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Your Ultimate Guide to Badminton Betting in China

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Your Ultimate Guide to Badminton Betting in China

It is well-known that China is the current dominating the game of badminton. Southeast China’s Fujian Province was the first Chinese provincial badminton team. The first Chinese badminton team was formed in 1963 and was suspended for some years throughout the “cultural revolution” (1966-1976) and recommenced in the year 1973. Chinese players trained so hard and improved their skills quickly. 

In the year 1978, China became a member of the World Badminton Federation, now recognized as the Badminton World Federation. China’s national team reached the peak of their success in the 1980s, collecting all five gold medals at the Fifth World Badminton Championships in the year 1987 and the Badminton World Cup in 1988. China holds the record of having the most medals in badminton at the Olympics than any other country that participated.

Badminton is just like tennis that requires a racquet to play. You can play singles matches, doubles, and mixed doubles, and it is popular in the UK, Canada, China, India, and Sri Lanka. The goal is hitting the shuttlecock (a feathered projectile) with your racket and not to let it touch the floor on your side of the net. You are only allowed to hit the shuttlecock once to get it airborne and hit the ground of your opponent’s side of the net. Each winning rally will count as one point, and the first to reach 21 points will be the win the round. The player who wins two rounds will be declared the winner of the overall match.

Factors to Consider in Badminton Betting

In badminton betting, you should always consider an in-depth analysis of the game. A lot of gamblers base their winnings just on luck. Further analysis of the game will give you an advantage in placing your bet. You should do intensive research on the players’ history, strengths, weaknesses, tournaments, and venues.


Tournament statuses affect the results of matches. With the knowledge of the rules of the tournament will give you an advantage in predicting possible outcomes faster than bookmakers and other punters. 

Direct matches are more relevant than the statistics rating chart of any player. A badminton player cannot just choose his opponent, which gives punters an advantage. Oddsmakers predict on ratings, and they set erroneous odds. 

There are badminton players who would let go of a set because of a massive breakaway from an opponent. Assuming an advantage of 15 to 8 scoring, players will not continue fighting and lose the set. With such a case, you can catch good odds in live badminton betting. Direct matches have been a trend among players throughout the years. Other players use this tactic as their leverage to win the different sets. With a defeat in the first set, you can earn good money because odds usually grow fast.

One of the essential details of the game is the court’s temperature. The shuttlecock flies faster when the heat is high, and the halls are smaller. Knowing the court's climate is the perfect moment for an attack of the badminton players. Some players will use this as an advantage. Tropical countries like Indonesia have this kind of benefit, unlike England.

If you want to gather information about your player, platforms in the social networks and the entire internet will be a big help. Your interest in family relationships, injuries will affect your style of betting.

Some punters take into consideration the overall rating of a player. The statistics of a player is less important than that of direct matches and the player's overall fitness.

A lot of the tournaments take place in Asia and some in Europe. Players will adjust to the changing of time zones and this affects how they play at the start of the tournament.

Professional badminton players usually omit a tournament with a small prize fund. They would not invest their strength for such a competition but use it for a more prestigious tournament with a more massive prize.

The fastest way to analyze odds is to look for good odds once a bookmaker sets it. You can easily spot an error from bookmakers at the very beginning, which can be corrected. You should also look at the player’s fitness as one of the critical elements in badminton betting.

The difference in odds would be considerable. It is also vital that you should have gaming accounts with some bookmakers. There is a wide range of bets for badminton that not many can produce attractive offers. Gamblers usually bet at bookmakers Unibet, Betvictor, Betfair, Shobet, or Paddy Power.

You should also consider in advance the air stream in which direction the airstream moves. The shuttlecocks are so light that its flight trajectory changes quickly with the slightest movement in the air. Big halls generate Airstreams. Players also study the effects of airstreams with their way of playing,  mastering the control of the shuttlecock’s flight.

Badminton is an excellent sport where the best world players of doubles often play in either category during a day in the tournament. With their bustling timetable, their schedules can affect their form in upcoming matches. A situation like this will drain a player in which an opponent can take advantage.

Fixed Matches

Sadly, there are still fixed matches in badminton. Gamblers usually lose bets without knowing about the situation, and they do not influence such. 

Progressive Systems

Many punters have this idea that a progressive system will bring them winnings and give them huge profits in a short period. A good player can even lose 5-10 straight coupons. It rarely happens, but it is an essential factor to consider.

Betting on Badminton

Straight up bets are the most common type of badminton betting where you choose an instantaneous winner of the match. The odds are usually configured in decimal form and will exhibit the players with the respective odds of every winning on that particular game. A player may have odds of 1.80, and the opponent may have odds of 3.25, for example. The second player would be the underdog, and the first player would be the favourite. You will win an additional $180 if you bet $100 on the first player ($280 total), and on the second player, you will take home $325 ($425 total.) Straight up bets are the typical setup for badminton betting odds.

Major Events

There are five significant events in the Badminton industry every year that includes several special events and tournaments. Here are some of the information about these events.

Olympic Badminton: Badminton is an official sport in the Olympics since the 1992 Barcelona Games. The winners with two gold medals were Indonesia and South Korea. The structure of the event was a single-elimination tournament where players would race to two wins to advance to the next round. The Olympics now includes over 50 countries and has gained respectable popularity.

BWF World Championships: The Badminton World Federation World Championships is one of the well-known badminton tournament series. The crowning of the best badminton players in the world is the tournament’s glory and happens every four years.

Thomas & Uber Cup: A team play tournament series, the Thomas Cup (men’s) and Uber Cup (women’s), was founded in the year 1949 and is played twice a year every two years. The tournament is composed of 12 team participants that will compete at a host nation venue. Every team will battle through a series of round-robin and semi-final qualifiers.

Sudirman Cup: Sudirman Cup is a men’s and women’s tournament, famous as one of the biggest tournaments in Indonesia. It is played every two years with doubles and mixed doubles match categories. The origins of the competition came from a famous badminton player Dick Sudirman and are played all over the world by several countries. South Korea and China are the most notable countries that join in this tournament.

BWF Super Series: 12 countries participate in this event. The BWF Super Series is singles and doubles competition with 32 players competing for the prize pool of $200,000 with additional ranking points with the Badminton World Federation. The tournament started in the year 2006.

Place Your Bets

There are lots of talented badminton players in the world, and some of the best are in China. It is a non-contact sport that training in schools and colleges are all over the country.  China’s love for badminton has grown big together with its dedication to improving some more. Most Chinese badminton players can dominate a game because of their perseverance in training. The player’s skill is the best way to consider if you are into badminton betting.


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