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How Are Land-Based Casinos Innovating With Technology

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How Are Land-Based Casinos Innovating With Technology

While online casino gambling is undeniably thriving across the globe, their land-based counterparts have maintained their steadfastness. Players of all levels and budgets continue to patronize these physical venues. Technically, land-based casinos aren’t lagging behind their online counterparts, even in terms of technology. They are even enjoying some perks over online casinos, including the atmosphere and social elements. However, land-based casino venues could take some cues from their internet counterparts regarding technology and convenience developments.

Casino operators know very well the hurdles they face. And in this day and age, there’s no better way to rise than to innovate. Internet casinos are struggling to develop a lifelike immersive experience. On the other hand, land-based casinos employ cutting-edge technology to make their physical games more fun and heighten security. 

As both online and brick and mortar casinos strive to keep their existing clientele and lure in new ones, players become the real winners, enjoying an abundance of better choices. The competition is fiercer than ever. Land-based casinos make an effort to employ the best technology available. Here you’ll have a closer look into how they maintain their relevance at an age that is increasingly becoming more digital.

How Are Land-Based Casinos Leveraging Smart Technology 

Physical casinos are taking the fight against their internet counterparts to maintain their players and even expand their customer base. Among their choicest weapons is smart technology. Land-based casinos are employing technology to offer an exceptional and secure gaming experience.

Casino crime has been plaguing in both digital and physical entities. However, brick and mortar casinos hold an advantage in this area over their digital counterpart. Land-based casinos have cutting-edge technology in place. Some of these innovations include license plate recognition, facial recognition, Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis (NORA), chips security, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. 

Facial recognition technology is arguably the most invaluable for land-based casinos. This technology, alongside license plate recognition, identifies potential fraudsters before they even enter casino premises and commit a crime. Meanwhile, physical and internet casinos alike employ the NORA to distinguish secret links between individuals. It combs the internet for information, reveals any dubious relationships, and alerts the operator.

The RFID is responsible for tracking casino chip labels. With this technology, land-based casino operators always know where their chips are. They can also reactivate them anytime they want. 

How Can Physical Casinos Catch Up to Online Casinos

Land-based casinos could take some cues from their internet counterparts regarding technology and convenience. Below are some innovations brick and mortar venues could borrow from successful gaming sites. 

Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos have long been enticing players with handsome deposit bonuses. A deposit bonus typically offers a match percentage bonus and/or free spins. However, you need to satisfy the wagering requirements first before you can withdraw funds from the bonus. Nonetheless, these promotions allow you a chance to earn some extra cash. 

Lower Minimum Bets

The best casino sites are those that offer the lowest minimum bets in gaming. You can play table games for as low as $1 per hand/round and some slots for $0.01. With these stakes, real-money gambling has become affordable to practically anyone. Low rollers will especially appreciate this aspect.

On the other hand, brick and mortar casinos are slightly different. They often require you to wager between $10 and $25 per table-game round or $0.50 to $3 on slot machines. Again, higher wager requirements root back to the fact that physical venues cover higher expenses. As a result, they have to jack up the lowest available wager to justify offering such games. Featuring $1 minimum wagers would cost them too much money.

Higher Return to Player

Besides technology, Return to Player (RTP) is one area where online casinos undoubtedly beat land-based venues. You can see that with slots. Digital variants generally pay 5% to 6% more than the regular land-based game. Moreover, online table games tend to have better RTP and rules than those in physical casinos. For instance, online blackjack RTP is around 99.0% to 99.5% payback, whereas the traditional variant gives between 98.0% and 99.0% payback.

But that’s understandable considering that land-based establishments need to cover more expensive operating costs than their digital counterparts. They handle larger utility bills, pay dealers, not to mention a giant complex. 

Slot Machines with Multiple Games

Usually, slot machine cabinets can only house one game apiece. Meaning, if you want to play a different game, you have to get up and find a new machine. Sure, slots developers have long had the technology to address this issue. They are capable of placing multiple games into a single cabinet. 

That is common in video poker developers. They add a menu screen that allows you to choose which variation you wish to play before gambling. However, in terms of graphics, animations, and bonuses, slot games are more complex than video poker. Also, gaming creators are competent enough to develop machines with multiple slots in one.

Land-based casinos are already turning to technology to offer terminals with electronic table games, slots, and sports betting together. They might as well develop the same type of terminals combining different slot machines.

Comprehensive Information on Slot Machine Help Screens

Much like internet slots, most slot machines in land-based casinos have help screens that provide information on bonuses, payouts, and more. Unfortunately, these info screens are usually not as comprehensive as those in online slots. Also, they lack RTP and volatility figures.

Most internet slots list RTP to fill you in on your long-term winning chances. Moreover, a lot of games come with volatility ratings. Physical slot machines remain void of either piece of information. As a result, you’re basically in the dark on your winning chances in land-based venues. 

More AI/Robots

Instead of sophisticated technology, land-based casinos base much of their popularity on the unique gaming experience they give. You can gamble with your friends, chat with a casino host, talk with the dealer, and order some cocktails. However, land-based casinos have some inefficient processes that technology can improve. One way is to introduce artificial intelligence and robots into the equation. 

Since internet casinos are built upon software, they come with a technology and convenience advantage over their land-based counterparts. Nonetheless, physical casinos could address some issues by revamping some processes and going more robotic. 

More Free Tables

Online casinos let you enjoy free gaming upon registration. On some, you don’t even have to create an account to play. Free online casino games allow you to try out new slots. You may even practice strategies on games like Caribbean stud and blackjack. You can place a deposit at any point, but the site will not force you to play for real money. 

On the other hand, brick and mortar casinos rarely allow you to play for free. Instead, they sometimes have beginner’s tables as a promotion. There, you can play table games without charge while learning the ropes. But mostly, these establishments want you to pay to play. 

Realistically, casinos can’t offer a dozen free games and front the payrolls on top of it. Nevertheless, it would be nice if the larger establishments have a daily beginner’s table for a full shift at the least. Since no wagering action is happening, the casino would take a loss on the table. However, such a table could encourage more individuals to try Caribbean stud, baccarat, blackjack, and other skill games.

The Bottom Line

Digital and land-based casinos will always have their differences, especially when it comes to technology. After all, they take place in two completely different environments. But in certain areas, physical casinos must take cues from gaming sites. It would be nice to see them adopt higher RTP, lower stakes, and other wondrous features internet casinos have to offer. 

Brick and mortar casinos would do well to provide more convenience. Sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence and robots could help with some inconveniences in land-based casino venues. Nonetheless, the good news is that physical casino operators are already on the path towards implementing some of these innovations. However, it would be nice to expedite the process and get more in line with the technology behind gaming sites. 

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