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7 Crazy Ways Weather Affects Soccer Betting Lines

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7 Crazy Ways Weather Affects Soccer Betting Lines

Weather can change the flow of a soccer game more than any superstar athlete, home-field advantage, or even a game plan by the brightest coaching staff. Professional soccer teams know this so well the majority of them have a meteorologist in their strategic group to keep them abreast of climate conditions.

Unfortunately, the average sports bettor tends to overlook weather conditions. Most sports betting guides merely tell you about a team’s history, rivalry, recent performance, injury reports, and so on. There’s little information about how weather affects soccer. And that’s where this guide comes in.

In this article, you’ll learn more about soccer betting lines and how the weather affects soccer games. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading.

Soccer Betting Lines Explained

Soccer betting is arguably the most significant sports gaming market worldwide. From major international events like the World Cup to leagues like the English Premier League, a growing number of soccer fanatics are wondering how to bet on soccer.

Among the most popularly asked question is “how do soccer betting lines work?” To understand soccer betting lines, you first have to learn the ins and outs of a soccer game. Generally, soccer is a low-scoring 90-minute ball game (split into two 45-minute halves) played by two teams. The goal of each team is to drive the ball up the pitch and then past the goal line of their opponent.

Before you geek out about how the weather affects soccer games, you must first understand the types of soccer bets you can make. Since soccer betting is a hit across the globe, you have an abundance of choices. Here are some of the more popular ones:


As with any other sport, moneyline is the simplest way to bet. You only need to pick a winner. In soccer betting, you have two options: 2-way moneyline and 3-way moneyline. Since soccer can end in a tie or draw, sports bettors prefer a 3-way moneyline, which allows you to bet on either team or a draw match. Meanwhile, the 2-way moneyline removes the draw option and adjusts the odds on either team.


Soccer specials and props let you wager on specific events or happenings during a game. It can be which players will score a goal or how many corners kicks a team can kick. Thousands of soccer specials are available for major events like the World Cup and Champions League, so don’t miss out.


If you want to make the excitement last, then a futures bet might be the one for you. These are long-running odds markets often decided at the end of a tournament. Examples of bets you can make include which club will move down the standing or which team will win the championship. Results, injuries, and betting action can all impact soccer futures odds.


Now, if you want to wager on specific segments of the ball game, check out derivative soccer odds. These odds can be totals, sides, and props/specials for a given period. You can bet on the first 10 minutes, first half, second half, or last five minutes.

How Does Weather Affects Soccer?

One thing outdoor sports have in common is they are at the mercy of the weather. Soccer bettors know that countless factors influence a game, and weather conditions have the most impact.

Besides player performance, weather affects the soccer ball itself. High temperature increases the pressure inside the ball. Warm weather can make the soccer ball slightly over-inflated, while cold temperatures can underinflate it. Find out how each weather affects soccer games below.

Bright Sun

While a bright sunny day sounds like a good time to play, it can also create issues. Especially when the sun angle is low, it can get in the eyes of a catcher. Overly bright sunny days can result in incomplete passes or costly turnovers when the sun blinds the player.

Extreme Heat

Extreme heat during soccer matches raises chances of cramping, over fatigue, heat exhaustion, and endurance issues. Players have to stay hydrated before, throughout, and after the game. And since hot weather requires more effort, it increases the risk of heatstroke or even death.

Strong Wind

Breathing in fresh air feels refreshing, but how does wind affect soccer? Strong winds change the trajectory of passes, causing the ball to travel much further or less far than a regular kick. One technique kickers do is kick the ball higher in the air when with the wind or nearer to the ground when kicking into the wind. On windy days, you’ll know the weather affects soccer games when there are more incomplete passes than usual. Teams sometimes go for more running plays since passing is difficult.

Heavy Rain

Rain makes the soccer ball slicker, resulting in more turnovers and incomplete passes. Nevertheless, athletes can wear special gloves to enhance their grip on the ball. Another way rainy weather affects soccer is by making the field muddy and slippery, making it more challenging to run. Players can wear cleats suitable for field conditions.

Intense Thunderstorm

For safety purposes, there are no games when it’s storming. That’s because of the risk of a lightning strike on the field. Regardless, stormy weather affects soccer by altering field playing conditions. Thunderstorms also cause delays that some outdoor athletes can adjust to better than their opponents.

Heavy Snow

Whether it’s in the form of snow, sleet, or freezing rain, ice slows a player’s ability to sprint at optimum speed. As a result, the chance for turnovers increases. Players counteract this by wearing proper cleats and gloves for better grip. During icy conditions, weather affects soccer by producing lower scoring and more defensive games.

Extreme Cold

Chilly temperatures can make it harder for players to grip, throw, and catch the ball. Outdoor athletes wear gloves and extra clothing to keep them warmer. Teams also have heaters and heated clothing items ready on the bench to keep players warm.

Can Soccer Be Played in Any Weather?

While soccer games can continue during bizarre weathers like extreme heat or heavy rain, there are some exceptions. As said earlier, soccer games can be canceled for thunderstorms. That’s especially the case when there’s a risk of lightning hitting the field or when the playing field becomes waterlogged.

It’s up to the judgment of game officials whether it’s safe and practical for players to continue playing. Their main priority is the safety of every player and avoiding any injury. And that’s another way weather affects soccer games.

What Is the Best Weather To Play Soccer?

Due to the growing popularity of year-round leagues, more teams are training in subzero temperatures or extreme heat. But what is the best weather to play soccer?

Some think calm winds, moderate temperatures, and no rain are the perfect weather conditions to play soccer. Meanwhile, others believe adding some moisture to the field helps better ball passing. Extreme conditions of weather affect soccer. If the temperature hits 105° F or higher, matches and training must be canceled or postponed. Likewise, freezing weather affects soccer game schedules.

Additionally, heavy rainfalls and the presence of audible thunder and visible lighting pose safety concerns. Eventually, these may lead to cancellation or postponement. That said, it’s safe to say that the perfect weather to play soccer would probably be a regular temperature day with calm winds.

Weather affects soccer games either negatively or positively. As a sports bettor, you have to consider that aspect. Try to watch previous matches to check if the team you’re betting on has a history of winning or losing during a windy day, for instance. You can also see how different weather conditions impact the performance of your favorite athlete.

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