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10 Video Game Skills to Make You a Better Employee

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10 Video Game Skills to Make You a Better Employee

Can video game skills help you become a better employee? Let’s find out!

Video games play an essential role in the progress of our new technology. It also helps other industries with their success in sales, advertisement, and employment. Video games continue to become more advanced, which also helps people with their skills in hand-eye coordination, making decisions, solving problems, and good management of emotions. Some businesses consider video games as a great value on how productive an employee can be, through the development of skill sets.

Playing video games has some benefits that we can use in life by learning a range of skills such as understanding complicated sets of instructions and working with a team. Business owners consider these traits highly desirable. 

Video Game Skills To Help You Become Better

If you are a gamer and would like to know the benefits you can use as an employee, here are ideas that might help you become better at work.

1. Patience and Determination

All video games require a player’s patience and determination in beating or finishing the game. As a gamer, you will need these video game skills for playing games. This will help you understand the strategies that you need in playing a game. This can help you handle all the challenging stages of the game, and applying these abilities to work will also benefit everyone involved. 

Employers will see your patience and determination at work and consider you a vital asset to the company. This will also boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of getting promoted in the company.

2. Taking Risks

Some video games will put your character in a situation where there are no definite solutions to solve a problem at a stage. It would seem that your character does not have any options but to risk a life to know how to solve the problem. This would probably be the best solution to navigate unfamiliar scenarios and territories that most video games have. 

This could be a challenging video game skill to develop, especially if you need to apply this in your work. Some would consider it reckless if you are risking important things at work to solve situations. But on the other hand, some employers would appreciate your courage in taking risks for the company.

3. Creating Strategies

Every video game has progressive difficulty levels, which will require good strategic planning to go to the next level. As a gamer, you will develop formulating strategies in playing the game, and it would also benefit you if you apply the skill in your work. Think about it – it is one of the video games skills to showcase your strategic thinking. Your employer will appreciate your ability to adapt to the difficult challenges of a business.

4. Solving Problems

Many video games feature puzzle challenges and difficult obstacles that will need a player’s ability to solve problems. Video games would usually have stages where it will alter the player’s perceptions to find the best solutions in the game. It involves good planning, experimentation, and adaptability skills, which are all good qualities that you can contribute to the company when facing difficult situations, conflicts, and work challenges. 

Having video game skills that help you address problems and confront them positively can win you points in the workplace. 

5. Ability to Lead

Some video games feature multiplayer formats where you can team up with other players and defeat other teams or the entire game. The team should assign a leader to formulate strategies and make sure every member should look out for each other to prevent disqualification. Leaders can identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses, keep the players’ focus on the game and uplift every member’s morale.

The ability to carry a team is also a huge factor in the work environment, where working in teams is mostly used in many companies. Leadership skills are what higher officials are made of, which you should develop to increase your chances of getting promoted to a higher position. As a team leader, it is also best that you motivate your team members in achieving your work goals. Leadership is among the video game skills that can take you further in your career. 

6. Social Skills

Video games before were only played at home with one or two players only. But with the emergence of the internet, it is now possible to play with other players in different locations around the world. With the advancement of technology, video games today can also accommodate interaction among players with the use of a webcam and social media. 

It is one of the video game skills that would let you harness social skills, such as civility, a good sense of competition, punctuality, and good sportsmanship to properly communicate with other players and make the game more fun and exciting.

Having social skills in a business environment can help employees with better communication to be a successful team at work. Everyone should collaborate, contribute ideas, and motivate others to find the best solutions to any problems they encounter in a business.

7. Concentration

Almost all video games require players to have a deep concentration to beat the game. There are fun video games that feature musical instruments where you can play them by following the hits on the screen with an additional musical instrument component of a gaming console. You need to focus your attention to properly play the right tune of the music and increase your points as you also progress levels. 

One of the video game skills that you can employ at work is staying focused on work. In the office, there are lots of distractions such as social media, calls, or texts that would hinder your concentration at work. Distractions can affect your performance with your work, and your employers will notice. 

Video game players can harness their ability to concentrate on their gaming, to be productive in their work. This can help the employees to become valuable assets in increasing the profitability of the company.

8. Pattern Recognition

Video games have always been about patterns that players need to recognize to progress in the game's stages. Recognizing patterns in a game is an important component in winning, in which players can take advantage of beating an opponent or the game itself. A player must develop the ability to analyze large amounts of data in a given scenario, find what causes it, and predict what will happen next. Video games that feature dancing are one of the best examples of recognizing a pattern.

The modern business industry is full of data that people involved should analyze carefully to recognize patterns and create the best solution to problems that are present or may arise. Gamers can use this ability in contributing to the company’s development and have the advantage over other employees for promotions.

9. Critical Thinking

Playing video games is like being on a real adventure with missions and campaigns where there are many consequences and risks. Players must develop their critical thinking in using their best judgment within a limited time. They need to learn how to deal with high-pressure situations and maintain composure in difficult situations.

Business owners would love to have an employee that has the ability to overcome business-critical situations. They see these employees as level-headed and can decide quickly to avoid devastation to the company. 

One of the video game skills that gamers can practice at work is their critical thinking ability. They can analyze the given situation with information to find insights and solutions for the problem. 

10. Multitasking

The early video games were made to be in their simplest form that involves minimal movements of their characters. Those games had simple tasks to win or finish, and they required simple skills from their players. But with the advancement of our technology, many game developers came up with a  more complex design that needs proper attention to detail in beating the game. 

There are video games that contain extensive details of maps where players should navigate to find tasks to finish. While players traverse the map, the game features many other details such as cars and people, which have unique characteristics. Some will have mini-games on the side before reaching the main task.

These situations can increase a player’s ability to multitask, which can be useful in their work. The ability to switch from one task to another while avoiding distractions is a huge factor in working effectively in a business. This helps an employee to be more productive and increase their performance at work.

Final Thoughts

Every employer is in constant search of the best employee that they will need for their business. They are looking for the best qualities of a person that would be beneficial to the business, which helps increase the effectiveness of operating a business. The desirable skills that employers look for in a candidate will be useful in their development and analytics software team. 

Most gamers have the abilities that will help them finish their tasks at work, which is highly desirable by most employers. Abilities such as analyzing data, communicating with others easily, leadership skills, and multitasking are imperative in helping the operations of a business.

Video games today also have formats that gamers can use to develop additional skills with deeper and detailed information on running a business. This helps them avoid making mistakes as an employee and use their skills in helping others as well. All gamers should also know that there are more ways of finding self-development outside the gaming world.

How about you? How do you showcase your video game skills at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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