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Skill vs. Chance: Which Casino Game Is for You

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Skill vs. Chance: Which Casino Game Is for You

One of the hottest controversies surrounding the gambling industry is whether or not a game is one of luck or skill. The line between the two can be slim, making it hard to categorize them. So before diving into the wild unknown of online casino games, it is necessary to know the difference between games of skill and games of chance and why some are legal while others are not.

In India, the legal position on gambling is split into two broad categories: games of skill and games of chance. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is the central law that bans operating or running public gaming houses. It states that all betting and gambling acts are illegal except games that require a skill. Violators would attract a fine of Indian rupees or face up to three months of jail time. 

Various forms of gambling are prevalent in India. These include sports betting, skill games, casino gambling, and online gambling. It is helpful to define terms right from the start. Some games can be agreed upon to be pure games of chance while others as being games of pure skill. But many games are a hybrid of both luck and skill, e.g., poker. Chance determines which cards you are dealt. However, your decision making will define your fate. Fantasy sports also combine ability with luck. Knowledgeable players who can spot value in salary cap draft leagues have more leverage than those who merely choose their teams at random. Nonetheless, anything can happen.

Games of Skill vs. Games of Chance

In a game of chance, a random number generator strongly influences the outcome. Contestants have the choice to wager money on the result. Some of these games require a small level of skill, but the majority of them need no specific talent whatsoever.

Virtually all casino games count as a game of chance. These include video poker, roulette, slot games, and several table games. Blackjack and poker are the only casino games that do not qualify as a game of chance. Considering that games of chance have been around since ancient times, people like taking risks. They enjoy playing games in which the odds are against them. 

Meanwhile, a game of skill depends on your physical or mental level of expertise, not luck. Players of skilled games can win depending on their experience. The perks of playing a game of skill include the ability to explore your capabilities. These games challenge you to learn the rules while finding ways to level up and implement various strategies. Games of skill often necessitate practice outside of matches for a higher success rate.

Casinos and governments determine if a game is one of chance or skill in different ways. One is whom the player is going up against. If a player is playing against the house, like in slots, then that is a game of chance. However, if they are playing against other players, it counts as one of skill. A game that involves strategies or skills, as with math or statistics, could count as skill-based. But some confuse lucky numbers with skill. 

Sports are skill-based, but sports betting is illegal in different nations. Sports bettors always wager against the house. Also, they have no say on the result of the tournament. Therefore, it is impossible to wager on sports events if the state or nation enforcing these rules deems chance-based games as illegal.

Online Casino Games That Require Skill


Formerly regarded as a “game for old women,” rummy used to be played in basements, kitchens, or the back of airplanes and buses. Now, the game has grown in popularity as it is already conveniently available online. While it is a pretty simple game to learn, rummy has lots of intricacies that make mastering the game strategy a fun challenge, which only a few have conquered. 

The card game is played with a standard 52 card deck. It has multiple variations playable by two to six players at a time. When it comes to playing rummy online, you have two choices: online casino-style game sites and kid game sites.


Chess is usually the first thing that comes to mind when talking about what skill game requires the most strategy. It is a game where the brightest minds can excel. Chess is a two-player board game that originated from an ancient game in India. You play it with different pieces, each with distinct capabilities, and it involves zero luck. No coin flips, dice spins, or anything left to chance. 


Dominoes is one of the most popular skill-based games, existing since as early as the 12th century. When it comes to playing dominoes online, you have two primary options. One is the gambling sites where it is always for play money, while the other allows you to play for real money or play money. While completely different, both sites serve their purpose.

Popular Games of Chance


Slot games are arguably the undisputed champ of games of chance. No matter which online or physical casino you select, you will likely find slot games. They often comprise the majority of an online casino’s game library. Some of them offer handsome jackpots amounting to as much as several million dollars. All you have to do is put money in, pull the lever, and hope to hit the jackpot. 


Like slots, roulette is a game of chance available in virtually all online and physical casinos worldwide. You might even need to queue up in a land-based casino since the tables are always full of players. Fortunately, that is not the case in online casinos. You can find an abundance of variations of the original roulette game.


Deemed the king of casino dice games, craps is among the most well-loved casino games worldwide. You can place a variety of bets. Even better, the winnings can reach an enormous multiple of your original wagers. If you hear individuals celebrating inside of a casino, they are more likely at a craps table.

Indian Gambling Laws and Regulation

In India, gambling is subject to strict control except for some categories such as lotteries and horse racing. As mentioned previously, games of skill are legal. The Apex Court in India defines these games as, “The competitions where success depends on substantial degree of skill are not ‘gambling’ and despite there being an element of chance if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it would nevertheless be a game of mere skill.”

Gambling legislation in India is either archaic or non-existent. The Indian government has not implemented any dedicated gambling laws in the nation. As the age-old debate on what form of gambling is legal continues, Indians apparently enjoy playing. 

Until now, it is hard to answer whether or not gambling is legal in India. The outlook of the Indian government towards betting and gambling is still in a grey area. Some sports enjoy full approval from the authorities, while others, even with the same characteristics, are illegal. Rummy and horse racing count as games of skill, hence free to wager on. Meanwhile, poker and cricket don’t share the same distinction from the standpoint of Indian legislators. 

Poker remains a significant grey area in Indian legislation. Interestingly, games such as Texas Hold ’em and Teen Patti are illegal while Rummy is permitted. Moreover, Indians can legally wager on horse racing since it is a skill game, but cricket betting, which necessitates a similar type of skill set, is prohibited. 

As a result, it is hard to tell what is legal and not in India. For years, gambling legalities have been the subject of extensive debate across the region. However, not much progress happens regarding clarifying things. Furthermore, the existence of gambling laws at both state and federal levels only makes things more confusing. 

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