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How to Bet on Politics Online

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How to Bet on Politics Online

Betting on politics is nothing new, but it’s now more popular than ever. The world is witnessing the golden age of political gambling partly due to the variety of political betting options available to the casual punter and partially credits to the volatile nature of world politics right now. If you’re not yet in the loop about political betting, you might be wondering, “where do I start?” Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place. In this in-depth guide, you’ll find out how to bet on politics. 

Understanding Political Betting

First things first, what can you wager on? Perhaps you’re seeing political betting as a pretty limited market outside election season. But you’d be wrong. Bookmakers nowadays offer odds on all types of political events and results. That includes significant events such as the US presidential election or a UK general election, as well as individual parliamentary votes in the congress (US) or commons (UK). Add to that the by-elections, political party leadership contests, and referendum results. You may even wager on things like when a politician will leave their post or voter turnout. These only prove that the possibilities are nearly infinite. 

With the extensive range of political betting markets available, it’s normal to find the bewildering array of opportunities too intimidating to explore. However, once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll soon discover that possibilities mean winnings!

Upon determining what you’d like to bet on, you need to find a bookmaker to take the bet. Long gone are the days of needing to request odds on a particular outcome from your preferred bookies. You can now find several reputable online bookmakers delivering up-to-the-minute odds on betting markets within the realm of politics. The industry is so competitive that you’ll hardly find betting providers without odds on political events. Meaning, you have the freedom to decide which bookmaker you’d like to bet with. While different factors affect your choice, most individuals are swayed by getting the best odds.

Bet Types

Here’s a list of the most popular types of political bets on offer on betting websites. 

  • Moneyline: You’re betting on a specific outcome, e.g., Yes or No or Win or Lose.
  • Point spread: Here, you’re wagering on a range. So long as you’re within that range, you’ll win the wager. 
  • Futures: You’re placing a bet on a result that you think will happen in the future. You’ll make these political bets weeks, months, or even years in advance.
  • Props: While these are odd and entertaining wagers, it’s quite tougher to make money from them. That is due to the limited amount of data or trends you can use. 
  • Over/unders: This type of political bet concentrates on a specific number. You’re wagering on whether you think the result will be lower or higher than that figure. For instance, you can wager on whether you think the Democrat will get more or less than 270 electoral votes.

What Political Events Can You Bet On?

If it’s a political event held in a developed nation, you can likely bet on it. The most common markets include Australian politics, European politics, UK politics, and US politics. Some of the significant political events you can bet on are impeachment, the next German chancellor, Prime Minister elections, US presidential elections, and the next UK Labour leader.

Moreover, you may also bet on political races of other types, as well as the result of events at the state level or specific parties. You can bet on markets like the Iowa caucus winner, Republican nominee, Democratic nominee, and if a Democrat or Republican will win the election. 

If you’re big on both betting and politics, then you’re going to be a kid in a candy store. Politics is among the most robust betting markets available in sportsbooks. And it only takes three to four accounts with leading political betting sites.

Why Bet on Politics Online?

Many individuals find politics boring. Staying updated on candidates, current events, and new laws and initiatives can feel like a chore. But online political betting adds some color to that. Wager on who you think will become the next president or prime minister, and you’ll soon find yourself excited about that research.

That’s just one of the many reasons bettors enjoy betting on politics online for real money. Politics betting is often unavailable in brick and mortar bookmakers. Therefore, online political betting is your go-to option. Other favorite reasons to bet on politics include variety, research, convenient odds comparison, mobile betting, ridiculous props, and promotions. 

Becoming adept at your government and politics might not be your cup of tea. However, don’t allow your disinterest to get in the way of betting on politics. If you pay attention and spend time learning politics before betting, you can make money on it. Needless to worry about running out of things to bet on, as politics is a relevant topic all year long. 

How to Find the Best Political Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing the best website to bet on politics, note that each bookmaker has its strengths. However, the primary consideration for the political bettor must be to determine whether you’d like to wager on a spread or prefer traditional fixed odds on a result. 

Some political betting markets lend themselves exceptionally well to spread betting. That includes how many votes a bill might get in the parliament and the number of seats won in a general election by a specific party. Spread betting is unlike more traditional fixed odds betting. In the latter, you support an outcome and win or lose a fixed amount according to whether you called it right or wrong.

Say you’re betting on the result of the US presidential election. You must check which bookmaker offers the best odds on your chosen candidate. Better odds result in bigger winnings if you’re right. Therefore, it pays to compare political odds. Also, if you’re a newbie signing up for your chosen bookie, watch out for exclusive promotional offers. 

Here’s a checklist to determine the trustworthiness of a political betting site:

  • Secure website 
  • Banking options
  • Gambling license 
  • Positive reputation 
  • Fair terms and conditions
  • Downloadable app or mobile compatible software
  • Reasonable fees, banking limits, and processing times

Politics Betting Tips

When it comes to political betting, it’s worth noting that politics are volatile. Many things are beyond your control. Poor debate performances, scandals, and ridiculous speeches, among many others. All those things make making profitable political bets challenging. 

But the good news is that you can take advantage of tons of data and trends to make educated wagers. Your ability to read between the lines and knowledge of your constitution is also invaluable in making smarter bets. Below are some handy political betting tips to help you get started. 

Firstly, research poll data. That will show you a president’s approval rating, along with predictions for who they think is most likely to win various elections. Next is to check the candidate’s track record. Has your chosen candidate made any (obvious) mistakes? You must also pay attention to scandals and how the public feels about them. These can considerably impact who wins or loses at the polls.

You can acquire such information by doing a Google search. However, make sure you read reliable sources. Also, see if many experts agree on the same thing before using that political intel to make your bets. Ultimately, set aside your political opinions or beliefs if you plan to bet on it. Leave any biases at the door and concentrate on facts. Ignoring this tip will break you. 

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