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4 Extreme Sports You Can Bet On to Win Big

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4 Extreme Sports You Can Bet On to Win Big

Extreme sports betting is gaining massive popularity among bettors. Do you know what you can expect when you place your bets? Here are some extreme sports that you can expect to win in even as a spectator. 

People are fond of trying different activities to experience thrill and excitement, especially with sports. For most, the adrenaline rush of trying different settings and the excitement of breaking records is enough to bring a different kind of rush. For others, the thrill of watching and betting brings a different type of excitement. This demand has sparked the interest of many sportsbooks to bet on extreme sports to serve the interest of many. 

Extreme sports are not the regular sporting activities where athletes are more adventurous with dangerous mechanics and stunts to beat their opponents and win the game. Some examples of these exciting activities include surfing, deep-sea scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and many more. While many people enjoy watching extreme sports, some would create opportunities to use extreme sports with gambling activities. If you want to try your luck in betting on extreme sports, here is some useful information before you can start.

Extreme Sports Classifications

Extreme sports are classified into different groups based on the type of activity athletes should perform. These classifications are:

  • Hillside Sports: This extreme sport classification involves cliff jumping, BMX racing, motocross, mountain biking, and rock climbing.
  • Water Sports: You can find water activities such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, diving, and surfing with this extreme sport classification.
  • Air Sports: Parachuting, air diving, and paragliding.
  • Winter Sports: Snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding.

Extreme Sports Competitions

Extreme sports already have a considerable following. It continues to grow as many people want some adventure and has the urge to experience adrenaline from all the action in the competition. There are many festivals, events, and contests of extreme sports held in different parts of the world every year. Each event features great athletes competing for the grand prize and title. Discover some extreme sports from these competitions.

The X Games

The X Games was created in 1995 under the American media sports group ESPN. They feature extreme sports contests from professional athletes and show their extraordinary talents and determination in winning. Winners of the competition receive gold, silver, and bronze medals with corresponding money prizes. Their performances created recognition from around the world and set records and top positions with other competitions internationally.

The X Games has two versions of the Olympic Games, the winter and the summer. The summer competitions include BMX, roller, skateboard, motor racing, skate, motocross freestyle, rally, and surfing. The winter competitions feature snowcross, snowboarding, and skiing. The competitions take place in different venues and stages, which is also combined with the popular festival “X Fest,” a celebration of live music, interactive amenities, and autograph sessions from the athletes. 

The Abanca Galicia Classic Surf Pro

The Abanca Galicia Classic Surf Pro is an intense competition for surfers, held at Pantin, Valdoviño as a segment of the World Surf League, and is considered as the most important championship event on the European circuit. This special event is participated by the world's best surfers who compete with stunt displays, re-entry, tube, and aerial. This extreme sports competition attracts more than 100,000 people and provides clothing stores, food stands, surf supplies, surf baptisms, music, and other fun activities during the event. 

O Marisquiño

One of Europe's most important extreme sports action and urban culture festivals since 2001 is the O Marisquiño. The event is a festival with an average of 160,000 attendees that wanted to witness extreme sports activities for three days. There are ten competitions and many gastronomic shops, graffiti exhibitions, music events, exhibitions, cultural events, break dancing, and many more.

O Marisquiño is held in the Paseo de las Avenidas, the Nautical, the Breakwater, and the Trasatlánticos Pier that has an area of more than 150,000 square meters. The event features three world cups, the Dirt FMB World Tour, the World Cup Skateboarding Street, and the World Cup Skateboarding Miniramp, which all have global classifications. The event also added the FIBA 3×3 Basket and the Gold category of Dirt Jump recently.

The Grandvalira Total Fight

The Grandvalira Total Fight is a popular snowboarding and freestyle competition in the national and international scene. It is one of the most exciting winter events for extreme sports as it showcases the athletes' tricks, talents, and original styles in both the women's and men's categories.

The free ski and slopestyle snowboard competition started in 2005 and reached three stars on the Ticket To Ride Tour, which is a recognized circuit in snowboarding around the world. By 2009, the event reached four stars, which attracted more higher-level riders to compete. The Grandvalira Total Fight is Southern Europe's largest freestyle competition.

Extreme Sports to Bet On


Betting on surfing is a bit new in the gambling industry, and it gives you a competitive advantage if you know the sport. It is also important to know the scheduled surfing events and the participants for better anticipation.

You can start with your betting adventures on surfing by choosing which event you can participate in. The Olympics is a popular event for surfing, which happens every four years. It is a good place to start with your betting activities and witness the best surfers from around the world. But if you want to bet regularly on surfing, many other events are held every year.

You will also need to know the different types of bets in surfing that pertain to how big an event is. The top option would be betting on the overall winner or the top three to finish. Another option would be betting on heat to head, as two surfers will compete to determine who is a better surfer. You can also bet on a tournament-style competition.


Although betting is allowed on snowboarding, this extreme sport has limited opportunities for betting because of its few major events like World Championships, Olympic Games, and X-Games. Snowboarding is a young sport, and there are many more opportunities for growth in the next few years.

Unfortunately, there are still no betting sites that offer odds on any snowboarding events, but you can place your bets on the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It would be best that you prepare ahead on your favorite snowboarders by checking for odds, tips, and more. You can register with some betting sites to gain more information and even make some practice bets.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most exciting extreme sports enjoyed by many people. Defined by its off-road terrain, mountain biking offers many categories, such as downhill mountain biking and cross-cycling. Both are the extreme versions that are featured in special events. People can witness extreme athletes showcase their stamina, mental capacities, and endurance while going through great landscapes, beautiful countryside, and dangerous conditions.

You can make a straightaway betting on mountain biking and hope your rider wins the competition. If you spend enough time spectating the sport, you will learn more details about the sport, the riders, and the events. There are many different stages of this extreme sport with a wide range of proposal bets to choose from. The UCI World Cup Series started in 1989 and is one of the most popular multi-round competitions in mountain biking. There are many locations where the events and races are held, such as South Africa, Austria, Canada, Scotland, and Germany.


Motocross is also an extreme sport that started in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s. Its popularity reached many places around the world and became one of the most competitive extreme sports. People from the gambling industry also took this extreme sport as an opportunity for their betting activities and to earn some money while enjoying the thrills and excitement of this sport.  

Every gambler should know that it is imperative to know many details before placing your bets. There are many sources of information that you can find for motocross sports like the internet and the daily sports news. It will help you make the right decisions in betting, especially if you research more about the riders, the past races, and other statistics. 

There are also many different platforms online that you can access for betting on motocross. The competition is high for online betting operators, which creates more options to gain an advantage in this activity. You can check any sports betting site if they include motocross and compare it with the other sites. It is also important that you know the standard betting rules of a particular site, as posted on their homepages.

Betting Tips for Extreme Sports

Betting on extreme sports has its advantages for individuals pursuing their gambling activities. Bettors can check the history of the sport and the athletes that participate in the events. Their records will show the trend on how they perform in the competitions, whether they are improving or not. The locations of extreme sports events are also big factors for an athlete's performance due to its climate and landscape. Knowing the statistics will help you make the right decisions in betting on any extreme sports.

Ready to bet on extreme sports?

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