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The Most Expensive Poker Tables That Impress

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The Most Expensive Poker Tables That Impress

If you’ve secured yourself any one of the most expensive poker sets ever made, then it is only but fitting to pair it with the most expensive poker tables. Impressing your friends during poker night in Japan with a $100 poker cover just wouldn’t suit it. If you want to know which one you should secure yourself, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most expensive poker tables to impress your poker buddies. 

Centennial Poker Table 

Maker: Brunswick Billiards

Cost: $5,095

Brunswick Billiards may be famous for manufacturing top-quality billiard tables. Founded in 1845 in Cincinnati, the company has evolved to produce poker tables as well. While not as expensive as other poker tables on the list, the Centennial Poker Table is made from poplar material that is unmatched in terms of functionality. Aside from doubling as a dining table, this poker table has chip and beverage holders that make it easy for players to enjoy the game. It even has storage areas for accessories – no excuse for distractions! Did we say the table comes with matching solid wood chairs that players can recline and adjust to their height? Any flaw? There’s one. It can only accommodate up to six players. 

American Heritage Poker Table 

Maker: American Heritage

Price: $5,174.99

Another well-known manufacturer of billiard tables and other furniture that forayed into making poker tables is American Heritage. This particular poker table features maple wood with a coffee finish. Unlike the Centennial poker table, the American Heritage poker table does not have beverage and chip holders and storage areas for accessories. However, it can also double as a dining table. The lack of features is made up by the one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. It also comes with six adjustable seats. 

Mikhail Darafeev Encore Texas Hold’em Poker Table

Maker: Darafeev

Price: $6,288

Made by Mikhail Darafeev, this poker table is perfect for hosting large groups, as it can hold up to ten players. The standard Texas Hold'Em table can accommodate eight players, but the manufacturer allows customisation of the dimensions to accommodate the addition of two more players. While this stunningly designed poker table comes with a detailed wood framing that can transform your game to elite levels, it does not include the chairs. 

Heads Up Challenge Poker Table 

Maker: Heads Up Challenge

Price: $6,700

If you want to try levelling up your game room, then this poker table should be your next addition. This automated poker table is an arcade machine that only accommodates two players to play against each other. So, if you are a fan of heads up poker, then you should get this one. Since the machine is fully automated, all you have to do is decide on your play. If you don’t feel like playing with anyone, you can also switch it to a single-player mode. If you’re getting this machine, make sure you get the one with the latest software. 

Taliesin Pro Hold’em Poker Table

Maker: Thos. Baker

Price: $7,995

While Thos. Baker is relatively new in the furniture industry and mainly focused on creating outdoor furniture. This particular poker table is one that you should check out. It offers a functional yet stylish approach to poker tables. Playing on this table will give you so much confidence as if you are one of those mobs playing poker for pleasure. 

New Jonathan Charles Mahogany Poker Table

Maker: Jonathan Charles

Price: $8,410

If you are looking for a custom-made poker table to add in your game room, then you should check out this Mahogany poker table. It features intricate details that serve as a testament to the manufacturer’s workmanship. It also boasts of amazing features including beverage and chip holders. It also has a storage area where you can keep your accessories. The only downside to this table is that the price does not include the cost of the chairs yet. 

Mahogany Poker Table

Maker: Artisan Crafted

Price: $11,695

This beautifully crafted mahogany poker table is best for those with exquisite taste. The tabletop features silver inlays in eight unusual designs that easily boasts of immense craftsmanship. A standard table comes with an 80” diameter that can comfortably seat ten people. But, since each piece is custom-made, you can adjust the dimensions, design, and even material depending on your preference. If you want to make it your game room’s centrepiece, it is possible. 

BBO Premium Poker Table

Maker: Big Blind Online 

Price: $12,188 

If you want to own a table from the authentic makers of a poker table, then you should consider getting a hardwood premium poker table from Big Blind Online or BBO. This elite table is fully customisable. You can have it with a mahogany gloss and choose to have a dining top cover. You can also add an extra feature of a convertible dealer set. Adding an automatic shuffler will increase the price by at least $8,000 more, but at least it comes with a full set of chairs at this price point, so it is actually a win-win situation for you. 

Milano Poker Table

Maker: Mitchell Pool Tables

Price: $12,500

Despite specialising in pool tables, Mitchell’s collection of poker tables would amaze any poker player. Their luxurious custom gaming table clearly caters to the moneyed individuals, with its elegant and exquisite design. If you would want to own one of the most expensive poker tables, get one from Mitchell. Their Milano poker table is something extraordinary – truly something that would impress even professional poker players. 

All-In Functional Art Poker Table

Maker: Akke

Price: $75,000

Priced at $75,000, the Art Poker Table made by Akke definitely tops our list of most expensive poker tables that are made to impress. Made with 15 species of exotic wood material and finished with wood and gold trimmings, this “All-In” table can really send a poker player to go all-in should they decide to buy this exceptional poker table. However, even you have the money to buy this table; it is not for sale (not just yet) as it was awarded to Matt Salsberg for becoming the World Poker Tour’s Season XI Player of the Year. Salsberg proved worthy of receiving this table for successfully making three final tables and winning one WPT title during that year. 

Making the Table

If you want to own any one of these most expensive poker tables, you should start honing your poker skills by playing online, then win some good money that you can splurge on these exquisite poker tables. 

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