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Best Sushi in Tokyo 

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Best Sushi in Tokyo 

Are you curious how you can enjoy sushi Tokyo-style? The best sushi? Tokyo is the place to go! 


When you talk about Japan, the first thing you would associate with their food is the world-famous sushi. You can find sushi all over the world, but nothing compares to the authentic Japanese food dish that is always freshly-made. It has Japanese rice and fish with a hint of vinegar. People should be aware of the many variations of sushi made by the rich Japanese culture.

The Sumptuous History of Sushi in Japan

Sushi is an ancient food and has an exciting tale of evolution that started from a simple fermentation. The dish originated in China in the second century A.D. Sushi was initially a way of preserving food, where the fish was placed in rice and left there to ferment, which allows the fish to be edible for a more extended period. When they need to eat, they will dispose of the rice and get the fermented fish.

The method became standard practice throughout China and also made its way to Japan in the seventh century. Eventually, the Japanese adopted the practice and began eating the rice even rather than throwing it away. In the 17th century, Matsumoto Yoshiichi of Edo (Tokyo) used rice wine vinegar to season the rice and began selling his sushi. This method allowed people to consume the dish faster, rather than waiting for months of fermenting the sushi.

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The preparation of sushi evolved through the time when Hanaya Yohei improved the presentation by putting the fish on top of the seasoned rice and molded it into an oblong shape. The style was called ‘nigiri sushi’ (finger sushi) or ‘edomae sushi,’ derived from Edo (Tokyo), which is now the Japanese’ usual way of consuming sushi. These are best made with red vinegar. The selling of sushi at that time was primarily from a stall as a quick snack. 

The Japanese later moved the sushi business from sushi stalls to an authentic dining experience after World War Two due to sanitary concerns. Sushi gained popularity around the world for its sophisticated and unique style of a dish. Some even have to scour the Tsukiji fish market for the sushi restaurants with the best menu.

Japanese Culture When Eating Sushi

When it comes to food culture, the Japanese have exquisite traditions that they follow until today, even specific types of food have their etiquettes. Their food culture is so colorful, making it an enjoyable experience for tourists. 

Sushi is composed of fish meat and a seasoned sushi rush that has a sticky texture. The rice will get too soft if you try dipping it on soy sauce. Japanese do not want any pieces of rice left in the soy sauce dish. If you wish your sushi to be tastier, you can dip the fish part of the roll in the soy sauce, but not the rice part. 

The Japanese would only use a small amount of soy sauce when they are eating, and are careful not to soak their fingers in it. Sushis comes with ginger and wasabi. The Gari (or pickled ginger) is good to eat, and it is not considered an appetizer. 

The chefs will also determine the appropriate amount of wasabi for each piece of sushi. You can ask for more, but the chef would take it as an insult, and sometimes they will ask you to transfer to another restaurant instead.

Is Sushi Sacred for the Japanese? 

The Japanese refer to sushi as the seasoned rice itself and not the raw fish. Sushi is sacred for the Japanese for a few reasons. Rice is one of the first domesticated crops in the history of humanity, and It is a staple food for most parts of the world. The Japanese and most countries in Asia consider rice sacred because it is a part of the early food cultures. 

It is all about simplicity and the manner of how to compose it. Sushi chefs train hard for years to perfect the execution of arranging the dish and don’t be surprised if they call you out for not following the proper way of eating it. When it happens, acknowledge them and don’t take it against them by ordering sushi from Style Sushi and just have your meal delivered to your home. While Style Sushi is also great for experiencing sushi, nothing beats the experience of having it in restaurants that give restaurants with Michelin stars a run for their money.

Where to Eat Sushi in Tokyo? What Is the Best Sushi Restaurant?

best sushi in tokyo

Japan’s sushi is so famous for most tourists and their locals. There are thousands of sushi stores around the country, and it would take you years to try them all. You may want to visit the Tsukiji fish market to choose the freshest fish for your sushi, but who needs to locate all the sushi stores in Japan when you know the restaurants to try. Japanese restaurants? Tokyo is the place to be. Here is a list of must-try sushi restaurants in Tokyo:

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Ginza)

One of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo is Sukiyabashi Jiro. Located at the heart of Ginza, this restaurant is among the very few restaurants to have the most-coveted Michelin stars. Sukiyabashi Jiro is owned by Jiro Ono who is probably among the very few who could make one feel that sushi is an art. With high-quality fish masterfully prepared and directly served on your plate, nothing beats the experience of eating sushi in Sukiyabashi Jiro. In fact, Jiro Ono may very well have the rights reserved for how he prepares his sushi. 

Haneda Ichiba Ginza Seven (Ginza)

The Haneda Ichiba Ginza Seven is famous for their fresh “neta” (sushi toppings) with a competitive price against other restaurants. This Japanese restaurant in Tokyo can get fish from all over the country, ensuring the freshness of every sushi for its customers as they gain an advantage over other sushi spots. Other restaurants need to depend on the slower distribution system of ingredients to go through the markets of Toyosu or Tsukiji and other intermediaries. 

With this restaurant, you never have to scour the Tsukiji fish market to get the best-tasting fish. Their sushi chefs will serve it on your table for you. You don’t have to worry about conversing with them, as you don’t need English or Japanese translations since there is no language when you talk about food. 

Sushi Fukuju (Ginza)

Ginza has many sushi restaurants, and Sushi Fukuju is one of the most popular high-end sushi restaurants you can find where you can avail of the best sushi in Tokyo. It offers outstanding sushi and tsumami dishes using the top-of-the-line ingredients delicately hand-picked from the Toyosu market. Sushi Fukuju has a desirable location for restaurant business with unique features presenting a view of the city’s best sceneries.

Kyubey (Ginza)

Another one of the sushi restaurants in Tokyo that serve high-end sushi is Kyubey. Kyubey offers the Japanese “omakase,” wherein the chef would choose the best dishes for the meal. Customers need not worry about what food to eat, all they have to do is enjoy what the chef recommends, and it is a guarantee that your meal is fresh. Kyubey restaurant also features a beautiful interior finish that caters to the traditional Japanese dining experience.

Sushi Matsumoto (Akasaka)

Sushi Matsumoto's main feature is the chef himself. Chef Matsumoto is a world-class chef with credentials from high-end restaurants like Sushi Kanesaka, and Kyubey. His restaurant, the Sushi Matsumoto, also has the desirable Michelin Star award.

The Sushi Matsumoto is among the sushi restaurants in Tokyo that serves a high number of nigiri guests who will have the best treat of flavors and mixes. One of their specialties is the ‘nebuto’ (a small fried fish), and ‘uni’ (sea urchin) with a thin slice of squid sashimi wrapping. 

These Japanese restaurants in Tokyo are proof of how sushi has become the food that defines the culture of Japan. The sushi of Japan is incomparable. In fact, Tokyo’s sushi culture is said to be the best in the world.

Top Places to Get Sushi After a Pachinko Game

If you have had a bad roll in your pachinko game, you can unwind in these restaurants because they offer the best Sushi that would make you forget how you lost in a pachinko game. These shops serve the best sushi not only in Tokyo but around Japan. 

Sushi Dai (Tsukiji)

Sushi Dai is a famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo, that is inside the Tsukiji fish market. The restaurant is accessible by foot from the Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line), or the Tsukijishijo Station (Oedo Line). Although you will have to wait for approximately two to three hours to eat here, it is a rewarding treat to taste the high-end Edomae for a small amount of money. The chefs personally hand-pick the fresh fish from the market in the mornings for the sushis. All you have to do is enjoy the sushi made with red vinegar to complete your day. 

Tsunao (Tsukiji)

Tsunao sushi restaurant is also inside the Tsukiji fish market. So if the line at the Sushi Dai is still long, you may want to try this sushi restaurant because they also serve good sushi. They use red traditional rice vinegar in making their sushi, which gives it a sharper taste. Their sushi chef uses tuna as their specialty. Tsunao is a tourist-friendly restaurant as they have visuals of the food that they offer, attached to their walls.

Mantenzushi (Tokyo)

Mantenzushi offers good sake and refreshing cold beers, perfect for washing away your sorrows after a hectic game of pachinko in Tokyo. You should make reservations for there are only two tables for four and a counter for customers who would like to eat. People also line up and wait patiently for their famous delicious sushi. It is a sushi restaurant serving sushi Tokyo-style. 

Best Anime-Themed Restaurants in Japan

Japanimation or Anime is prevalent in most parts of the world, and Japan takes the trend to another level and lets people experience Anime in real life. Japanese restaurant owners in Tokyo often give their time and effort to bring famous Animes to life as they adapt their concept with the characters and settings. Here are some of the best anime-themed restaurants in Japan.

Pokémon Cafe

Pokémon players will surely enjoy this cafe where it offers food themed after the Pikachu and the gang. You will feel like you are in the Pokémon world as you continue to catch the cute creatures while you eat.

The cafe needs you to place your reservations first to accommodate your dining experience adequately. It will be worth the effort as the Chef Pikachu mascot will be there to greet you. 

Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

Cafe de Miki could be every little girl’s dream who loves Hello Kitty so much. This cafe serves Kitty-themed desserts at a reasonable price. Cafe de Miki is in Odaiba, which is an artificial island away from the cities. You could expect a few people to come in here, even on weekends.

Cafe Mugiwara – One Piece Cafe

The Cafe Mugiwara is a place to catch up with the characters Luffy, Nami, and Sanji. It is also a library full of books to browse that are available in Chinese, Spanish, and English. There are also cool One Piece world fixtures all over the cafe, and they also feature life-sized statues of the One Piece gang. They serve delicious food adapted from the characters’ favorite dishes. The restaurant has rights reserved for the use of One Piece characters in their shop. 

Gundam Cafe

If there is one Japan restaurant in Tokyo that you shouldn’t miss, it is the Gundam Cafe. It is among the sushi restaurants in Tokyo that any Gundam collector must visit. The restaurant is not easy to miss. All you have to do is look for the shop with a good number of male guests lined up, and you are sure to be at the right place. Aside from filling the restaurant with tons of Gundam paraphernalias, their menu is also a treat. While it may not be a sushi restaurant, their meals are sumptuous as well.

Best Shops Selling Sushi Game

Photo Credit: (https://gamewright.com/product/Sushi-Go-Party)

One of the most popular sushi games in the market today is the Sushi Go! You can purchase this game on the Gamewright Store through Amazon. Gamewright store also offers board, card, dice, strategy, cooperative, classics, party, latest and greatest, best sellers, and new releases.

Japan shows its dedication to how they prepare and consume Sushi, as they show genuine compassion and commitment to the dish. Sushi teaches people how to respect, be content, and give value to what we have. In return, we can devour on the tastiest meal we prepared with utmost effort.

Japan is a country with so much to offer. When it comes to having the best food experience, it is an excellent travel destination. Now that you have an idea about the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo where you can get high-end sushi, why not tell us about your experience in the comments below? Looking forward to knowing more about your experience! 


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