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The 12 Top Mobile Gaming Apps Made in Malaysia

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The 12 Top Mobile Gaming Apps Made in Malaysia

The world of gaming app development is an ever-evolving industry and it is a great thing that Malaysia is part of this tremendous growth. App developers are honing their skills by serving Malaysia gamers a good selection of homegrown mobile and online games that are fun and entertaining. Download and play these mobile gaming apps in Malaysia:

1. Alien Path

Developed by Appxplore Sdn Bhd, Alien Path allows its players to navigate the aliens along a path to eliminate robots that are invading them. The game sends its players to call on the alien ancestors to aid them in defeating the droids bent on eradicating the civilization.

Alien Path will stimulate your brain because every movement is crucial so it is important that players get to strategise and plan their attacks. They can also collect Ancestor Cards along the path to help them when necessary.

The game is available for download for Android phones.

2. Crab War

Another Appxplore app to hit the market is Crab War, which makes use of crabs as the main character. This arcade style game lets players control a radioactive crab army that possesses a power to fight with evil reptiles, which have forced them to go underground. The great thing about this game is the freedom of the players to control how the crab army will evolve. Players can choose from 80 different crab designs and 30 unique crab personalities that learn new skills every level unlocked.

The game has several waves on each level that will measure a player’s reaction to the attacks, enabling them to strategise and plan their attacks so they can earn gold. This gold is needed to upgrade and evolve the crabs. So, players would have to spend wisely on their upgrades.

Crab War is available for download on iOS and Android.

3. Doctor Life

Doctor Life is an entertaining mobile gaming app in Malaysia developed by Wigu Games Studio. This iOS game is perfect for those who are frustrated doctors who love to micromanage. The game lets the players live their fantasy of being a doctor who is also a surgical hospital administrator. The player will tend to the patients and make sure no patient dies under his care.

What makes the game interesting is that all tasks should be done within a limited time, around 15 seconds to complete the task. So, the player must diagnose the patient, assess the condition, and treat the disease accordingly.  Those who are able to do everything appropriately get points for doing so.

4. Dragon Siege

If you are more into action-adventure games, then Dragon Siege by Takeout Arcade is the one you should download. The action defense game lets you combat throngs of opponent hell-bent on pilfering your golds. Dragon Siege is different from other esports or tower defense games because the players are placed in the middle of the action, allowing them to Slash and Smash the incoming enemies using gestures as controls so it is important that players are holding their phones properly. Players can also level up their skills and spells to afford more damaging moves toward their enemies.

Dragon Siege is available for download on iOS.

5. Keep Fishing

A highly entertaining and lovable game developed by WeRakuGames stars Sniffles the Cat who loves to fish. The game allows the players to control his boat as he goes on a voyage to catch fish to eat. This simple arcade game comes with easily navigable controls allowing the users to jump, slide, and run into getting the most fish than all of his competitors.

Whilst the game sounded simple, it has some added twists including several creepy sea creatures bent on stalling you. Keep Fishing is available for iOS platforms.

6. Mobfish Hunter

Mobfish Hunter takes the players to the near future, in the year 2020, when grave pollution have caused the fish species to mutate into becoming ferocious and monstrous fish known as Mobfish. Players act as the brave hunter who will fight off the monster fish and save the world.

The game developed by Appxplore has great graphics and animations that would make appreciate all the hard work and effort of the game developers. The Mobfish visuals are really out of this world. In terms of gameplay, it is pretty straightforward but equally rewarding. Players would look forward to the upgrades such as weapon upgrade or power up as these will help them in their next battles. The great thing about Mobfish is that players can progress into the game even without making any in-app purchases.

7. Roll Spike Sepak Takraw

MediaSoft Entertainment is proud to have introduced Roll Spike as the World’s First Ever Sepak Takraw mobile game. The game is ideal for both beginner and experienced players. They can experience the highs of the game through the intuitive touch D-Pad and button control system. Roll Spike is optimized for mobile gaming so it is quite easy to do basic kicks, headers, passes, blocks, and several special roll spike attacks.

The game also allows the users to unlock and play teams, tricks, and stadiums from Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines among others.

8. ROTO – Bouncy Circular Puzzle

ROTO – Bouncy Circular Puzzle is developed by WerakuGames and is full of surprises. At first glance, the game may appear too simple because of its design, making players think that it is one of those puzzle games with simplistic controls and goals that can be controlled by a small ball to collate stars and reach the finish line, whilst avoiding obstacles on the pathway. The game is more than that. It requires the players to angle and time the ball to really get it right.

Players can also use special balls such as Chainsaw Balls, Hidden Balls, Bouncing Balls, and Portals to change the position and location of the small ball.

9. Stars Wheel

Developed by particlemade, Stars Wheel is a puzzle game that features celestial elements of the universe including the aurora, stars, and galaxies. This iOS exclusive game is perfect for a relaxing time as it features simple yet challenging puzzles for you to solve.

Players can spin the dots to make sure that the lines connect continuously with the littlest movements as possible so players have to plan the moves and imagine it in their heads before applying it on the puzzle.

Developers highly advise the use of headphones to get the perfect experience of playing Stars Wheel puzzle.

10. Tap Knight and the Dark Castle

This game by X CONIQUE features an amazing retro pixel graphics and animation that has simple tapping motions taking you back to down to memory lane when you were still on an adrenaline high playing on consoles. This Android-exclusive game involves knights with a challenging task of heading out into the Dark Castle and fight huge throngs of enemies that await them…all this to rescue a princess.

It may seem too simple for many but don’t let it deceive you. Tip: It takes careful planning to get the most of the rewards of this game.

11. Tappymon – Hatch

Developed by Mediasoft Entertainment, Tappymon – Hatch is a highly addictive game that serves as a good alternative for Pokemon GO, especially if walking around to hatch eggs is not really your cup of tea. The game features loads of entertaining mechanics on your mobile. This game allows you, the player, to become the best trainer and eventually form your very own Tappymons. Players can breed, harness powers, and combat evil monsters that brutalize the land.

Tappymon has amazing graphics and vibrant colour that hugely appeal to collector gamers.

12. Tiny Guardians

Tiny Guardians is not just your typical tower defense game. Simply because it does not have any towers. Instead, players are required to position their characters in strategic locations before hoarders come in. Players can follow the story of Lunalie as she voyages to the different lands in the game. Watch as she summons the 12 classes of guardian to assist her in achieving her quest. Whilst the game mechanics are easy to learn, it can be quite easy to get so wrapped up in the game. If you do not want to spend hours on end playing this game, you might want to schedule your game time or else you won’t be able to accomplish much work at the office. Consider yourself warned.

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