Online Slots in Malaysia

Online Slots in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country. While the country is home to many nationalities, a huge percentage of the population are ethnic Malays, making it a predominantly Muslim country. Casino de Genting is the only casino in the country that allows non-Muslims to engage in gambling activities. The lack of casinos in the country led to the rise of illegal gambling, particularly online casinos offering slots.

While online gambling is known to be illegal in the country. However, since the country has no jurisdiction over internationally licenced online casinos offering slots, many Malaysian residents can still access these sites without technically breaking any Malaysian law. Until the government does something to craft a new law that would target online casinos, more Malaysians will resort to playing on off shore casinos.

Online casinos are gaining popularity because a lot of websites offer Malaysian players several valuable bonuses such as welcome bonus, first deposit bonus. They are also given the chance to play online slots that give them a feel of playing in land-based casinos like Las Vegas and Macau.

Where Can I Play Slots in Malaysia?

Non-Muslim Malaysian residents and tourists are permitted to play slots in Casino de Genting in Pahang. The sole Malaysian casino has about 3,140 slot machines that residents and tourists can enjoy. The biggest casino in the world is not enough for many Chinese and other non-Muslim nationalities, particularly those that are in the younger age group. Many of the frequent visitors of slots in the land-based casino are those that are in the 50+ age group.

There are slot machines outside of the Casino de Genting but they are illegal. In the past years, the Malaysian government has made several arrests of illegal casino operators that mainly offer online slots, online sports betting, and online poker. Never ever play in these local sites because they are unregulated and you are risking your money as these underground casinos can suddenly disappear and run off with your money.

Aside from Casino de Genting, players with Malaysian address can also play online slots at the comforts of their home via internationally licenced online casinos. A huge percentage of Malaysian punters play online slots on a daily basis. The growing number of online casino followers is the availability of websites that accept bets from Malaysia. Some websites even accept deposits and make withdrawals in Malaysian ringgits. You are less likely to get caught gambling when you sign up and play on international online casinos.

How To Play Online Slots?

Online slots are almost similar to the classic slot machines available in most land-based casinos. The only difference is that online slots or virtual slots must have five reels. The winning streak also does not necessarily be on the middle row, it can be zigzag, diagonal, or on the top or bottom of the row. Winning streak locations also vary from one slot to another.

Here are the basic things that you must first understand so you can have better chances of winning in online slots:

Pay Lines. These are the winning lines or the line that states how much payout you may receive depending on the winning combination. In most online slots, players can have 9 to 30 winning lines in a slot game. Some of the pay lines are diagonal, straight, or zigzag. Choosing a slot with 25 pay lines gives you 25 possible winning combination. When you hit any of the pay lines, you automatically activate a payout. Remember, though, that you can only cash in on pay lines that you placed your bets on. For example, you placed your bet on 15 of the 30 pay lines and the winning combination is on a pay line without a bet, your spin is a losing spin. In short, you’ll have more chances of winning if you bet on more pay lines.

The number of pay lines to bet on depends on your want to win on every spin. Those who want to maximize their possibility of winning can always bet on the maximum number of pay lines. You just have to remember that more pay lines mean placing higher bets.

Online slots are getting more following because unlike land-based slots, players can win even if they only have two similar symbols on their pay lines. Aside from the two symbols, players can also get a wild symbol that increases their chances of winning.

Wild Symbols. Also a winning symbol. Wilds on the reels are equivalent to the joker in a pack of cards. It can act as a substitute for a symbol to complete a winning combination.

Scatter Symbols. Online slots also feature scatter symbols. These give players varying outcomes such as free spins, coin prizes, or bonus rounds. You need to make the at least three Scatters appear on the screen. Their placement can be anywhere and does not have to be in any particular order and they do not have to appear on a pay line for it to be counted.

Scatters can also generate a multiplier, which can double or triple your winnings from the round. One caveat, though, is that Scatters are not considered as Wilds.

Multipliers. These reward symbol literally means increasing your winnings. Hitting a 2x multiplier will double your payout. Slots have varying multipliers ranging from x2 to x25, so it can be a good symbol to watch out for, as well.

Return to Player (RTP). This is the amount of bet that a player can receive per slot. The calculation of this percentage is per game and not per session. This means that a 90% RTP will give players 90% of the amount bet on it. Depending on the RTP is the Hit Frequency. This is the percentage of reels having a winning combination. So a 25% hit frequency, will give you a winning combination every four spins.

You can start playing online slots by deciding how much you want to bet for each spin. Each slot allows its players to choose from the minimum and maximum bet points. Keep in mind that the bigger your bet, the higher your payout will be.

After placing your bet, you need to choose the number of pay lines you want to wager on. The bet amount is equivalent to one pay line. So you need to multiply your bet amount on the number of pay lines. For example, you want to bet 2 coins and choose six pay lines, your total bet will be 12 coins for each spin.

Once you have made your choices, you are ready to play. You can also choose to click the “Play” or “Spin” button or you can also opt to activate Auto Play.

How to Win on Online Slots in Malaysia?

Slots, with its bright lights and mesmerizing spins, can easily entice any player to hit that spin button. Add to it the different fun themes and huge jackpot amounts and it’s easy to get hypnotized in this betting game. As in most casinos, they say the house always wins. But there are a few tried and tested tricks to help you win with online slots.

Of all the games in a casino, online slots are the safest form of gambling because one can easily play it and accepts low denominations. The lower minimum bet is what makes it equally dangerous, as well.

Know the Slot Payouts. Do your research and look for website reviews on which websites have higher payout percentages. The information is not readily available in online casinos but those who regularly play online slots can give you reliable information. Usual RTP of online slots starts from 80% to as much as 98%. Remember the higher RTP, the higher chance of winning.

Set Your Limit. Slots can really be hypnotizing. There is just something about playing the game that can make you forget about the time and lose track of how much you are spending already. Before playing make sure that you already set an amount that you can lose or win. For example, you can decide to stop when you have tripled your initial money or you can stop when you lose all your initial money.

This would be useful if you are on a vacation or you are a tourist. Set aside a budget so you do not have to worry about being short on cash while away from home.

Keep Your Winnings. In case your initial money keeps growing, always get your winnings and pocket it. Only play with your initial bankroll. Using this method will make sure that you do not end up going home empty-handed.

Choose Casinos Wisely. Plenty of online casinos offer bonuses. Visit several online casinos and compare the available bonuses for your level of play.

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