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Applying for Casino Credits – What You Need to Know

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Applying for Casino Credits – What You Need to Know

Malaysia started gambling at the start of the 19th century with the Chinese merchants. It is the country's first and only legal casino founded by the Malaysian conglomerate “Genting Group.” As regulated by the Common Gaming House Act from 1953, the control over the casino is by The Ministry of Finance, which is also in charge of releasing licence to operate for the casino. The Casino de Genting remains without competition in the country as the Malaysian government will not give any licences to any casino operators. If you are planning to spend a good time in Malaysia playing some cards in casinos, you have to know some things about applying for casino credits. Here are some of them: 

Applying for Casino Credits

As part of the casino's customer services to the players, they offer credit loans with easy terms. Its player loyalty grows bigger because you will have to play at the same casino where you applied your line of credit. You don't need to bring bundles of cash inside the casino when you have a credit line. You are also permitted to write a marker and make withdrawals of your money through your line of credit.

Before you visit a casino, you try applying for casino credits first. It would take a few days to process your application to make sure all paperwork is complete. The initial step for the process is to get a credit application. Almost all casinos have a credit loan application form if you intend to inquire at the casino cage. If you are dropping by a casino in another destination, you can make a phone call and ask for a casino credit application. It is also convenient to download an application form from the internet on your preferred casino's website.

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Your Application for Credit Line

Even if you are registering for check cashing privileges, you will fill out a credit application which is similar to a credit card application. The process will also require you to provide the amount in your existing bank account. The amount you are applying for a line of credit will be the same as the amount in your bank account to make sure that the casino can withdraw money from you if necessary.

 Affixing your signature on the application means that you are allowing the casino to do a complete and thorough credit check and talk to your bank. Some casinos will ask you to send them a voided check together with your application.

Getting a Marker

When your application is approved, you can use a marker to withdraw money to use for playing inside the casino. It is easy to take a marker, tell the dealer that you want one. The dealer will call the authorised floor person who will request for your player's card and the amount of money you would prefer the marker. The floor person will complete the required paperwork. The floor person will ask you to sign the marker and instruct the dealer to give the number of chips corresponding to your marker.

Players who play slots can also avail of a line of credit, but there are more details in obtaining a marker. The chips issued to you are marked so the casino can track you as you play. The slots have no control as to where the money goes. You will need to go to the casino cage to obtain a marker for playing the machines. There are also Slot Attendants to assist you with markers.

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Some casinos will base the amount of your requested marker on past play and about your credit line. The purpose of the marker is to let you play without bringing any cash. The casino does not want you to use it as a free loan.

 Settle Your Casino Markers

After you affix your signature on a marker, it transforms into a fair price that the casino can convert it into cash. If you do not have enough money in your account and the check bounces, you will have a problem with the authorities and subject to the consequences.

If you are a lucky winner, you must automatically repay your markers before leaving the casino. You have two options for repaying: you can pay in full or in partial payment with check or cash. You can send the casino check payment if you want to do this after you get home. If the payment fails within the agreed specified date, the casino will deposit your marker, and they will get the money from your account listed on your credit application.

Be Cautious

A casino credit can be very convenient and beneficial in many aspects. But you should never consider applying for casino credits if you do not have control over your gambling. Having a line of credit is an advantage for any player who avails it, but it can also be a big problem if you abuse your gambling. It is not advisable to avail a credit line if you have doubts about your way of playing.

How Casinos Provide Casino Credit

Every casino manages its system of allowing players to have their capital to continue playing. Some casinos provide just ATMs and nothing more. Other casinos offer a no-pin number ATM or Global Cash service that has a fee charged to the player's checking and savings account (17 percent). A lot of casinos provide check cashing services by filling out a simple form with residence information and bank. Casinos will ask you to fill out an application form, give some of your details, and issue check payments. If you establish a good record, the credit management will also raise the amount you are requesting.                                   

Ways to Remain in Good Credit Standing

Every time that you draw a marker, the bosses will concentrate their lookout on you. They would look forward to seeing you play your chips. Otherwise, they will note on your account if you walk away with those chips. If they see that your account does not show action, they will contact you and may call off your credit account. That would leave a bad record on you in case you want to apply to another credit at another casino.

You must manage your credit with attentiveness as you are playing with real money, even if you don't have to reward it back on an agreed schedule. You should always practice proper money management to protect yourself and gain from it by not abusing your ways of gambling.

The Bottom Line

Most gamblers fail to notice that you don't have to play every money you have with you, and you don't have to win every time because the casinos are always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to take care of yourself. When you get hungry, tired, or have errands to do first, attend to it right away. You have plenty of time to gamble and don't ruin your life by playing in the casino recklessly. Learn when to quit, win, or lose. Live your life by playing for infrequent entertainment.


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