Kao

A new mid-range hotel for those looking for a value of their money, the Hotel Sib Kao is the right place. Like most Bangkok accommodations, this hotel offers a modern, comfortable, clean, and good location. If you are just looking for a place for sleeping, Hotel Sib Kao is the place for you even if they don’t have pool or gym facilities. Their rooms may be small, but it is clean and equipped with large beds, air-conditioner, minibar, flat-screen TV, and free WIFI. 

The hotel location is about 200 meters away from the Aske Skytrain station, Sukhumvit MRT Station, and the Terminal 21 shopping mall. Don’t expect to find luxury rooms, but it would be enough to make your stay enjoyable. 

Related Articles:

How Much Is a Hotel Stay in Bangkok?  

best hotels in bangkok

If you travel to Bangkok, you should know how much money you should bring and willing to spend the whole trip, not only for your hotel stay. Based on those who already went to the country, the average price for a seven-day trip is $560 if you are a solo traveler, $1,006 for a couple of travelers, and $1,886 for a family with four members. 

Hotel prices in Bangkok range from $14 to $142 per night. If you want to spend less on your hotel accommodations, you can also rent an entire home for $90 to $340 a night, depending on the house’s size. The city boasts of many different price ranges for hotel stays. Ideally, you can try to negotiate the price of your rooms if you plan to stay in the city longer. 

The worldwide average for flight costs to the Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) is between $138 to $294 per head for economy flights and $433 to $923 if you want first-class flights. 

Frequent travelers in Bangkok, Thailand recommend a $22 to $43 budget a day for each person, depending on your activities. The daily budget is not only for your hotel stay but will also include transportation and local restaurants.


Always remember that a Siam hotel price would depend on what amenities and offerings your chosen hotel offers. Of course, a hotel with a pool, room service, spa, bar, butler service, and buffet restaurant would definitely cost much higher. The size of the rooms will also be an important factor. The bigger and more luxurious your rooms are, the higher the rate. See their rates and offers first before you commit to a particular hotel. Also note that a five-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand will be much more expensive than a three or two-star hotel, so make sure to factor that in as well. 

Our recommendation would be to go to a Siam hotel that can offer you a traditional Thai service. This way, you would experience what Bangkok, Thailand has to offer, particularly when it comes to their spa services. It would also be best to see customer pictures of the property, both interior, and exterior, so you would know what you can expect. 

What Is the Best Hotel in Bangkok with a Casino?

Since the Kingdom considers any form of gambling illegal in any part of Thailand, tourists will not find any Bangkok hotel with casinos. However, there may be some that would operate one, albeit discreetly, they are doing so illegally. As such, they are best avoided. Law enforcement agencies have every right to raid areas they may suspect to be doing illicit activities. As a tourist in a foreign country, it would be a legal hassle to be embroiled in such cases.

If you want to spin the wheel for some action, the best way would be to head to Cambodia’s border, which is at least a three-hour drive away from Bangkok. This is where you would see most Thai locals and tourists enjoying a game or two of poker. If you don’t want to spend that much time on the road, you can always play online casino, as these would be beyond the local police jurisdiction, so you can literally play anytime or anywhere you may be. 

In fact, you can even play in the comforts of your hotel room, away from all the noise and distraction of Bangkok. In hotel online poker or casino, you can have all the freedom to play. You can even play in a restaurant in your hotel, and no one would bother you. 

Bangkok Hotels Near Cambodian Casinos

While you may not be able to stay in a Bangkok hotel with a casino, you may still stay in one that is near the border of Cambodia that would allow you to gain access to casinos with ease. Staying in a comfortable hotel is crucial after a tournament or a rigorous round of casino games because your hotel room would be your sanctuary, whether you win or lose. Here are some highly recommended hotels: 

The Siam Hotel

While the Siam Hotel is at least three to four hours away from the Thailand-Cambodia border, missing a wonderful hotel stay would be a sin. This hotel features designs from internationally acclaimed architect Bill Bensley, boasting of an outdoor pool area and stylish interiors. Plus, guests can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi throughout the property. You can continue playing poker in your online casino as soon as you park your car in the on-site parking facility. 

The villas and suites in The Siam Hotel are all tastefully designed and decorated with the guests’ comfort in mind. If you are keen on burning some calories after munching on some of Thailand’s tasteful cuisines, you can work out in the hotel’s fitness center. Or, if you want to relax your body, you can enjoy the hotel spa. If you have some winnings from your casino game, you can feel like a king with the butler service of the hotel. 

The rooms in this wonderful Siam hotel are a treat as each nook and cranny is cleaned after each use, so you don’t have to worry about any issues during your stay. The food in the hotel restaurant is also to die for. With many Thai cuisines on their menu, you would indeed find something that would satisfy your gustatory cravings. So next time you are in Bangkok, Thailand or near the city, make sure to drop by this hotel.

Siam Kempinski

One of the best hotels that tourists should experience is the Siam Kempinski Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the type of hotel that would make you look forward to sleeping in or relaxing after a round of poker in Cambodia’s casinos. The multiple swimming pools within the landscaped grounds of the property are perfect for washing away all the bad vibes that would make you ready for your next poker tournament. 

The Siam Kempinski also features spacious rooms that feature contemporary design, with each one having a flat-screen TV, electric kettle, and tea/coffee making facilities. If you are lucky, you can even book a room that has access to the pool. 

Guests of the Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, also have three choices for restaurants. They can choose to have an international buffet breakfast or go for modern Thai cuisine in this beautiful Siam hotel. 

New Siam Riverside Hotel

If a casino trip would be the last on your itinerary, a Bangkok hotel that would give you the most enjoyable stay in Thailand would be the New Siam Riverside hotel. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon neighbourhood, this downtown hotel is the closest you can be to some of the city’s notable sights, such as the Lumphini Park. 

Another great thing about this hotel is its proximity to Siriraj Hospital, so most foreign travellers worry less about their health safety and risk while staying in the hotel. The New Siam Riverside also features private parking areas, a restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool. Its family rooms come with terraces that provide guests with a beautiful view of the property. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing massage in the hotel spa. 

Some of the popular go-to places near this Siam hotel is the Temple of Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. For some nights of fun, guests are also within walking distance from the famous Khao San Road, where you can chill in a bar and still have a fun night. 

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