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Your Ultimate Guide to Betting in Athletics in Malaysia

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Your Ultimate Guide to Betting in Athletics in Malaysia

Malaysians have a great passion for sports. There are more than MYR 4 billion ($1.2 billion) gambled yearly on online competitions. The activity is against the law, and the penalties can be quite severe, but it doesn’t stop punters from earning their profit from betting their favoured event.

Athletics is one of the world’s most popular sports, loved by all men and women. It is one of the most enduring games with a distinguished record back to 776 BC. It includes a wide range of individual competitions with by far the most popular 100m sprint. Marathons also have a broad appeal to sports enthusiasts. Athletics is the track and field competition like different running events, throwing disciplines, and jumping events. It also includes road walking and running and even cross country.

Betting in athletics is an event that grew big in the run-up through the 2012 Olympic Games. There was considerable interest in the UK-based bookmakers and the British public with the activities included in Athletics. Although Athletics is not a massive sport in terms of betting, significant events like the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, and other world championships, do create a respectable level of public and bookie interest. Punters don’t have to wait a long time for one of those big championships.

As an athletics betting guide, punters must keep in mind that gambling is an uncomplicated and straightforward matter, with a focus on who will win the given event. There are also other markets available to choose from for punters.

Betting in Athletics

  • Winner “Without” – In any event that an athlete dominates the competition, betting will exclude that athlete. Anyone who finishes second or beating the dominant athlete will be the winner.
  • Event Outrights – It is the most common betting on athletics in which you favour the one who will win the game at any particular encounter or championship though your odds may not be that attractive to pursue. 
  • Specials Betting – This refers to different specials accessible in athletics, such as whether an athlete will reach a particular milestone in his career, breaking a world record, or winning the gold medal at the Olympics and Commonwealth. The same goes for team specials, such as the US gets more medals than China, or Germany gets more medals than Britain.
  • To Win a Medal – This is like placing a bet in Formula 1 or horse racing and serves as a wager that the provided athlete will win.

To determine and settle the winning bet, bettors must wait for the official result and the medal ceremony with succeeding disqualifications or appeals being unrelated. Betting on medals is calculated using formal medals tables, towards the totals. Team events contribute only one medal. One major thing to monitor is if bets for the following events are ante-post or if in some cases, will invalidate the betting.

Strategies for Betting in Athletics

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There are a few useful strategies for betting on athletics. For example, distance races become tactical matters instead of breaking world-record runs. Rooting for trained athletes for this event with a strong finish will be beneficial rather than those who are fast but sluggish on the last lap of the race. Finding out any minor criticism about an athlete will be very convenient before the bookies could find out.

Like in any other sports, one of the fundamental athletics betting guide would be knowing the specifications about your athletes, venues, and even the weather factors that affect the event itself. You should also monitor the training of your athlete as preparation for the significant events strictly, as this will give you an idea of when your athlete is performing poorly in events leading up to a crucial championship. Another factor in preparing yourself for betting would be the awareness of a particular arena and specific tracks that can lead to some possibilities for betting on archives.

Additional Types of Betting in Athletics

Winning an Event – This is the most common and popular bet in athletics, with selecting the right athlete for their respective functions and watch them finish first place. There are available markets on every game in track and field. Smaller athletic events are more prevalent in markets, especially the 100m sprint event.

Winning Time – This market is more popular when it comes to Marathon events. You may bet in a range of time where it is fitting. For example, you might be able to bet whether the athlete will finish within “two hours and three minutes” or “two hours and four minutes.”

Breaking World Records – The type of market where you place your bet on predicting that the athlete would break a world record. 

The Medal Count for an Individual or a Team – This type of betting is available on Major Championships, where the market depends on the medal tally of an individual athlete or as a whole team.

Who will be Victorious in the Diamond League? – This type of market is a season-long event betting, where the winner will show an undisputed consistency throughout the year.

More Strategies for Betting 

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Staying on the Major Championships is one of the most effective athletics betting guide. There are two reasons why this betting is effective. The first reason would be for you to know the capability of the athlete if he is fully prepared for the whole season. Some athletes may not focus on preparing for the European Championships or the Commonwealth games in which you must be aware and careful of your bettings. Secondly, you must be ready for the qualifying rounds of most events. Make sure of your assessments and place your bets carefully.

Sprint races are usually three or four rounds, in which you will be able to determine the best sprinters at least a couple of times before the final round. You must consider the runner that makes an impressive time and be aware of the runners who struggle with their performance. Another factor to consider is how many times the athlete achieves in qualifying.

There will be fewer qualifiers in more extended events. It may only take one round for you to determine runners who have ease in finishing the qualifying rounds. Consider athletes who automatically qualify with just one attempt, and for sure, they will feel fresh for the finals.

Some events do not have qualifying rounds, such as the Marathon or the 10,000 meters. Athletes who can keep up a decent pace over a long period will leave a great impression. However, without pacemakers in Major Championships, the races are usually slower and tactical, which might give you the advantage to pick a runner with a powerful sprint finish.

Final Word

It would be best if you looked around for value when you are ready upon a bet. Despite its popularity, athletics is not one of the sports that sportsbooks will focus on, making the odds a little different from one site to another. Use these athletics betting guides to find a better price and value.


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