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Why Online Poker Is So Popular in India

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Why Online Poker Is So Popular in India

Online games such as poker are becoming more popular in India due to the increasing use of the internet. Individuals are adopting this unrivaled source of entertainment to ease stress and kill time. Players can find numerous online gaming platforms where they can enjoy their favorite games at will.

Poker is a card game playable between six to nine players with a deck of cards. It demands a set of skills, mathematical calculations, and psychology. To win, you have to form the best 5-card combination (hand) according to the hand ranking rules. Poker is a psychological game where players can showcase their expertise. It is available in Texas Hold’em, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo variations online in multi-table tournaments, Ring Games, and Sit-N-Go formats. Beginners can also play freeroll games.

What Makes Online Poker so Popular in India?

Online poker offers so much fun, excitement, and numerous possibilities. Several factors contribute to the growing popularity of online poker in India, including:


Online poker allows you to start and stop the game at will. Moreover, you may select the thread from wherever you want. Aside from flexibility in gaming and time, device compatibility also adds to the popularity of online poker. You can play it on your laptop, computer, and even on your smartphone.

If you are wondering whether or not playing online poker on a mobile device involves any limitation, the answer is no. You can enjoy the same gaming experience, no matter what device you are using.


Online poker is simple and easy to learn. You can find a ton of resources online to educate you on how to play poker games. They come in the form of videos, articles, blogs, e-books, and forums detailing the basics and rules of poker.

24/7 Operational Hours

When playing at online poker sites, you do not need to look at your watch. The games are accessible anytime and anywhere in India. That eliminates a lot of hassle, such as facing traffic congestion and traveling to a physical casino to play poker. In the case of online poker, time or operation hours is the last thing you have to worry about.

Special Deals and Bonuses

Welcome bonuses, special deals, and other promotions are effective ways to lure newcomers. Most online poker platforms offer incredible signup and deposit deals, welcome promotions, massive prize pools, loyalty/VIP programs, quick and efficient deposit/withdrawal methods, and many more.

Players are treated to a variety of game options available. Regardless of their skill set levels and experience, they can find the perfect game for them and take home some matching deals and bonuses. However, you must first check the website authenticity. That is to ensure that you are spending your money at the right tables.

The Variety of Features

With the fanbase of online poker growing like never before, poker sites are upping their game to compete with each other. To draw in new players, they offer the best playing features, interface, design, etc. to cater to their needs.

Availability of Free Versions

Newbies wishing to try their hands and luck in online poker do not need to shed their hard-earned cash for the first time. A lot of poker variations also have freeroll games. Beginners can join the game with practice chips to understand the basics without investing real money.

Different Cashless Payment Methods

Players investing their real money in online poker games have several options. They can make deposits via PayPal, Neteller, UPI, bank wire, debit/credit card, and other e-payment methods available in India. Authentic and reliable poker platforms give their websites 100% secure and hassle-free financial transaction methods.

Moreover, most poker sites offer a quick and transparent process for withdrawing the winnings into a player’s bank account without risks of data leakage and identity theft.

Massive Winning Opportunities

Ultimately, online poker can win you enormous amounts. The game requires a set of mathematical calculations, psychology, and skills to create a strategy and win the combination. The more understanding and heart you put in the game, the closer you get to taking home the winnings.

Is Online Poker Legal in India?

Yes! Since poker falls under the “game of skill” category, playing online poker in India is completely legal. The game necessitates a high intellectual level, which is regarded favorably by chess masters, economists, and mathematicians across the globe. In 1996, the Indian Supreme Court affirmed and ruled that games involving a substantial and preponderant degree of skill fall within the “games of mere skills” category. The court also recognized betting on horse-racing as a game of skills.

Moreover, several Supreme Court decisions indicate that offering games of skill is a fundamental right under the Indian constitution. The High Courts of Calcutta and Karnataka have also stated that law enforcement authorities cannot interfere in poker. Basing on that legal background, many legal experts and jurists opine that online poker is legal in India.

Is Online Poker the Next Big Thing for Indian Youngsters?

Online poker is continuously gaining prominence across India. The market of poker players who are already playing poker on the computer or smartphones is growing. And the figures will likely surge in no time.

Presently, a rapidly growing number of Indians start using smartphones. Many players want some quick action during their spare time or while being on the road. And online poker is the perfect game for such situations.

Online poker is a fast-paced game. A single hand of poker typically takes only a couple of moments. Therefore, younger individuals looking for some instant action will most likely love this game. Add to that the fact that individuals in their mid-20s spend long hours using their smartphones. Not to mention they grew up using computers.

While a significant market of poker players belong to different demographics, millennials are currently the leading players of online games worldwide. Millennial fall in the 20s to mid-30s age group. They grew up with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This always-on generation loves fast-paced entertainment such as online games.

How to Find the Best Indian Poker Sites

With a ton of online poker platforms available in India, choosing the best one can be a challenge. Each site allures players with exciting deals to sign up to their platforms. However, checking the authenticity of the site is key to finding the best one. Here are some tips to determine the authenticity and trustworthiness of an online poker platform.

Check Legalities

It is essential to verify whether or not the site complies with Indian gaming legislation and taxation. Authorities will shut down a website that violates the rules and laws. Look for TDS Certificates. Sites should provide these to players in compliance with the IT act.

Software and Security

Ensure that the website has a complete set of licenses, and the software is highly secure. Moreover, the page must have an SSL Certificate plus antivirus protection. That would keep your personal and financial details safe on the site.

Money Handling Transparency

Transactions must be smooth and transparent. There should be no hidden terms on fund deposits and withdrawals. To ease money matters, the online poker platform also needs to offer common payment channels available in India.

Read Customer Reviews

Before signing up, it is best to go through customer reviews on the site. If the customers find the site reliable, then you can go on with it. You may also search for the personal blogs of players sharing their reviews and experience on a particular site. Personal blogs are most likely where you can get genuine and frank information about poker providers.

Customer Care Service

A reliable poker website will try to address the issues of players by offering a high-quality customer support service. Typically, it has a reachable contact number, email, and live chat. Customer care service should be efficient enough to give a quick solution to the issues of players.

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