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Your Ultimate Guide to Chess in China

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Your Ultimate Guide to Chess in China

Chess in China

The People’s Republic of China is one of the most significant countries to play chess. The country has developed numerous top chess players in the world. So, it is safe to say that China is a dominating country in terms of chess competitions, second only to Russia. Lucky for the Chinese, their government provides large-scale support for their chess players. There are about 300 professional chess players in China and 1,000 trainers.

The chess is a battle between two players, each player with 16 pieces and a 64 square board. A lot of people in the world know how to play chess to put the king of your opponent in jeopardy with no chance of escaping.

The best chess players have made millions by winning tournaments, and only 3% of all registered World Chess Federation (FIDE) players have earned the title of grandmaster, and that is only 1,500 players.

The game of chess is a skill-based strategy game that requires your anticipation, proficiency, and patience. A player must think ahead of what moves he/she will do and so as with the opponent. Even experienced players are continuously trying to improve the efficiency of their strategies and lift their mastery of the game. Chess is a game emanated from war. You have control over your army to defeat your opponent’s military and their king.

The First Game of Chess

The first game of chess played was in the sixth century in Northern India, and soon Persia embraced the game. The Moors introduced the sport to Europe through channels of Sicily and Spain. Two hundred years later, Russian chess players are contending with world supremacy. 

The chess game transitioned with a new look sometime in the 15th Century. The Europeans made changes with the pieces and generated new moves for the bishop and the Queen. Before the Queen was a Minster, the Rook was a chariot, and the Bishop was an elephant.

The Modern Chess Tournaments

The game of chess quickly picked up its speed with transformations and the scheduled tournaments. The first tournament was in 1849, and the introduction of chess clocks was in 1883. In the year 1886, the initial World Chess Championship happened, and it utilized the new two side clocks.

FIDE in the 20th Century

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) started in the 20th Century. It presides over all international competitions and preserves a list of the top-ranked players. The rating board encompasses the following: top players, top juniors (under the age of 21), top countries, top countries – women’s list, top women, and top girls. Russia and China are struggling to gain the top spots with Russia, asserting the top spot overall. But China is in the top place in the women’s list.

How to Make Money in Chess

Chess Hustlers

It is common to play chess in China city recreation grounds for $10 to $20, but the winnings may vary. There are chess players who are pure hustlers and can lose a match intentionally to face an opponent to bet more prominent on the next game. The average chess player relies just on their skill with unfamiliarity with speed chess in a disconcerting environment.

Playing in Chess Tournaments

In 2013, Magnus Carlsen won $1.5 million for finishing first in the world chess championship. He was only 22 years old then. However, you can still play at lesser tournaments and win decent money. If you think you are an above-average chess player, you might want to aim for the world blitz championship. The competition gave ten $40,000 prizes to finishers in various categories. There are numerous tournaments around the world in which you can find prizes ranging from a few hundred dollars to $1 million.

Playing at Clubs

To play at clubs is one of the primary ways pre-elite grandmasters make a living. The players earn $5,000 to $20,000 for joining and winning at an event in a club. An average chess player has to be pretty good to get paid to play and show-up.

Vending Chess Supplies

A person who is passionate about the game may want to venture into selling chess materials to gain profit from it. There is a lot of chess paraphernalia to choose from.  A better way of selling these are through the internet. Selling online will be easier if you locate and join chess groups and get help in planning your sales strategy.

Teaching Chess

International chess masters and grandmasters can do online coaching lessons and charge a fee of $20 to $50 per hour. Even other lower-rated players charge a minimum of $20 per hour as a coaching fee.

Writing Articles About Chess

If you are an aspiring chess player and has a vast knowledge about writing, you can create articles for chess-related websites and chess magazines. You can do your blog or write a book and publish it on Kindle.

Different Types of Chess Games

Roulette Chess

It dates back to ancient predecessors, where you can combine chess with a chance. Rolling the dice will determine the player's next move. A roulette chess wheel was created by the artist Larry List for a 2009 exhibition, “Chance Aesthetics,” held at the Kemper Art Museum. The wheel integrates images inspired by artist and chess master Marcel Duchamp. Spinning the wheel will let you determine which piece you can move. To create a game flow, the spokes of the wheel have two choices on them. The wheel is also capable of skill-oriented side bets.

Heads-Up Poker Chess

One way of combining poker and chess is a match with poker chips. For example, players can play ten chess games with a prize of 100 poker chips of each winning game. If the other player wins the match six to four, they will do a heads-up poker match with 600 chips for the first player and 400 for the other. This setup can be modified to increase the number of players.

Chinese Poker Chess

The hybrid of chess and poker starts with a two-player Chinese poker. The first player that sets the hand will hit the other player’s clock. The slower player will be able to make his first chess move once he placed his hands. It would be better with super-fast time controls because otherwise, it would favour heavily on chess skill.

Betting on Chess

Outright Bets

The tournament outright market is one of the most popular, and that will return the best odds. Punters will be betting on the duration of the tournament, choosing the best player who will win, and who will make to the finals. You may even get bigger odds if you get in before the tournament starts. You may also get tremendous odds on outsiders, betting on an old-timer that lost and will find his way back up again.

Match Bets

Match bets betting is where you can bet on a player who will win a single chess match. It will be valid only if you are placing your bet on an outsider or if the two players are reasonably weighted. Otherwise, the odds for a favoured player to win will be too short to bother with. You should try to find other markets with value if you know that a match is not evenly weighted. There are also handicap markets, which will allow you to bet on the time of the game, and this will also give the favoured player a hypothetical handicap.

Knowing the Game

The game of chess in China is frequently considered the ultimate strategy game that requires a thorough analysis of both your moves and your opponent’s. It involves anticipation of several moves ahead and reading of your opponent and the board all at the same time. There are so many possible moves you can do in chess, so many ways that your opponent can make his moves, that using your mind would be very difficult, but it would be beneficial to you if you do your research and practice some more. The best players can map out the entire game with their strategies. 

Gambling on chess in China is not different from playing the actual sport. It also requires intensive research and preparedness to venture into this sport to gain profit. The ultimate guide to betting on chess tournaments is all about knowing what and how to win or lose in a betting match.

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