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How to Bet on Diamond League

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How to Bet on Diamond League

Athletics betting isn't all about spending your gambling bankroll on Olympic Games events every four years. While it inarguably takes off during this season, you can also bet on athletics during non-Olympic years. That’s thanks to international marathons, championships, and the yearly Diamond League.

But before you venture into Diamond League betting, here’s a little information about the sporting event. Founded in 2010, the Diamond League is the successor of the IAAF Golden League, a yearly series of outdoor track and field events. The league seeks to boost the appeal of athletics across the globe by expanding outside Europe.

How Does Diamond League Betting Work

In the world of athletics events, the action doesn’t get any grander than the Diamond League. Elite athletes from all over the world and across various disciplines battle in a series of events. As is always the case in sports betting, Diamond League betting offers a ton of possibilities. Available track and field events are as follows:

  • 100 metres 
  • 200 metres
  • 400 metres
  • 800 metres
  • 1,500 metres
  • 5,000 metres
  • 110 metres hurdles 
  • 400 metres hurdles 
  • 3,000 metres steeplechase
  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • High Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • Shot Put
  • Discus Throw
  • Javelin Throw

Now that you’re familiar with which disciplines you can wager on, here are some of the most common Diamond League betting markets. 

To Qualify

Like any major sporting event, athletes need to meet specific qualification requirements to earn a spot in the Diamond League. In addition, there are a series of qualifying rounds during competitions to trim down the number of contenders. Only the best athletes advance to the final. While betting on an athlete to qualify might not be the most excellent choice, the qualifying market offers some exciting wagering opportunities. 

To Win a Medal

Diamond League betting also lets you wager on which country will top the medal tally or bet on athletes to take home a medal. It’s akin to betting on which driver will race to a podium finish in a Formula 1 race. It doesn’t matter who wins the race. You’re only concern is that your athlete makes it to the top three. In case a match-winner is considered a formality, find value by wagering on who could win second or third place. 

To Break a World Record

In this type of Diamond League betting market, you bet on your prediction that a particular athlete would set a world record. Some bookies offer odds on setting a world record in a sport. You can see the list of world records that many elite athletes are going after on the World Athletics site.

Tips for Diamond League Betting

Although athletics betting isn’t as mainstream as betting on football or basketball, you can make consistent profits. That’s as long as you know the sport and the competing athletes. The same goes for Diamond League betting. Find out more about how you can boost your winning odds below.

Know the Sport

As mentioned above, there are a bunch of track and field events in the Diamond League. Whatever competition you choose to bet on, you must have some knowledge about the sport. Learning Diamond League betting starts with understanding how the game works. You also have to research which athletes perform well or how hard they are preparing before the Diamond League. 

Other things to look at when it comes to Diamond League betting include rule changes and qualification requirements. Such details can have an impact on an athlete’s performance during the competition.

Examine External Conditions

When it comes to Diamond League betting, it’s crucial to take the weather into account. Since it is a global event, participating athletes are from different nations with different climates. Soaring temperatures will affect the performance of athletes from colder countries because they’re not used to hot weather. Similarly, contenders who are accustomed to playing in the sun may struggle competing when it’s raining. 

That’s why when Diamond League betting, it’s a must to always check the weather before placing your bets. It also applies to athletics betting in general, especially if it’s a track and field event.

Don’t Bet on Reputations

It can be tempting to place your bet on superstars, but you have to remember that even the best athletes lose. Therefore, instead of betting on reputation, consider their form. You can find details about this on current news. Or, you may visit websites like World Athletics, where you can see a database of all athletes and current world rankings.

Likewise, try to research the recent performance of the Diamond League contenders. You’re likely to find a value wager and support an outsider to win instead. Again, if you want to be successful in Diamond League betting, don’t bet blind. 

Look for the Crowd Favorite

When betting on international competitions like Diamond League, it can be tempting to wager on athletes that represent your country. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you want your Diamond League betting to become profitable, you’d like to bet on an athlete with a high winning chance. 

One way to know if an athlete is good is by checking their status. Are they a crowd favorite? Also, you’d do well to understand the public’s opinion about them and why. Some bettors go for the media favorites because of their track record. 

Research an Athlete’s Efforts

If you want a winning Diamond League betting experience, it’s fitting to bet on athletes who came to win. Consider their efforts and preparations to secure a win in their event. While all athletes work hard to perfect their performance, some of them join multiple events. It’s essential to know their schedule and which events matter the most. 

Keeping track of an athlete’s activity lets you know if they lack focus or are already exhausted. These factors are essential to consider because you want your bet to give their 100% performance. So, be wise in choosing an athlete to support in Diamond League betting.

How to Choose the Best Diamond League Betting Site

Credits to the success of the Diamond League in raising athletics’ profile internationally, you now have plenty of bookies offering Diamond League betting odds. While that sounds like a good problem, choosing the best Diamond League betting site can be daunting. To make things easier for you, here are some factors to consider when selecting an athletics betting site.

First things first, you have to make sure you’re only transacting with a trustworthy site. Of course, you don’t want to experience any hassles when it comes to getting your money. You can find out a lot about a bookie’s reputation by reading online reviews. Also, pay attention to security measures they have in place to ensure that your funds and personal details are safe.

On top of that, it’s also best to look at the list of competitions they cover. As said earlier, there’s a lot of Diamond League betting possibilities. See if what you’re planning to bet on is available on their site. 

Ultimately, add some color to your Diamond League betting by looking at bonus offerings. Most online bookmakers offer a generous welcome bonus, so don’t miss out on that. These bonuses can come in a free bet or balance boost by matching a percentage of your first deposit. 

Final Word

Your Diamond League betting experience can be both fun and profitable so long as you place your wagers wisely. A major sporting event such as this one offers an attractive betting opportunity for various reasons. Remember that knowing an athlete’s capabilities and form is fundamental to have a lucrative Diamond League betting experience.

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