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How to Bet on Cricket While In India

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How to Bet on Cricket While In India

Before we dive into the topic of how to bet on cricket, let's take a look at the beginnings of cricket.

The sport of cricket was named originally from the derivation from the Old French “criquet,” which means “goal, post, or stick” or from the Middle Dutch “kricke,” which means “staff” or “stick.” With the strong medieval trade link with Southeast England and Flanders, which are the property of Duchy of Burgundy, the Middle Dutch “kricke” derivation is more probable.

Another uncertain possible origin was suggested by Heiner Gillmeister of Bonn University, who happens to be a European language expert. He said that the name of the cricket game originated from the Middle Dutch hockey phrase, “met de krik ket sen,” which, when translated: “with the stick, chase.” Players used a stick that resembled like the hockey stick in early cricket history. It was then replaced by the modern-day cricket bat later on.

The International Cricket Country (ICC) is the game’s governing body with over 100 members, twelve of which play Test matches. The Laws of Cricket hold the code of all the game’s rules, which is owned and preserved by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), based in London. Cricket is enjoyed in the United Kingdom, southern Africa, the West Indies, Indian subcontinent, and in Australasia, with its globalization took place during the British Empire’s expansion and remained popular until today. Australia is considered the most successful in international Cricket with seven One Day International trophies and five World Cups, which is more than any other participating country. There is also Women’s Cricket, organized and played separately.

The Basics of Cricket

Cricket is a game played by two teams composed of eleven players on a side on the field. The centre of the field is a 20-metre pitch mound that has a wicket placed at each end, consisting of two bails balanced on top of three stumps. If the batter strikes, the ball is bowled at the wicket, his team scores. When the ball being bowled strikes the stumps and displaces the bails, a player is then dismissed. The outfielders of the opposing team will try to catch the ball before it hits the ground. The teams will switch roles after the ten players from the batting team are dismissed. Two umpires officiate the game with a third umpire as an aide and a match referee for international matches. There are also two off-field scorers that record statistics of the match. 

Cricket has diverse formats that range from Twenty20, played over a couple of hours. Each team will have their turn to bat at each inning for 20 overs. Cricket is traditionally played in all-white clothing. But in limited-overs, teams get to wear their team colours. Just like in any other sport, cricketers also wear their necessary protective gear to prevent injuries.

Where to Bet on Cricket Online

Since the most acceptable form of betting in India is through online sportsbooks, it is best to look for online betting sites that cater to those with addresses in India.  While there are lots of sports betting websites available, you should take precautions as well. Choose only legitimate websites, especially if you are betting real money. Offline betting is also not advisable as you get easily get in trouble. There are also scammers out there ready just to take your money. Always be on the lookout and make sure the website that you are placing your bet is legit and with proper documentation. You can check out forums about the cricket betting website to find which sites are trustworthy and reliable.

How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket is indeed an old sport already. There is no doubt that a lot of its fans are looking to learn how to bet on cricket, regardless if you are supporting South Africa, Australia, or India. There are lots of information on cricket betting: betting strategies, popular cricket bets, and the best websites.

What Are the Common Cricket Bets

Cricket betting in India allows punters to make various types of bets. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced bettor, this list will be helpful in many ways.

Match Betting

Match betting is the most common type of cricket betting. It is a simple bet that you only have to choose from three different end results. You will either select the away team will win, or the home team will win, or if the match ends up in a draw. 

Completed Match

Completed Match is a type of cricket betting where you can place your bet if you think the game will end that day or not. If you are considering factors such as the weather and other events that would affect the match finishing that day, you may place a bet on the match not being completed. It will be a simple yes or no betting if the game will finish on their scheduled date.

Tied Match

Tied Match is another straightforward cricket betting type, where you place your wager on either a yes or no on the match having a tied score in the end. You win if your choice is correct.

Innings Runs

For this type of betting, you will have to forecast the total number of runs in the first innings of the match. Innings runs betting is the over/under wager, which is what many sportsbooks are familiar with. You will have to place your bet if you think the total runs scored for the first inning will be under or over the number posted by the sportsbook.

Top Bowler

This time, you will be betting on a specific player, who you think would be the top bowler bet. You will have to choose the player that you think will have better statistics on wickets during a single match or in a series. The odds of this bet with a sportsbook is always generous if you win.

Top Batsman

Just like the top bowler bet, this specific player bet is choosing the right player that will score the most goals in a single match or a series. Top Batsman is more challenging to predict than just picking which team will win, and this usually has higher corresponding payouts if you would be able to win.

Team of Top Batsman

Side of Top Batsman betting is another option of cricket betting, where you can place your bet on the team of which you think the top batsman will come from. Your odds of winning in this type of betting is higher than the top batsman betting.

Bowler Match Bets

The bowler match bets is a more straightforward variety of the top bowler betting. You will just have to pick one out of two players who will take the most wickets in a single match or a whole series.

Batsman Match Bets

Batsman match bets are almost like the bowler match bet. You have to select one of the two players that will score the most runs during the match.

Tournament Outright Winner

This type of betting takes place in a cricket tournament. You can place your bet on the outright winner of the tournament. When placing your bet, the sportsbook will take note of the related lines in the tournament. Selecting the winning team will earn you a good payout.

Series Winner

In cricket, it is common for two teams to have their series of matches. They usually play multiple consecutive games. You will have to place your bet for one team and hope that it will win their series of matches.

Over/Under Score

This type of cricket betting begins with the sportsbook pasting projection of final scores of the teams in a match. You can choose which team will have the actual score posted by the sportsbook.

bet on cricket

Series Score

Series score betting lets you place your wager on the score of the series. The options from the sportsbook will be the number of matches each team will win in the series. You just have to hope that the team you choose will win, and the results will be correct.

Method of Dismissal

The method of dismissal wager lets you decide on how a batsman will be dismissed. The options are: bowled, run out, LBW, stumped, or caught. Your choice will determine the result of your wager.

Win Toss

This wager is in its simplest form, choosing which team will win the coin toss at the start of the match. The coin flip will decide the winning bet.

Toss Combination

After the win toss, you still have to decide which team will opt to bat or bowl first. You can win this bet if you pick both combinations correctly.

Odd/Even Runs

Odd/Even runs will let you decide if, in your opinion that a team’s runs will be an even or an odd number in a match. The score of zero is technically an even number for this type of betting. 

Most Run Outs

One of the simplest and easiest ways on how to bet on cricket. The most run-outs is about choosing which of the two teams will record the most number of runs in a series or a match.

Man of the Match/Player of a Series

It is very usual in cricket that a single player will emerge as the Man of the Match of the Player of a Series. All you have to do is choose wisely who the player will win the award. But this type of betting is only available in major markets.

Final Thoughts on How to Bet on Cricket 

A piece of knowledge on how to bet on Cricket will give you an advantage if you want to engage in this type of sports betting. It is better to start with smaller amounts of money in placing your wagers and pick the type of Cricket betting that you think will best suit your style. Always remember to regulate your ways of gambling, and know when to quit.


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