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Everything You Need to Know About Social Casino Gambling

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Everything You Need to Know About Social Casino Gambling

Anyone with an internet connection on any device can go ahead and engage in social casino gambling. Even better, most of the games available are free to download and play. You may also link up with your peers and like-minded players, making the experience more social, meaningful, exciting, and a lot more competitive. Ease of use, coupled with the feeling of being connected to a community, makes social casino gambling attractive.

A growing number of players across the globe relish social casino gambling daily. While social casino games are free to play, they have similar elements to their traditional counterparts. Technological developments have eliminated the need to visit the nearest casino to play a round of poker or two. You can now enjoy gambling on the go.

And with the continuous emergence of social media, it wasn’t long before you could turn to that platform for your casino gambling needs. Nowadays, you have the luxury of an extensive selection of online slots, table games, scratch cards, and poker games available for free on social media sites. Such fusion gave birth to the phenomenon called social casinos. 

What Is a Social Casino?

A social casino refers to an app or website where you can play your favorite casino games with online peers. The game selection includes video poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. You can play by downloading an app for your computer, by installing an app for your smartphone, or via your web browser. There’s no shortage of games you can play. Even Facebook provides you with a lot of choices for your social casino gambling.

However, it’s worth noting that while it’s called a social casino, you’re not gambling. You don’t wager real money when you play, and you won’t win real money. Social casino gambling is solely for entertainment purposes.

Independent firms operate some social casinos. You can also find others that are run by actual casinos who are looking to keep their clients thinking about them and playing, even when they’re outside of the casino floor. Some individuals prefer the latter because they can play digital versions of their favorite casino games, whereas non-affiliated social casinos provide knock-off games. However, note that it’s a type of ad for those casinos.

Key Features

Many social casinos allow you a chance to get your name on a leaderboard. That alone brings kudos and fame among peers and across the social gambling realm. Even better, the best players stand a chance to win in-game rewards.

Social casinos introduce traditional gambling essentials to casino games. Meaning, you are playing through multiple levels to unlock different game aspects, giving an added layer of achievement. These social platforms also allow you to share rewards among your peers. 

You can also find a growing number of skill-based play. That follows the trend fantasy sports and eSports games are establishing, focusing on skill rather than luck. As a result, a broader demographic of players may flock to social casino gambling. 

Additionally, the growing popularity of virtual reality headsets is likely to contribute to developing the course of social casino gambling. That is due to players’ desire to interact in customizable gaming environments that let them meet other players face-to-face.

The ultimate goal is to boost social interaction among players and build real communities united by their favorite games. Such makes game monetization way more convenient since players have longer playing times. Advertisers also get a clear picture of the gamer profiles in every sector.

As social casino gambling emerges, more big names are displaying an interest in the market, resulting in more real money games. According to experts, this could bring enormous growth to the market in the years to come. 

How Much Does It Cost?

You may download and play social casinos for free. Their profit usually comes from in-game purchases. Many social casinos use digital coins to lay wagers on the games. When you run out of coins, you can’t play again until they’re back in stock. Refill often happens on an hourly or daily basis. 

Meanwhile, if you’re running low on coins and can’t wait for a refill, coins are purchasable using real money. Keep in mind that this still doesn’t count as gambling. It’s only a way of extending your playtime, not influencing your winning chances. Also, no real money is on the table. 

What is Social Casino Gambling?

Social casino gambling is basically playing on social media. Over recent years, many gambling operators have launched games on popular social media platforms. The goal is to reel in more gamers. 

There’s always a comparison between social casino gambling and traditional gambling. In its simplest definition, social casino gambling is betting among peers in a non-public space. Meanwhile, its traditional counterpart is an individual act done in a public gambling establishment like a casino. 

Some states and nations consider social casino gambling as legal, while others are still discussing whether to legalize it or not. At the bottom of the legalizing process and debates are efforts to define and contain social casino gambling. Firstly, gambling fits the “social” classification only if the betting occurs among close social relations. Social relationship means gambling isn’t your sole common interest. 

Next, the betting must be in a non-public establishment, e.g., your house or a friend’s lawn, and without the involvement of a bookmaker. Also, the players shouldn’t pay any commissions. Even profit-making that results from a gambling activity would disqualify gambling from the social qualification. 

All players must comply with the respective minimum age requirement to engage in social casino gambling. Winning chances must be equal and exclusive to the participating players only. Furthermore, the use of game stakes, antes, and wagers should be for paying players alone. Also, you’re only entitled to the money you’ve won. No bonuses nor jackpots (except in community poker) are up for grabs. Ultimately, the activity should be unplanned. 

What’s the Difference Between Social Casinos and Online Casinos?

If you’re deciding whether to play at an online casino or a social casino, here are some essential things to note. Firstly, the most noticeable difference between online and social casino gambling is that the former involves real gambling, whereas the latter does not. That leads to several other differences. Gambling in social casinos can be legal in jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling. Moreover, individuals who don’t gamble for religious, moral, or other personal reasons can play them. 

Social casino gambling lets you experience all of the fun and excitement that come with risk-free playing and winning. Social casinos are free to download and play, whereas playing in online casinos involve risking your hard-earned cash. In terms of games and events, social casinos have more to offer. After all, they aren’t anxious about players exploiting loopholes to scam them out of money. Gambling in a social casino is generally more engaging than in online casinos. Their popularity revolves around individuals enjoying themselves with their peers.

Fun features available on social casinos include storylines in their games, customizable avatars, frequent new games, tournaments, as well as fun challenges, e.g., build your Vegas-esque casino city. Also, since leading download sites don’t host gambling apps, social casinos are mobile-friendlier. That allows for the convenience and flexibility to play anytime and anywhere. 

If you’re looking for a great avenue to hone your blackjack or poker skills, a social casino is a way to go. They allow you to play these games without risking real money. But of course, if you’re the type of player who sees real money prizes as the whole point of playing casino games, then online casinos are for you. 

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