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Top 10 Major Attractions in Casinos

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Top 10 Major Attractions in Casinos

Looking for exciting activities for your next holiday to the casino? These major attractions in casinos will give you and your family an unforgettable time. 

Gone are the days when casinos are all about gambling. Nowadays, casinos have become a top destination that avid gamblers can enjoy with their families as part of their holiday trip. If you would notice, most casinos label themselves as “hotel and casino” or “resort casinos.” This is their attempt at luring the entire family to come and enjoy their amenities and other offerings. That’s why aside from the usual casino floor, casino operators have invested in major attractions in casinos that will make theirs stand out from the competition. 

Major Attractions in Casinos

Here are some of the activities and amenities that you can enjoy during your next visit to the casino:

1. Bars and Restaurants

A visit to the casino won’t be complete without sampling the cuisines of many bars and restaurants that litter the vicinity of the casino. You can either try the in-house casino bar and restaurant or explore nearby restaurants. 

Pro-Tip: Forgo the buffet. While it may be easier on your pocket to go to buffets, it will also limit your actual gastronomic experience. Many have made restaurants one of the major attractions in casinos, and they are willing to recruit some of the best chefs in the world. Why? They want to ensure their casino guests have the best experience the best dining in the world. Plus, it’s great for retaining avid players and attracting new ones to their floor. 

For gamblers, one trick to enjoy meals is playing games and earning comps through the player’s club, where they offer buffet meals. But, if you want to level up your dining experience, try asking for a discount on a fine dining restaurant in exchange for the free buffet comp for your play. 

If you want to explore this offering, check with the player’s club desk before you start playing. This gives you an idea of what options you can have, including how you can earn comps for meals. 

2. Acrobatic Shows

Another one of the major attractions in casinos is their splendid acrobatic shows. In Las Vegas, for one, the world-famous Cirque du Soleil has regular performances that allow visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind circus show. The talented crew has one of the best acrobatics. They boast of complete circus acts, including sophisticated clowns, amazing jugglers, and fantastic acrobatics. But, don’t promise your kids any animals since they won’t have any. Nonetheless, their impressive presentation will surely keep you hooked for a while.  

Aside from them, most casino resorts have major headliners that will surely give a fantastic show. 

3. Musical Shows

Aside from acrobatics and circus, one of the major attractions that indeed bring crowds of people to casinos is musical shows. Some huge fans even schedule their trip to the casino based on the timing of the show they intend to watch. More recently, Las Vegas hosted significant acts, including Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, and even the global superstars, BTS. The BTS show attracted almost 200,000 visitors to Sin City during their four soldout shows last April 2022. 

4. Sports Events

Casino resorts offer more than just traditional casino offerings. They know and understand that there are also big bettors who would instead invest their money in sports betting. That’s why they make sure that they also offer some of the major sports that attract gamblers. One of the most recognizable major attractions in casinos is boxing. For example, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has frequently hosted fights between boxing heavyweights, such as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Take note that some more prominent casinos will have a dedicated sportsbook area where they can place bets on various games and sporting games. These areas will have spacious sitting areas and large-screen TV sets that broadcast the live feed of the games. 

While these areas are open for all, some of the ushers will discourage spectators who are not betting from sitting around. However, if the place isn’t as packed and you’re not taking away a seat from a bettor, you can watch the games unbothered. 

But, if you want to get in on the excitement, some places accept wagers of $5 to $10 a bet. 

5. Art Shows/Exhibits

Art shows and exhibits have also become major attractions in casinos because of their potential to bring in art enthusiasts willing to spend money on precious works of art. For many, it’s also a gamble to watch and attend art shows and exhibits since they would often find themselves bidding for an art piece they like. Some hotels would feature presentations from up-and-coming artists to attract more people to visit their hotel and perhaps spend some time exploring their casino floors as well. 

One example is Luxor’s Hotel in Las Vegas, which features an Egyptian exhibit. Some Native American Indian casinos also have several exhibits that showcase display sites that helps relive the story of the tribes and even their culture. 

Take note that some of the exhibits will run for a limited time only. It’s advisable to check the casino’s website to see if they are currently hosting an exhibit during your preferred schedule of visit. 

6. Signature Shops

Other major attractions in casinos that allure patrons are their great selections of signature shops. Many may think that shopping isn’t an activity that you can directly associate with casinos, but it’s one fact that people often miss out on. Plus, it’s great for entertaining the missus while the gents play a good game of poker in one of the VIP sections. If you will notice, most casinos would have lines of gift shops and even a dedicated shopping section where the ladies and gents can spend their casino winnings on treating themselves. 

Many of these shops offer almost everything from signature clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, and even cigars. 

7. Spa and Massage

What’s the best way to end a game of blackjack? A trip to the spa or a massage is the perfect activity to cap off a day. If you’re staying in the casino’s hotel, their spa centers have also become one of the major attractions that make avid bettors book a stay at the casino’s hotel. 

You may think that a visit to the spa is more apt for the ladies. But there are spas designed for men as well. 

In the early days of casino resorts, the spas were mainly offered because the men will often spend their hours on the casino floor gambling. While they do so, their female partners will have an avenue to relax while they wait for their partners. 

However, since most men now also value their health and wellness, spas have become their retreat as well after spending hours with their chips and cards. 

8. Swimming Pools

Now, remember, most casino resort hotels no longer cater to the gents alone. They have also become a go-to destination for the entire family. While the casino floor is generally off-limits to kids less than 18 to 21 years old, there are other major attractions in casinos they can still explore, one of which is swimming pools. 

Most hotels have different types of swimming pools, from kiddie pools to infinity pools that people of ages can enjoy. In some more sophisticated hotels, swimming pools have heating systems and even adjacent Jacuzzi where patrons can relax and unwind. They also have an adjacent bar and restaurant that serve refreshments for guests to enjoy. 

9. Golf Courses

Some high-end casino resorts also offer their patrons to practice their swings at their golf course. While golf courses aren’t major attractions in casinos, they are still offered to those with exclusive memberships to their golf club. This goes to say that some of these golfers and gamblers won’t miss the chance to bet on their swings and holes. Yes, some even bring the gambling on the fairways. So be ready. 

10. Fashion Shows

On top of cultural and musical shows, some feature fashion shows as one of the major attractions in casinos they operate. This also helps them bring in more patrons into their doors. Some of the big names in the fashion industry will showcase their latest collection in hotels because they know it’s one of the few places that always have guests willing to be entertained and spend money. 

Final Words

Before you head out to your next casino destination, try to explore and research other major attractions in casinos. This way, it’d be easier for you to plan out your itinerary, including how much time you can spend on the casino floor. It will also help to purchase tickets for shows in advance and spas. In some fine dining restaurants, it will also help to reserve your seats ahead of your visit. 

Remember, casino resorts offer more than just gambling. There are tons of major attractions in casinos that every member of your family will love. 

Do you know major attractions in casinos we haven’t covered in this post? 

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