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Top 3 Online Casinos in Vietnam

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Gambling in Vietnam is rampant despite it being an illegal activity. The number of Vietnamese people engaged in gambling has led to the government forming regulations to curb addiction, monitor gambling activities, and profit from it as well.

Is Gambling Legal in Vietnam? What is the Legal Age?

roulette ball on number 17 white

In general, gambling is illegal in Vietnam. However, some forms of betting in Vietnam are allowed. This includes lotteries, horse racing, greyhound racing, and international football. The country has more than 30 land-based casinos but the entrance to these is limited to foreign passport holders. Decree Number 3 allows locals aged 21 years old and over to enter the casinos. Other conditions mentioned in the regulation include a monthly income of more than 10 million dongs, no criminal record, and permission from the family. Locals are also required to pay a 1 million dong admission fee good for 24 hours. Still, in its testing phase, the regulation also allows citizens to enjoy entrance to a casino for three years only.

How Regulated is the Vietnamese Gambling Market?

two red dice with white dots

Since the country only allows limited gambling activities, monopolies exist. The gambling industry of Vietnam rakes in money. It is a lucrative business necessitating government oversight and intervention. Casinos based in Vietnam are all privately owned but they are closely monitored by the government.

The limited number of wagering choices available to Vietnamese punters has led to the growing illegal gambling industry. It has become a big business over the years despite the harsh penalties awaiting those who are caught violating the law. Law enforcement often conducts raids of illegal casinos to crack down on the gambling mafia. Violators, particularly illegal operators and bookmakers, face serious sentences. They can face imprisonment ranging from two to seven years depending on the degree of involvement in the operations.

The Vietnam government is serious in regulating the gambling market that online gambling is regarded as an illegal activity as well. Those who run local online casinos are also charged with administrative cases. Online casino enthusiasts from Vietnam still enjoy online gaming sites by using VPNs so they can gain access. Still, it is still risky.

Vietnam is home to one national online lottery and 63 traditional lotteries that operate in the provinces. The government has already given licenses to seven casinos to build within resort complexes. Five-star hotels are also allowed to operate electronic machines.

What Are the Best Online Casino Games to Play for Real Money

case filled with us dollar bills

Every casino player is looking for the best possible ways to earn real money, whether in land-based casinos or through online casinos. Casino operators make sure that they attract clients by posting huge jackpots and potential payouts for real money. Players must also consider checking the percentages of Return to Player (RTP) before making any initial deposit. Be aware of online casino games that offer poor odds or set a heavy minimum bet for each round and reduce your gameplay. Instead, find casino games that are compatible with your real money requirements. Remember also that the RTP percentage differs between online casinos, land-based casinos, and game themes, especially with online slots.

Players will also find offers from online casinos with their versions of real money games. Here are the most well-known casino games that you can play for real money.


playing cards held by hand

Baccarat is among the most popular online casino games that you can enjoy playing on your mobile device. It originated in Italy and France in the 1400s and developed many versions through the years to keep the people’s interest in the game. Along with its progress, this game also developed other exciting different bonuses or bets for its players while retaining the original rules and objectives. Some baccarat variations are listed below that will match your style and bankroll.

Punto Banco Baccarat is the most common version of baccarat online casino games, and any player can learn this game easily. There are three main bets and a variety of side bets for more excitement in playing real money in Punto Banco baccarat. Online casinos can also give you the land-based casino games experience through live dealer baccarat. You may even choose to join in single or multiplayer tables and get plenty of options with gameplay styles and bets. This is also among the few online casino games that you can play in a mobile casino.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer is another baccarat version where the players are in the banker’s seat. Players in this game take turns as a banker making big wagers with an option of selecting who will draw a third card. 


blackjack game

There are many online casino game lovers who love playing blackjack because of the thrill and excitement this card game brings. Online casinos deliver the same level of gameplay for their clients who want to play real money blackjack on a mobile device. Players can play in multiple formats using their own gadgets and can also receive profitable bonuses and promotions. Playing blackjack in a mobile casino gives players many benefits such as risk-free practice and no registration.

Types of Blackjack Online

blue deck of cards with hand

Players who like playing blackjack will enjoy the many variations of blackjack online casino games. You can find different mobile casino apps that offer various types of blackjack in online casinos than in land-based casino games. They must know the type of casino game they will play to implement their strategies to win the game. Blackjack online also follows the same rules and principles with little variations on how you play, chances of winning, and a player’s odds.

European blackjack is among the casino games that have 2-8 decks to play. It comes with reshuffling after every round, and it is similar to the American Blackjack variant where the payouts are three to two. After players completed their hands, then the dealer deals one card face up and draws. If the dealer deals an ace, they can still split or double down before the second card deal, which has the potential for blackjack and finish the game. This is among the mobile casino apps that have a format, which favours the dealer, which makes it less appealing to players who love blackjack card games.

The Las Vegas Strip Blackjack is a popular version of blackjack card games on the Las Vegas Strip, where the dealer checks a blackjack dealt face up ace or ten. Players can split any cards up to three times and can also double down on any cards. This format also allows players to double down after splitting, which makes this game among the most exhilarating versions of blackjack in a mobile casino. Players enjoy casino games that have many opportunities to increase their winnings.

Most casino games have this version of blackjack card game, where the dealer gets two face down cards, and will not be able to look at it until the round finishes. Players also use different terminologies such as stick, twist, or buy instead of saying hit, double down, or stand. If a player has a total hand of 14 or less, they must twist, and will also receive 2:1 after a double down with a 5-card hand of 21 or less, also known as a 5-Card Trick. A player will not receive any payments in case of a tie, as Pontoon always favours the dealer in most mobile casino apps. 

You will find live dealer blackjack card games available in any casino games platform, which uses four decks. Players will enjoy playing through live streaming of live dealer blackjack at a casino, giving them an almost real land-based casino feel. Players can expect incredible graphics presentation of a mobile casino that is conveniently available anywhere and anytime you want, as long as you have a strong internet connection on your mobile or desktop.


men gathered around a roulett table

The best way to square the fast-paced and exciting plays of a real-life game of a roulette casino table is to play real money roulette online. You have plenty of options to choose from the many versions of roulette games, with a wide range of inviting bonuses. 

It is important that you know how to protect your information when playing online roulette, and be aware of playing with the potential of misuse of information or fraud. Take note of these guides to learn the authenticity of casino games.

Before any online casino or a mobile casino can operate, they need to secure registration with an independent licensing body with all the legal documents of the operator. They cannot offer casino games to play for real money if they cannot secure the proper licenses and permits. 

Structured audits are important to an online casino to check if their online casino games operate fairly to all its players. Their software must also run on random number generators. The same ruling applies to mobile casino games. 

To prevent frauds from hacking online roulette games, operators must conduct regular security inspections and make sure that they have sturdy multi-step security procedures and encryptions. 

Operators must have experience running the business. Players have the right to report any malfunctions or suspicious software in their roulette games. Most mobile casino operators begin by operating online casino games before venturing to the small screen. 

Online casinos usually provide the specification requirements of a device for an online roulette to properly. They also conduct checkups on your desktop or smartphone before you can proceed to play roulette. Mobile casino apps must be able to run smoothly so players can feel as if they are playing casino games online. 


four aces black and red chips on table

Poker is an exciting casino game you can play in an online casino. In fact, there are tons of mobile casino apps that offer poker games like video poker with wild bonuses to lure in players. 

If you are looking for the right online casino to play poker, you need to consider some important factors before you wage your money into the game. Check this list of what to look for in a legit online casino so you won’t get into trouble.

Promotions and Bonuses

The gambling industry is a tough market to be in, and operators are doing everything they can to win clients and gain popularity to strive in the business of casino games. To do this, they offer enticing promotions and bonuses from their casino games to help their players maximize their bankrolls to continue playing and stay connected with their website. As a player, you can take advantage of poker bonuses and promotions to improve your strategies in winning real money. Before you start playing online poker, take note of these types of poker bonuses as your reference.

Sign Up/Welcome Bonus

Upon your registration with the online casino, you will receive a welcome bonus which normally goes to your account to boost your gameplay in real money poker. This bonus also applies to almost all casino games, including slots.

Match Bonus

In a set percentage, the casino will match the amount of money a player deposited. For example, on a $50 deposit, the client receives a $50 bonus as a 100% match bonus, which is ideal for most casino games.

Reload Bonus

More like the welcome bonus, a reload bonus targets returning players who are going to top their accounts. Reload bonuses act as an attraction to players who are feeling discouraged after losing in some casino games. Instead of shifting to another online casino, a reload bonus would entice players to stay with them and try another round. They are also commonly offered for gamers using mobile devices to play. 

Deposit Bonus

In some casino games, players will receive a small amount of deposit bonus when they meet the bonus wagering requirement. Casinos offer this bonus for new registrations. Check this out before playing any casino or slot game. 

VIP Bonus

VIP bonuses apply only to those players who are members of VIP programs or other loyalty plans. This type of bonus is not applicable to the general public. When you avail of a VIP bonus that casinos offer, make sure that you know the bonus wagering requirements. 

Weekly/Ongoing Promotions

It is every online casino operator’s motive to hold on to its players. They would regularly release bonuses weekly or offer complimentary free games to retain the players’ interests. 

Banking Options

Players must know their online casino’s banking options to manage their budget money properly. Reputable online casinos give their players great choices of banking methods to give them an assurance that their casino games are safe and legitimate to use.

Quick Payout

Every player would want to get their winnings clean and fast when playing casino games, and it is imperative that they should know the history of an online casino with how fast they release a payout. Any unexplained delays may mean dishonesty from the operators.

Varieties of Casino Games 

casino dice cards map

An avid poker player desires different types of real money poker online to add little more fun and excitement to their game. Instead of going to another site, an online casino that has many varieties of poker games would be ideal, which also gives many opportunities to join in tournaments, select buy-ins, and limits.

Mobile Casino 

Players are now reaping the benefits of Internet services, as they are able to play online poker with real money and dedicated tables on their smartphones. Operators of casinos are making sure that players will have a great experience with their casino games by using a powerful software that would bring the best graphics for a player’s mobile casino.

Powerful Software/Licensing

A mobile casino is always dependent on a strong Internet connection, and they also need to provide their players with reputable licensed software from notable developers. Their services would give the best online poker games, especially when playing with real money in a mobile casino.

Types of Real Money Online Poker Games

money and playing cards

Poker is one of the casino games where there are great opportunities for players to win big money with their own strategies and a little bit of luck. There are players in mobile casinos who can read their opponents’ moves, bluff, or aggressively bet big bucks to win the pot. 

Poker has plenty of varieties, and casino games were able to adapt these types of poker games.

Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold'Em is a popular poker game in casinos, and it is available in every mobile casino. Each round, all players receive two hole cards (face down) up to five community cards and use them to build the best hand possible. For every round, players will check, raise, and bet, then a showdown at the end to determine the winner of the pot.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is another game that plays against the dealer instead of other poker players, which explains why you can find this type of poker in online casinos rather than inside the poker rooms. Upon placing their bets, players receive three cards and must decide on playing the hand by doubling their bets or just fold. You will then compare your hand with the dealer’s, which must have Queen high or better to determine who is the winner.


Most casino games offer Omaha, which is also a popular type of poker in mobile casinos. Similar to the Texas Hold’Em, each player receives five community cards every round of betting. But with Omaha, players receive four hole cards and will use two cards in conjunction with the other three community cards while trying to build their best hand to win.

Open-Face Chinese Poker

Also known as OFCP or OFC, this type of poker game has cards dealt face-up. Players will first receive five cards, then eight, and until a total of thirteen cards. They must produce three hands with three cards at the front, five each at the back and the middle), composed of two five card hands and one three card hand. The middle must be stronger than or equivalent to the front, then the back hand must be stronger than or equivalent to the middle hand.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is sometimes called Casino Stud Poker in casinos. In an online casino, you will play against the dealer instead of playing against the other players. 

Draw Poker

Draw poker has many different varieties such as 5-Card Draw, where the idea of the game is this: players will receive several hole cards and must take the chance to discard some or all the cards to have their best hand. There will be a showdown at the end of the round to know who the winner is. 

Hi Lo Poker

Hi Lo Poker is a type of poker in casinos where its basic rules are also applied to different types of online poker. This type of poker is almost identical with the Omaha standard rules, and the pot is split between players with the lowest and the highest hands at the end of the round.

Stud Poker

Stud poker has several different variations, one of which is a 7-Card Stud where it aims to build a strong hand from a mix of face-down and face-up cards. Players must use any five cards to build their hand.


In casinos, Razz has similar rules to those of 7-Card Stud but with one huge difference. The objective of the game is to build the lowest hand possible. It is a very popular type of poker that players can have in their mobile casino, and was even included in the World Series of Poker.

Tips for Playing an Online Poker Game

playing cards with dice, chips, and computer mouse

Playing real money in an online poker card game requires attention to details of the game system, especially with all the inviting opportunities in most casino games. It is important that a player should gather enough information before making a move on betting in online poker. Here are some tips for playing online poker games.

Familiarize Yourself with the Poker Variant

Most poker variants in mobile casinos have consistent rules such as the strength of hand, and there are also some notable differences. It is important that a player must master the rules of a poker variant before placing your bets.

Set Your Limits

Playing poker in mobile casinos is a fun and exciting experience for players in casinos, especially if they are winning. There are times that you feel you are on a winning streak and would like to continue to get some more winnings. But there are also times where luck is not on your side, which you should know when to fold your hand and not take any chances. Setting your limits in any casino games can prevent you from getting into trouble.

Remain in a Single Table

It can be an exciting feeling to enjoy multi-table poker and a potential to win some big money. But you need to avoid doing this unless you are confident in playing in a single table and have enough experience playing online poker games.

Consider Your Opponents

Playing online poker strips you off with your skills in reading your opponent’s moves physically. But you can also learn how to read your opponents in an online poker game by watching how many hands they are playing, which face-up cards they are showing, or how aggressive they are with their plays.

Limit Your Bluffs

In casinos, bluffing is a common tactic in poker. In online poker, bluffing and semi-bluffing can be a big help in your strategy but your primary tactic would be playing the hand that you were dealt.

Can You Play in a Mobile Casino for Real Money?


Yes, you can play for real money in an online casino. You can choose many different games, such as video poker, sic bo, baccarat, slots with free spins, and various dealer games. You can also choose from different mobile casino sites that offer sports betting options. If you want to play using your phone, casino sites are available. You can choose to play online or play using the casino app. You have to choose the casino sites carefully so you will have the best experience and gain an advantage by getting tons of bonuses such as free spins, deposit bonus, and welcome bonus. A casino app offers live casino compatibility that allows you to play on your smartphone. When choosing the top mobile casino to play in, you also have to factor in the collection of popular casino games with a wide range of deposit options and superb customer service support, on top of casino bonuses. 

You can surely get the best casino experience when you choose to play online casino games. Not only will you enjoy a wide variety of casino bonuses, but you will also enjoy the convenience of playing mobile. Online casinos are set apart by land-based casinos with this offering. Mobile devices have become sophisticated enough to ensure that gamers can play mobile online.

Online Casinos With the Best Payouts

chips, dice, and credit card on top of laptop

The safest route for Vietnamese gamblers to enjoy online casinos is by accessing websites that are internationally licensed and regulated. It can be quite a struggle since many online betting sites do not accept players from Vietnam. The remaining websites accepting Vietnamese players offer valuable promotions and daily bonuses in their casino games. Here is a list of the top gambling websites that accept players from Vietnam:


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Playing online casino games is a great way to have fun, but it would be better if you had live dealers to play with. It is a good thing that these mobile casinos have a live casino feature for live dealer games. K8, for example, has a wide selection of table games with dealers like Sic Bo and Baccarat to give you a fun time. It also has online slots games that award free spins. You can find here slot games that are regarded as among the popular casino games today. They also offer amazing bonuses so that players have more money to play with. So if you are looking for free casino games that is fun playing with dealers, visit online casino K8. For us, it is even better than Betway casino.


Welcome Bonus:  Registration Bonus 100% up to 3,800,000 vnd / Sports Bet Bonus for Sport IM 100% up to 5,000,000 VND


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Online casinos have become one of the people's go-to online pastimes. An online casino that is trending in Asia is Fun88. This is one of the older online casinos founded back in 2009 by Welton Holdings Ltd.  It is licensed by the Isle of Man and has partnerships with premiere league teams Burnley FC and Tottenham Hotspurs FC.

The site offers free casino games with a variety of gaming activities like slots games, dealer games, and of course sports betting games. It is one of the online casinos that can be enjoyed by a lot of people especially since online casino gaming is compatible with any type of smartphone, such as Android and Apple devices, as well as PC through Windows. So you can play your mobile casino game wherever you may be. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your money because it has one of the most secure sites that offer the best casino games online. The great thing about Fun88 is that it offers a wide variety of slot games that all gamers can enjoy, making it a popular casino. 

Live Casino HouseLiveCasinoHouse

Welcome Bonus:  0.5% refund up to $3000 per week / Super Bonus 700%

Live Casino House

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If you are looking to play in one of the best online casino gaming sites (even better than Betway casino!), then you should go to Live Casino House. They give you not just a whole bunch of games from some fantastic game providers. They also provide you with a whole lot of options like table games, slot machines, and dealer games. Live dealer casino games are great as they give players the convenience of online casinos and the fun of live dealers. visit Live Casino House today to experience one of the best mobile casinos with great live dealer games, slots, and fantastic bonuses. Did we say that it also has commendable customer service? On top of that, this casino also offers different banking options.


Welcome Bonus: 100% Welcome Bonus at slots up to 1,800 VND / Sport: instant 8% reload bonus up to 3,000 VND / 5% reload bonus for live dealers up to 1,888 VND


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One of the fastest rising sites with the best online casino games of today is Letou. This is among the best mobile casinos that you can visit to get your gaming fix. It is owned and operated by TGP Europe Ltd.  It is licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, and it was launched back in 2017.

Any player would love this site, especially those looking for slot machines and free spins. It is a good-looking site that can be your go-to casino game for sports bets. They even have a partnership with Milan FC international. More than sports they also have a number of online gaming activities like sports betting, sic bo, slots games, dealer games, and even fishing games. You won’t regret betting real money with their great odds in their free casino games. Their slots are said to be the best option to win real money. This casino also accepts several banking options to accommodate its customers. 


Welcome Bonus:  Welcome Bonus 100% up to 4,000,000 VND / Sports Bets Bonus up to 24,800, VND / Casino Bonus up to 100,000,000 VND

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Launched back in 2013 W88 is an online casino owned by Marquee Holdings Ltd. The site is licensed to operate by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.  For the players they have a lot to offer, one thing, in particular, is the sports bets. For that, they make sure to give players a smooth UI gaming experience. For the other online casino games like slots and live dealers, they have partnered with Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, and much more. So you can be sure that you will get the best online experience playing free casino games online, such as video poker, sports betting, online slots, and a host of live dealer games. W88 will definitely give you the best casino game in the market. Their game collection and slot machine titles are among the best that you can play using mobile devices.

You can enjoy tons of mobile casino apps, whether it be sports betting slots, or table games. They also have one of the best customer service representatives and a wide variety of banking options.


Welcome Bonus:  Welcome Slots bonus 150% up to 2,888 VND / Sports Bets Bonus for 2019 AFC Asian Cup 1,288 VND / Daily reload bonus up to 1 Million VND


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If you are looking for an online real money casino game to play with for this 2019 Asian Cup then you should consider playing with FB88.  Owned by Young Royal Business Cooperation the site launched in 2016. Today it operates with a license from PAGCOR and is one of the best sites for your iGaming needs. It is one of the best online casinos that has a reasonable wagering requirement along with its deposit bonus. They also have a slew of card games, dice games, slots game, and live dealer games that will give you the best gaming experience there is 

As one of the best mobile casinos in the market, its sportsbook offers a lot of sports and live matches for more betting opportunities. But, they also have other iGaming activities like slots games, Live dealers, fishing games, and other table games. Plus, they have some great bonus offers for new players who like winning their favorite casino game like slot machines. 


Welcome Bonus:  up to 10% Daily Reload bonus up to 1,000,000 VND / Special casino bonus up to $100


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If you want to play at an online casino there are a lot of options out there. But, we suggest you try Happyluke. It is one of the best mobile casinos that offers more than just video games, they have live dealers as well. On top of that, they have some great promotions to help you win more money. If you are looking for an online casino that has fun games, great providers, and better bonuses. They are the ones to choose from. Their slots are among the most diverse of all casinos. Thanks to their various partnerships with reputable slots software developers. 

Are Casino Winnings Taxable in Vietnam?

tax forms with pen, mug, and computer mouse

Yes, the government imposes taxes on casino games winnings. Gambling profits are taxable at a rate of 10% for winnings that exceed 10 million dongs. Winners are required to report such winnings on their annual income tax if they are not immediately withheld at source.

Can a User from Canada and Australia Play in an Online Casino in Vietnam? 

iphone with baseball

Yes, users from Canada and Australia can play and win real money in many casino games offered for Vietnam players. Although, they may have to use a VPN to access a wide variety of casino games, such as slots, video poker, blackjack, and other games. When choosing a casino app to download, it is best to check first if they have the available banking options that are most available to you. If not, you can contact their customer service to ask about additional banking options that you can avail yourself of before you play the game. Aside from mobile gaming, you can also choose to access the casino online and play online. On some sites, slots are only available in their web version. 

Are you ready to up your casino experience and win real money? Choose your online casino game from slots to poker, and you will surely have a grand time. 

What Currency and Payment Scheme Do Vietnamese Players Use When They Gamble?

wallet with coins magnified

The Vietnamese Dong is the country’s national currency and it is accepted as a payment method in most casinos. Some online websites accept this currency to attract more players from the country. Playing on sites accepting the local currency helps players save by not paying foreign exchange fees and not worry about conversion rates.

Vietnamese players who play online find it easier to deposit money via their credit cards. Paying through e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and EntroPay is also possible. E-wallets are gaining popularity due to their fast conversion time. Funds can become available within hours. Withdrawal can also be done through the mentioned options.

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Top 3 Online Casinos in Vietnam

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happylukeWelcome bonus 200% up to 200 USD


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w88• 100% welcome bonus


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