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How to Win at Baccarat Every Time

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How to Win at Baccarat Every Time

Whether it’s in an online or brick-and-mortar casino, baccarat is a darling of recreational and seasoned players alike. That is mainly because this table game is relatively easy to master and has a relatively low house edge. And as far as odds go, baccarat is among the four best casino games. The other three are craps, blackjack, and 9/6 jacks or better.

Like any player, you’re probably thinking of ways on how you can win at baccarat consistently. Well, the good news is, with a proper baccarat strategy, you can help boost your winning odds, grow your bankroll, and level up your gameplay.

In a way, baccarat possesses some similarities to blackjack. But in terms of gameplay, it’s simpler and more exciting, not to mention beginner-friendly. So, if you want to learn more about how to win at baccarat every time, read on. 

Is Baccarat All Luck?

For some background information, the first baccarat game dates back to the 19th century in France. Back then, various countries are facing severe government forms along with several restrictions on activities. Hence, playing baccarat was illegal. 

Over time, baccarat has become popular across other nations. While many casino games require a thoughtful game plan and systematic logic to win big, that’s not the case with baccarat. According to baccarat enthusiast John Fairfax, the card game purely depends on luck. 

That said, you don’t have to put too much thinking into the game. Baccarat relies on your card set. In addition, it won’t give you a handsome chunk of profit out of a fair bet. But before you turn your backs on this game, note that you can follow some tips to win at baccarat consistently. 

How Do You Win at Baccarat Every Time?

When you’re just starting to learn baccarat strategy, everything from tables to numbers to systems can seem daunting. You might even go into thinking that it’s impossible to find newbie-friendly baccarat systems that work. But the good news is, baccarat doesn’t require any fancy betting systems. Even better, a little common sense can go a long way.

For starters, any baccarat strategy must consider the house advantage when placing different wagers. Making the “suckers bet” by wagering on a tie is never a wise idea. And although the banker bet offers the lowest house edge, it comes with a catch. Here’s a list of their house advantages for reference.

Bet House Edge
Banker 1.06%
Player 1.24%
Tie 14.4%

By merely looking at the table, you can already tell that a tie bet is not a good option. Among the three wagers, banker looks most promising. However, note that most casinos receive a commission on banker wins. Since player wins don’t pay a commission, wagering on the banker has some downsides. 

No matter what baccarat strategy you employ, remember that the house advantage stays the same.  

Strategies to Win at Baccarat Consistently

When it comes to tactics on how to win at baccarat every time, you’ll find a lot of advice. This section collates some of the most common ones. You can find one that fits your goal, personality type, and available bankroll. 

Keep an Eye Out for Banker’s Cut

If you’re new to gambling, casinos usually take a cut of the proceedings during a baccarat game where you wager on the banker to win. In casino jargon, it’s known as the house edge, and that’s how the casino profit. Any good strategy to win at baccarat will factor this in.

For reference, the bankers cut is typically in and around 5%. If you’re looking for ways to win at baccarat consistently, you have to watch this. That’s because some casinos are taking advantage, charging as much as 20% banker bets commission. Remember, the lowest cut is always your best bet.

Reviewing the terms and conditions can help you learn more about the banker’s cut. You may also ask the customer service reps about it. But in case you’re still having some trust issues, it’d be best not to play at that casino. 

Generally, a player bet is the best option. Many “how to win at baccarat” guides fail to discuss this. The only time making the banker bet is a good option is when a player bet is on a winning streak, and your gut tells you it’s going to end soon. 

Take Advantage of Baccarat Bonuses

Online casino sites offer attractive bonus offerings. The best part is that you can use your deposit bonus to stack your bets and rake in a lot of cash risk-free. You could start to win at baccarat quickly by doubling several times in a row without putting your hard-earned money on the line. 

However, note that some bonuses are not cashable. Meaning, you can’t withdraw your winnings, and trying to do so could risk your earnings. The best thing to do is to read bonus terms, particularly the cashing out part. You may also check this guide to learn more about the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses. 

Regardless if you’re playing at your trusted casino, make sure you read the fine print. After all, few things are more disappointing than putting in much work to win at baccarat only to find out that your winnings were not real money.

Accounting for the Element of Luck

As mentioned earlier, baccarat is mainly a game of chance. Therefore, no matter how well-thought-out or mathematically correct your baccarat system is, luck will play a part in your success. Ask any professional baccarat players, and they will confirm this.

No “how to win at baccarat” tips and tricks can beat the influence of lady luck. Depending on your day, she can be for you or against you. Even the best baccarat system has very little to do to help that. Look further around, and you’ll find that even the best and most seasoned players don’t win every time.

So, if you want to win at baccarat, take the element of luck into account when devising your strategy. If you think you’re having a bad game day, do yourself a favor and walk away. You can always try your luck another day.

Properly Manage Your Baccarat Bankroll

This guide would not be complete without some money management tips on how to win at baccarat. Firstly, you have to know when it’s time to walk away, even if you’re ahead. Don’t fall into the trap of doubling your money multiple times in a row. It’s tempting to keep playing, but note that even in the lowest house edge games, it’s going to take you out eventually. 

The key to proper baccarat bankroll management is to learn how to keep those overwhelming brain chemicals in check. Otherwise, they’ll make you feel invincible and can lead to poor decision-making. So while you’re up a few grand, consider leaving the table before the casino wins back everything.

Keeping your head on your shoulder and going home while you’re winning is the only way to win at baccarat every time. Bankroll management is everything. Finally, planning out your bankroll should also include a calculation of the banker bet commission. 

Leave Your Emotions at the Door

Nothing can kill your quest to win at baccarat faster than getting carried away. While you might argue that you’re good at keeping yourself in control, some problem gamblers also did. Gambling is so addicting because of the rush of it. All those sounds, bright lights, and digits stacking up in the winnings column are there for you to lose focus.

To win at baccarat, continuously remind yourself not to get too excited. Stay sober and refocus immediately after a big win. Let the excitement settle first before going back to the table. Also, don’t forget about your game plan and know when it’s time to leave.

Another tip is to stick to your bankroll management plan. Walk away once you’ve reached your predetermined losing and winning limit. After all, nothing beats walking out of the casino floor with some winnings in your pocket. 

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