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7 Secret Tricks to Winning at the Casino

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7 Secret Tricks to Winning at the Casino

When it comes to gambling, one thing is sure: the casino always comes out the winner in the end. After all, they’re a business, not a charitable organization giving away free money.

Much like any other business, the casino has a business model that ensures its profitability. It includes several inbuilt advantages or “house edge,” which indicates its average gross profit from each game. The house advantage varies significantly among casino games. But don’t worry, this article will reveal some simple tricks to winning at the casino. 

What Are the Tricks to Winning at the Casino?

No matter which game you play, the casino always has the upper hand. Each casino game comes with a design that gives the house an inbuilt edge, reducing the odds and size of potential payouts. To improve your winning chances, below are some practical tricks to winning at the casino. 

Look for the Clumsiest Dealers

One of the best tricks to winning at the casino is hole carding. By using this technique in blackjack, you can catch a glimpse of the dealer’s hole card. And you’ll enjoy tremendous benefits. You can figure out exactly when to hit or stand, depending on what the dealer is holding.

All of a sudden, insurance becomes your best friend. If you spot the dealer holding a 10, you’ll surely break even for the hand. Even better, hole carding is not at all illegal. So, no need to worry about any ramifications by the casino.

Here are some tricks to winning at the casino with hole carding. Using the technique is more manageable in smaller casinos. That’s because these venues have far fewer tables than mega-casinos, making it easier to observe the dealers. Do it as casually as possible. If the casino catches onto you, they’ll close the table or pull the dealer immediately. 

Shop for Leverage

Mega casinos worldwide continue to gain a loyal following and establish brands that retain players. Meanwhile, smaller venues face the behemoth head-on, continuously finding innovative ways to attract players. That said, bank on the small casino’s desire to lure you against them.  

More often than not, small casinos offer better comps and deposit bonuses to players. You may be asking how those comped meals or complimentary accommodations will help you dominate. Well, that’s because it’s money that remains in your pocket and not theirs. 

Scoring a deal for a free stay according to how long you wish to play, you can save a couple of hundred dollars. And that’s money you can use to extend your bankroll. Also, it’s essential to take time to build relationships with casino staff and management. It can earn you perks and connections. 

Take Care Of the Casino Staff

For several advantage gamblers, tipping is counterintuitive. They consider the money spent tipping as money lost. While that’s not entirely wrong, they aren’t correct either. Tipping forms an image of who you are to the casino employees.

Small casinos pay more attention to relationships than bigger casinos. That is since they want every player to come back regularly. If you establish a reputation as a generous player who takes care of casino staff, they’ll treat you like royalty. You’ll also gain access to exclusive rewards. Simply put, being a decent player will always earn rewards in one way or another. 

Buy Your Own Drinks

The truth in casinos is, nothing is free—and yes, that includes the cocktails. Every casino has a so-called “player reinvestment” fund. It estimates how much you’ll lose and then gives back a portion of that in the form of comps. 

If you’re a casual floor visitor, comps mean watery well booze. Simply put, worse odds mean better chances of getting a complimentary cocktail. Also, drinking too much alcohol can cloud your judgment, leading to poor decision-making. So it’s advisable to buy your own drinks and not take advantage of free drinks. 

Practice Makes Perfect

When you face a sea of tables that all seem to look the same, it’s hard to find suitable games. The tables you see at physical casinos are often incredibly different. One of the tricks to winning at the casino is mastering the game rules.

It may sound cliché, but practice really makes perfect, especially if you’re playing a skilled-based casino game. Knowing the ins and outs of the game improves your winning chances at a casino. Also, knowing the game rules is crucial when selecting a game. The best way to do it is by first observing the tables and weighing your options.

Invest in a Nice Watch

Casinos don’t put any clocks or windows on the house floor for a self-serving reason. They’d love for your to lose track of time, so you’ll play for longer hours. Some casinos even forbid dealers from wearing watches for that reason. Therefore, it’s good to wear a watch to keep track of time. 

One of the tricks to winning at the casino is proper time management. Using your time wisely when gambling has a lot of benefits. It can prevent you from losing more than you can afford and even avoid gambling addiction. So, the next time you visit a casino be sure to wear a nice watch. 

Study Your Competition

Among the best tricks to winning at the casino is learning your competition, along with the odds around you. If you regularly play a particular game at a casino, then you’re going to master the tendencies of other regular players. 

When it comes to gambling, the more you know about your opponent, the better you can strategize against them. You’ll be familiar with both your and your opponent/s’ strengths and weaknesses. 

What Game in a Casino Is the Best to Win?

As previously stated, one of the tricks to winning at the casino is to choose a game carefully. When deciding what game in a casino is the best to win, keep this in mind: table games offer the best winning odds. They look more intimidating than slot machines, but they’re usually more favorable for you. Find out the best casino games to play below.


With almost 50 percent winning odds, blackjack is, no doubt, one of the best casino games to play. It’s a simple card game that involves some element of skill. In this game, each player is trying to beat the dealer, not each other. The player with a hand closest to 21 without going over wins. 


Another casino game with close to 50 percent winning odds is craps. You play this table game with dice. The “shooter” rolls the dice while other players bet on the upshots of that roll. On the first roll or “coming out,” the shooter wins on either or seven/eleven. If it rolls on a different digit, that number becomes the “point.” The shooter now has to hit the point and then roll a seven to win.


Ultimately, roulette is a red-black-green colored wheel with 38 digits on it. The number 0 is in green, while numbers 1–36 are either red or black. The roulette dealer or “croupier” spins the wheel, and the ball lands on one of the digits. You have several options to place roulette bets, the simplest being whether the ball will fall in a red or black slot. 

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