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How to Bet on Virtual Car Racing: Tips for Winning This 2022

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How to Bet on Virtual Car Racing: Tips for Winning This 2022

Did you know you can bet on virtual car racing? 

Car racing is one of the sports events that attract a huge following from all over the world. In fact, the popular F1 racing has a TV viewership of 433 million in 2020. While this may be fewer than the 2019 figure, it’s still commendable despite the fewer number of races due to the pandemic. 

These millions of viewers are also the main reason why car racing is a popular betting option for many avid gamblers. More recently, however, there are a number of bettors that are shifting their attention to virtual car racing. If you want to know more about virtual car racing, its legalities, and the best strategies when betting, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about virtual car racing betting. 

What is Virtual Car Racing?

Virtual car racing is a racing simulation system that allows drivers to live the life of a real race car driver but in a virtual yet realistic setting. Drivers can get the same feeling of turning laps and competing against other drivers in some of the popular racetracks in the world. To date, the virtual car racing that has the most following are iRacing and eNASCAR.

The INDYCAR iRacing has the weekly challenge, which features NTT INDYCAR SERIES drivers, including Josef Newgarden, Scott Dixon, Simon Pagenaud, Sebastian Bourdais, Will Power, and Tony Kanaan. In some special events or races, the challenge also welcomes special guests to race. 

For eNASCAR, the race features 40 sim racers across 18 weeks of racing. The drivers will use virtual replicas of NASCAR Cup Series cars on simulated tracks. The race happens every Tuesday at 9 pm ET. For the 2021 series, eNASCAR was highlighted with official teams and an increased prize pool. 

You may wonder how some racers compete virtually. Virtual race car drivers have their own set-ups that allow them to virtually race. Some will have simple computer monitors paired with steering wheels and foot pedals. However, others may have highly detailed and sophisticated “rigs” that come with several screens and even a racing car seat that is an exact replica of a cockpit. 

Here’s Patricio O’Ward showing off his sim set up prior to a race:

Can I Bet on Virtual Car Racing Legally?

Yes, betting on virtual car racing is legal. Bettors can place their wagers online through online sportsbooks. However, you may find it challenging to bet on offline sportsbooks as many of them are still unaware of this opportunity. 

If you’re willing to bet on online sportsbooks, you have to make sure that you choose a reliable and trusted one. For many, using an online sportsbook is a better option as it’s often beyond the jurisdiction of countries where sports betting may still be illegal. 

How to Bet on Virtual Car Racing

While virtual car racing is a close copycat of the NASCAR circuit, these racers are typically faster and don’t last all day. Racers will only run a few laps of about two to three minutes. After this, the race will take a break to give way to betting. Once all bets are in place, the race will then proceed. 

However, for computer-controlled racing, you have to take into account that a random number generation will be used, so there’s really no use to refer to historical data when choosing the car or racer to bet on. One thing you should look at if you want successful virtual car racing betting is the odds. 

Betting on Virtual Car Racing

Once you log in and reach the virtual race track, you will see the video display that shows each race that you can participate in. At the bottom of the screen would be the betting lines. Often, they are presented in Moneyline form. Once you decide on the odds you’re willing to wager on, you simply have to watch the race. 

Moneyline Odds

Bettors can choose from the following Moneyline odds:

  • Even/Odd Finish Placement
  • Exacta
  • Over/Under Finishing Placement
  • Place
  • Show
  • Trifecta
  • Win

You may notice that exactas and trifectas are often associated with horse racing betting. But they are also popular among virtual car racing as well. Many bet on these odds because they can gun for a big payout as they often have the best odds, particularly during exotic parlays. 

Is Live Betting Available for Virtual Car Racing?

Unfortunately, live betting for virtual car racing isn’t possible. Since the race only lasts for several minutes, it’s not enough to get adequate amounts of bets in. However, one advantage of such quick races is the fact that they can place bets every five minutes or so. Think about it – live betting wouldn’t be fast enough to keep up with virtual car races. 

Tips for Betting on Virtual Car Racing

Virtual car racing exists as a form of entertainment. Individuals who may not be able to race professionally on tracks can enjoy turning laps on any circuit they please. However, those who enjoy wagering can still find virtual car racing a lucrative and enjoyable sport to bet on. 

Here are some tips on betting on virtual car racing:

Watch Virtual Car Racing

If you’re new to virtual car race betting, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself on how it’s done. Watching these contests and observing the action first can help you decide which Moneyline bets you’re most comfortable betting on. 

Set a Bankroll

Virtual car racing is full of adrenaline, and you might get carried away when betting, especially since you can place bets as frequently as every five minutes. Ideally, you should never place a bet that would go beyond 3% of your bankroll. Your maximum betting limit should always be within your bankroll. Remember, it’s much more fun to enjoy several bets rather than blowing off your entire bankroll in a single bet. Remember, the goal of virtual car racing is to provide entertainment. Betting is only a sideshow. 

Control Your Betting

As with any form of gambling, you should learn how to control your betting frequency. For many beginners, betting binge can sometimes be a trap where they find it hard to get over. Choose your bets carefully and take breaks when you’re on a losing streak. Don’t force your bets if you keep losing. Always bet responsibly. 

Take Advantage of Bonuses

If you want to extend your bankroll, the best way to go about it is to take advantage of bonuses. If you’re going to sign up with a new sportsbook for the first time, check if they have a promotional welcome bonus that you can use once you make your first deposit. Based on experience, many sportsbooks provide additional bonus awards if you deposit via their preferred payment method. For instance, some would double the deposit bonus if you pay via Bitcoin. 

Make sure that you’re aware of the terms and conditions of the bonus. Some will have rollover requirements before you can get the deposit bonus reflected in your account. If you know how to play these online sportsbooks to your advantage, you can essentially have free money if you want to bet more. 

What are the Acceptable Payment Options for Virtual Car Racing?

Since virtual car racing is essentially an eSports, you can also enjoy some of the payment options commonly offered for other sportsbook bets. Some of the usual deposit methods include:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • E-wallets

For withdrawals, the options are virtually the same. You just need to enroll your account when you need to withdraw your winnings.

Virtual Car Racing: Driving Its Way to the Future

Car racing remains to be a popular sport watched by millions of spectators. Still, it doesn’t mean that those who dream of racing the tracks cannot enjoy the thrill of racing. Virtual car racing is the way to the future. While it remains impossible for many to go out and enjoy the adventures of car racing, virtual car racing is an option that can give them the same adrenaline rush. 

In the future, we expect to see offline sportsbooks betting on VR race betting. The advent of the metaverse is upon us, and it’s only a matter of time when everything we will ever need and enjoy will be available digitally. 

Virtual car racing, like many sports, is a game of fun and entertainment. It’s also where money is. For bettors, virtual car racing gives them the rush of the competition that gives off a different feeling knowing that you have your money on the line. 

Mobile virtual car racing is another reason why this sports betting option is gaining traction enough to put them in the mainstream. Explore the possibilities with a virtual car race bet with a reliable sportsbook.

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