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Your Complete Guide to Betting on Dressage Events: 2022 Edition

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Your Complete Guide to Betting on Dressage Events: 2022 Edition

Many are fascinated with dressage events as the rider and horse gracefully move around the arena together. For those who love this event, it is a beautiful thing to witness an incredible bond between the rider and horse, resulting from years of training and building of trust for each other. Dressage is an art in sports that displays finesse and discipline to perform a series of movements without any errors.

This event draws many spectators from around the world and is another venue for people to place their bets and earn some money. Dressage is an interesting venue for betting, and here are some details about betting on dressage events. 

Betting on Dressage

Dressage is the discipline of training and being able to ride your horse to do some maneuvers with finesse in an arena. Participants of this event compete with other great riders and horses from around the world to win a title and the grand prize. While spectators enjoy watching the events, some take this opportunity to learn about betting on dressage. If you want to learn how to earn some money in betting, you need to know the details of the sport first.

What is Dressage?

As mentioned above, dressage is about training horses and riders to perform a series of maneuvers in an arena. Equestrian involves many disciplines such as western riding, jumping, eventing, reining, dressage, and more. Dressage is also one of the Olympics‘ events on different levels, with Grand Prix at the top level and participated by the best international riders and horses. The Grand Prix musical freestyle is the crowd's favorite event where participants perform their movements along with their music.

Judges will test the horse and the rider on how they would perform a series of movements with the level they are participating. Riders and horses must accomplish different degrees of difficulty levels by performing their best movements. The different levels must follow the FEI (Federal Equestrian International) levels for their performance in a 20-meter x 60-meter arena, which is a huge factor in your betting on dressage.

Various movements flow from one maneuver to another, with 0-10 markings. Ten is excellent, five is sufficient, and 0 means the participant did not perform the movement. Dressage judges will give four general impression scores at the end of each test for their performance. Judges then will get the average score of the rider and the horse.

Dressage debuted in Stockholm in the 1912 Olympic Games, and military officers were the only eligible riders to compete. In 1953, the rules changed and allowed civilian men and women to join the competition. The sport became more popular and increased the interest of foreign and military trainers, creating 81 pioneers of dressage, which founded the United States Dressage Federation in 1973. Both men and women can now compete on every level of the sport.

CDI Dressage

Part of betting on dressage is knowing the official organizations that recognize the sport. The Concours Dressage International (CDI) is a dressage competition that the FEI recognizes. The matches in CDI have many requirements for those joining the competition in USEF/USDF shows. Top dressage riders compete in several international competitions to participate in more CDI events and increase their exposure to major events. 

Training a Dressage Horse

Training a horse will allow us to ride them safely. Horses need to learn how to stop, go, turn right or left, move back, and many more by following our commands. In dressage training, horses must know about the basic aids, which are layers and movements that develop their discipline. Many horses will not make it to the Grand Prix, but their dressage training will help them build symmetry, strength, and balance to control their bodies properly.

During their training, horses need to learn the free balanced, elastic, and regular baits. These are a four-beat walk with no moment of suspension, a two-beat trot with a moment of rest within each diagonal beat, and a three-beat canter that has a moment of suspension and follows the three beats. Dtermining the training condition of both the rider and horse will help increase your chances in betting on dressage. 

Every rider's goal is to make a horse happy and keep the three balanced gaits always part of their dressage training. If a horse develops great flexibility and good response to aids, it will help provide a more pleasurable ride for the rider and perform better in dressage events.

Not a Typical Sport for Betting

Dressage is not a typical sport for betting, and finding odds is hard. But it gives opportunities for bettors to place their bets during the Olympics. Unlike other sports, dressage events provide little information about participants' performances. If you want to pursue betting on dressage, here are some factors you need to consider.

Zenith Piaffe

Dressage has many different tests, and proficiency is on top of the list in winning an event. This sport also gives many advantages to bettors who want to learn how to win in betting. The metrics of being the Piaffe are important to increase the chances of winning bets. This running-in-place factor for horses needs absolute control from the rider and provides a good lodestone for every performance. You may search for those who have perfect forms during their practice sessions.

Clear the Passage

Many bettors get confused with this factor on winning money betting on dressage. The bouncing gait may seem unnatural, but that is the main concept. The horse and rider must show their great concentration in their performance. This factor means bettors should pay close attention to signs of untidiness on the maneuvers. 

Extension and Collection

A trot or canter are huge factors in winning a dressage event. Participants must show a firm Extended gait and a solid Collected gait to have an advantage in the competition. Observe if the riders fail to provide proper guidance or sit forward, which judges will also notice. Dressage is about impressing judges with perfect performances, but it is easy to see minor mistakes. If you want to bet on dressage, ensure you have a keen eye on their every movement.

Tempi Changes

Tempi changes or Flying changes are lead changes for horses on their every stride. Every stride varies, and every other third or fourth stride. Horses need thorough training to develop such skills, and the rider must also have a clear command over the horse. If you are into online gambling, operators also look at this betting on dressage test to determine the betting odds.


Probably the most fun test in dressage, where you watch the rider and horse move in a diagonal direction, which is also a tough test for the rider and horse when the crowd becomes a distraction to them. Participants must show extreme concentration in half-pass to reach the destination without faltering. You can bet on this test but must have confidence in the rider and horse you choose.

Entertaining Pirouette

Pirouette is like a ballet, not limited to a 360-degree spin. At a canter, the rider and horse will try to do two 360-degree spins in an impressive stance, which is the chance for them to show a little flair, but they should avoid committing any mistakes. You can learn the betting on dressage on a pirouette test on online sportsbooks sites and other platforms that support the sport.


Freestyling shows how trained and confident the rider and horse are in dressage events. It is their chance to show how much they trained and trusted each other and offer choreographed movements to good music, which can also be subjective to the judges. That's why the participants must show confidence. They should plan properly for a perfect performance execution and show the audience and judges that they are ready for the event.

Final Thoughts

Betting on dressage requires attention to detail and a love for the sport. You must know the in-depth details of how to win dressage events and who to root for to increase your chances of winning bets. Online offshore sportsbooks are the best options for betting on dressage, and bettors like you have available odds on these events. 


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