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Different Kinds of Poker Tables You Should Know

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Different Kinds of Poker Tables You Should Know

Poker in Korea has gained popularity throughout the years. Gambling among locals is generally frowned upon. However, the same cannot be said about foreign gamblers. Koreans are allowed to gamble through lotteries, horse racing, cycle racing, ToTo, and powerboat racing. Kangwon Land Casino is the only casino that welcomes locals who want to gamble. 

Some organisers started conducting live poker tournaments in Korea, which locals are allowed to play and these tournaments inspired most Koreans to play poker. The famous ones are PokerStars Festival Korea and APPT Korea at the Incheon Paradise City, and the Grand Walkerhill Seoul, and the APT Korea Seoul. 

Poker players depend more than their skills in playing their cards. A poker table is always associated with every game of poker. It is the most attractive tool in the casino, and it draws more crowds. There are lots of different kinds of poker tables that define how to play poker. The dimensions and shape are critical for every poker player. 

Different Kinds of Poker Tables

Standard Poker Table Size

The standard size of a poker table has a length of between 92 and 104 inches (234 and 264 centimeters), 44 inches in width (112 centimeters), and 30 inches in height (76 centimeters). Some tables would add four inches (10 centimeters) to the width and length for the outer railing. The table weighs at around 170 to 200 pounds (77 to 91 kilos) and can be as massive as 350 pounds (159 kilos).

There is no correct sizing for poker tables outside of casinos, for it all depends on the manufacturer on what shape of the table. There are a lot of ways to play poker and often the type of poker table can dictate the number of players that can play in one. Some of the different poker tables are round and oval folding poker tables, roll-up poker mats to an octagon, with and without legs, and the high-end casino versions for professional poker players.

Oval Full-Sized Table

These full-sized poker tables usually seat ten people. The more expensive ones have fixed thick legs attached to it, while the lower-end tables mostly have foldable legs. The cost for the low-end tables ranges from $100 to $150, which has a decent felt and rails giving you a great deal. Professional poker players mostly use the high-end oval table for official tournaments, which would cost $1000 and up depending on the make.

The only disadvantage to the full-size oval table is that it may be strenuous for the dealer to deal the cards to the players sitting at the far end of the table. Some would purchase tables that have a dealer spot, increasing its value that it would cost more. Others would assign the player sitting in the middle to be the dealer.                                 

Low-end home versions are usually 92x44x30 inches (234x112x76 centimeters). The foldable types are about 84x42x30 inches (213x107x76 centimeters) and can be as small as 32 inches wide and 73 inches long. 

The table usually weighs at around 54 to 85 pounds. The top flat of the table is often wood covered with felt, legs are steel, and the vinyl includes the railings. Materials may vary based on the quality. 

Some of the smaller oval tables can hold six to seven players comfortably.

Round Table (Short-Handed)

This type of poker table is shorter, lighter, and can seat four to five people. The table is easily movable than the full-sized table. The round table can be a regular decor of a home when not in use. The typical table that holds ten people looks out-of-place when not in use. 

Getting a full-sized table is a big plus if you have enough space for it. It will be very crowded, playing on a short-handed table with eight players. There will be not enough room for players to put a drink on the table, stack their chips, or handle their cards.

It is usual for a poker game to last long hours at the table. Players would want to stretch out from time to time to prevent body aches. Round Poker tables are the least ordinary design available in the market. The size is usually 48 to 60 inches wide and is very light in weight. The materials also vary depending on its value.

Octagon Poker Table

The Octagon Poker Table is much like the Round Table. The most common home poker games involve four to six players, making the octagonal table more popular because of its size and how people would fit comfortably. For foldable models, the dimensions are 48x48x30 inches (122x122x76 centimeters). Tabletops are around 50 inches wide, much bigger than the foldable models. The octagon table weighs approximately 45 to 60 pounds with legs and 20 to 40 pounds for tabletop versions.

The top of the folding octagonal tables is wood, covered with felt, the legs are steel, and the railing covered with plastic or vinyl. The quality of the materials may vary depending on the price. The tabletop versions are usually felt covered with plastic for protection, and the railings also with plastic border.

Square Poker Tables

Square tables are hard to find because people would prefer using an ordinary table if they are holding a four-player poker game. Rectangular tables are about 34 inches across, and the same goes with tabletop versions, which you can set on any existing table in your home.

Poker Roll-up Mats

Poker mats are great solutions for an impromptu card game. They can be carried anywhere because it is very light. It is typically oval or rectangular and made of either rubber or cloth. The size is about 72×36 inches (183×91 centimeters).

Space Requirements

Preferably, you would need at least 3 feet (1 meter) of space around the poker table to be able to move easily around the room. It would also be best to use an octagon table if you have limited room space, as this seems to fit perfectly in small spaces while allowing the maximum players to sit. Any oval table would be useful if your room is rectangular and fits within the parameters of the available space.


It is best to consider design standards of proper clearances to allow for elbow and knee room so players can easily get in and out of their chairs. It would also be wise to invest your money in some heavy-duty chairs that will withstand players who have extra weight.

Table Skins and Sizes

Table coverings do not affect the space that a table will fit, but using a faster cloth in more enclosed spaces. The cards will not be able to move across the surface of the table with a piece of standard fabric. The two common options for poker tables are poker table coverings or felt, and standard felt or speed cloth.

Standard Felt

The ideal choice for most poker enthusiasts is mostly the lower-end versions. The surface of the table is a bit rough, and it makes the sliding of cards to your area a bit challenging. The felt is the cheapest material on the market that you can purchase.

Speed Cloth

Mostly preferred by professional poker players and poker enthusiasts since they can play poker faster in this cloth than in a standard felt. A type of polyester that is more slippery and have no problems getting the cards to slide to places. It all depends on how a poker player is using the felt. 

Tables to Get You Going

Poker tables are essential in all casinos and, more importantly, to the poker players. Most players associate their luck on the table they are using. Its shape and size are significant factors in how they play with their cards. The same goes for ordinary poker enthusiasts that hold games at home. Most of them invested wisely on these tables and choose what best fit their interest in the game.

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