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The Best Guide to RC Car Racing 2022

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The Best Guide to RC Car Racing 2022

One of the fascinating hobbies that you can do is RC (radio control) car racing. It is probably every boy’s dream to have a scale model car that they can control with a radio remote and imagine like they are driving their own car. Some are privileged to own one, and some are still pursuing their first RC car.

Involving yourself in the RC car hobby may be easier these days, and it has been more exciting than before. There are many types of RC cars available in the market that manufacturers develop with the most intricate details and modifications. You can choose from various models such as trucks, cars, street trucks, monster trucks, off-road buggies, and a lot more.

You can also join RC car racing competitions and compete with other RC car hobbyists. RC car racing hobbyists consider RC cars as a form of sports and not just a toy hobby. If you want to try this hobby, read on for more details.

Radio-Controlled Cars

Radio-controlled cars have the toy type and the kit type units. The toy-style vehicles or trucks are the most common types of RC cars, which has a broader range of advertisement. Its market focuses more on younger hobbyists with a greater fascination with different designs. The kit-type cars or trucks are more suitable for professional RC car racers, who would build to customize the way they would want their cars should look and perform. Kit-style RC cars are referred to by hobbyists as “radio control,” while toy-style RC cars are referred to as “remote control.”

The kit-style RC cars or trucks are available in kit or assembled form. This gives you the option of building them yourself. They are faster and more durable than toy-style RC cars, and you can modify their parts and performance. You can also repair kit-style RC cars, which can only cost you a fraction of their selling cost. Toy-style RC cars are more expensive when it needs repairs because you need to send them back to the manufacturer, and they will charge you almost the same as the selling cost of the unit. 

Kit-style RC cars have optional bodies that let hobbyists customize and replace them whenever they want. This gives them a chance to use a street truck and a streetcar whenever they feel like it. There are many types of bodies that you can use, such as racing coupes, sedans, sports cars, and many more.

Choose Your Kit

Before starting this hobby, you need to decide what type of RC car you would want to have. You can begin to join internet forums or ask anyone in a hobby shop for details, experiences, and recommendations. You need to consider many factors, such as the locations where you can run your truck or car and how long you will spend your time working on your kit. 

On-road Kits

On-road kits are RC cars with realistic details of race cars and streetcars that can go at high speeds. You can use treaded tires that go perfectly with its four-wheel drive transmission and great with bodies that make it realistic. Manufacturers have the Nitro and electric versions of on-road kits, which you can choose depending on your preferred size and situation.

Electric Kit

Electric kits go through the simple assembly process and have quiet motors that you can turn on with a single switch. You can use these units indoors or in a small parking lot. These RC cars use batteries that provide power to their motor, which you can charge on a wall socket and will last 5-10 minutes depending on your usage.

Nitro Kit

Nitro kits have a more complicated composition compared to other RC car styles. It has a real fuel-burning, 2-stroke engine similar to lawnmower engines. Nitro RC cars or trucks are realistic scaled versions of the actual vehicle where it has real smoke, sound (tuned pipes), and smells real exhaust. These kits need batteries for their transmitter and receiver and petrol for their engine to run.

RC Car Racing

Most RC car hobbyists would like to experience racing with other hobbyists and learn a few things. If you want to participate in RC car racing, you have to prepare yourself with the right mindset and attitude towards the event. You need to know that there would be other hobbyists that will give you fierce competition and other challenges.

To join an RC car racing event, you need to know the race schedule and other important details. You might end up going to the wrong event or be late in registering. Upon calling the race organizers, ask them about the race classes so that you would know what entry you should make.

Off-road races would have trucks, nitro trucks, buggies, and others, while on-road races have dedicated races for nitro touring cars, electric touring cars, and many more classes. Organizers will designate you to a similar type of vehicle and ensure that you will compete with your exact skill levels. There are smaller clubs or tracks, though, that may allow competitors of different skill levels to compete against each other. Large clubs or tracks have three skill levels: the novice, sportsman, and expert levels. You will automatically go to rookie or novice class if it’s your first time to race. Once you are comfortable upgrading your skill, you may apply for the sportsman or expert level the next time you race.

Before entering an RC car racing event, you have to prepare your kit first and make sure that your kit will have optimum performance. If you need some parts while you are inside the race already, there will be suppliers or shops to assist all participants during the event.

RC Car Racing Etiquette

RC car racing follows the etiquette of F1 car racing, which means every participating RC car must undergo meticulous checking before starting racing. Furthermore, officials will also check the kits for illegal boosts or other modifications that are not allowed.

The race lets all the RC car racing participants have similar specifications and modifications to run simultaneously on the race track to prevent anyone from having an unfair advantage. The participants must ensure that there will be no defects on their RC cars that may affect racing cues.

Characteristics of RC Racing Track

RC car racing takes place in an arena or an open area with a sand/mud surface. Small rubber lines are in place to define the track and prevent the RC cars from jumping over. Some tracks have terrains that can have jumpy and tricky obstacles that cars can perform some random tricks during the race. 

Rules and Regulations

All competitions have different sets of rules and regulations, and here are some for the RC car racing that participants should follow:

  • You should not yell from the driver’s stand
  • Do not turn your radio to the pits unless you have a 2.4Gz
  • Do not hit your opponent’s car from the rear
  • Turning off your radio is not allowed if your car is on
  • If you accidentally perform a jump inside the course, you should let the racer behind you pass you
  • You should allow the racer that you hit to take the lead and follow them if you cause a wreck
  • Changing batteries while in the race is not allowed
  • You should also be aware of your position when in the stand and never block other drivers’ view

Some Tips for RC Car Racing

If it’s your first time participating in an RC car racing event, it would be natural if you feel excited and nervous at the same time. Follow these tips to be more confident coming into the race.

Inspect the Track

You should visit the track before the race date and try to determine your weaknesses over tight corners. Also, consider the distance of the drivers’ stand from the path and the availability of shops during the event.

Bring Your Tools

Make sure that you bring your tools during the race day. You will need your tools if your RC car breaks down or if you need to make some minor mechanical adjustments to your kit. Allen wrenches, and other devices with your kit are essential if you participate in an RC car racing event.

Inspect Your Car

You must regularly inspect your car, especially if you are participating in a race. Ensure that everything is intact and make some replacements for the worn-out parts. Do not let this negligence impair your car, especially during the race.

Final Thoughts

Rc car racing provides fun and excitement for hobbyists and fans. The experience would be worth getting, even if it brings extreme intimidation for the first-timers. There are many RC car racing events everywhere, and you can also participate in some betting activities for more fun.

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