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Top 10 Gamers on YouTube

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Top 10 Gamers on YouTube

Who are the top gamers on YouTube you should watch? Watching gamers do their thing as they stream their games can help you get an idea of their skills. Plus, they’ll also get to give you a glimpse of the tactics they use to beat their opponents. Watching these gamers help you hone your skills when it comes to playing online games. 

Here are the top gamers on YouTube you should watch:

1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kejllberg, who is the current holder of the number one ranking in the world. He is a highly regarded content maker, which he started on December 19, 2006, making it the start of YouTube’s valued influencers. PewDiePie used to be the holder of the most subscribed channel on YouTube, previous to T-Series who dethroned him to the second spot. 

Even if PewDiePie no longer holds YouTube’s most subscribed title, he did not stop from doing more accomplishments in his career. During the first stages of his career, Felix attended Göteborgs Högre Samskola in Sweden and graduated in 2008 from the institution. He then continued his studies at the Chalmers University of Technology in pursuing his Industrial Economics and Technology Management degree. Soon, Felix lost his urge to finish his studies and dropped out of school to give more attention to building his channel on YouTube.

PewDiePie’s content focuses on playing several eSports games. One of his famous content would be The Minecraft Series, where he created his characters and added his reactions while playing the game. Felix generally provides his audience an entertaining way of boisterous reactions while playing, and his skills to relate with his viewers.

2. VanossGaming

Evan Fong, also known as VanossGaming, is a Canadian video game commenter who created his YouTube channel on September 15, 2011, after dropping out of college. He used the name Vanoss, from the BMW variable valve timing system, and his father also used the alias “vanoss62” in playing the PlayStation 3. Evan used an owl as his logo to exhibit his trademark as he rarely shows himself in front of the camera, unless only for special events.

VanossGaming is the current holder of the 32nd most viewed and the 13th most subscribed YouTube channel. He worked on his impressive stats by giving intriguing content, which helped him build and improve his channel with a fast-paced growth of views, growth of followers, and profit. VanossGaming also has a group of friends called the Banana Bus Squad, where they play and verbally give their reactions to various eSports games. 

Evan Fong is also one of the contributors of some series dedicated to a variety of eSports games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

3. Markiplier

Markiplier is an American internet phenomenon that is then ranked number three in the list. His real name – Mark Edward Fischbach, made his debut on YouTube on March 6, 2012, with his own channel. He combined his name Mark and multiplier as a portmanteau for his YouTube channel.

Markiplier’s original plan for his channel was to upload funny videos, but he changed his mind and decided to make content from gaming instead. He started to become popular when he began collaborating with other famous YouTubers, like the number one gamer, PewDiePie. As he consistently supported Felix, he gained positive recognition from society. He sometimes urges his followers to subscribe to his friend’s channel.

Aside from the inspiring support that he gave for his friend, Markiplier made a name for himself by uploading his eSports series on his YouTube channel. One of his popular series, the Drunk Minecraft, became his subscribers’ favorite. 

Mark also worked with celebrities such as Jack Black and Jimmy Kimmel, as he also pursued his acting career when he starred in Smosh: The Movie and YouTube Rewind.

4. Ninja

Richard Tyler Blevins is also known as Ninja, the fourth-ranked YouTuber, who created his channel on November 10, 2011. He became famous for streaming his professional gaming, which he got inspiration from his father who also has a love for sports. Upon finishing high school in Chicago, Richard pursued his passion for joining professional gaming tournaments. For his first competition, he joined the popular Halo 3 from eSport. He won the competition and received a large amount of money from the event. 

Richard started his streaming in 2011 while playing in the tournaments and participated in games such as PlayerUnknown's Battleground and H1Z1. Despite this achievement, Richard became more popular when he started streaming Fortnite Battle Royale eSports events. He also had an opportunity to play with celebrities such as Travis Scott and Drake, and this gamer also donated $2,500 to the Alzheimer’s Association. Richard is the current holder of the most subscribed channel on YouTube under the Fortnite community, and also the most followed individual on Twitch.

5. Jacksepticeye

The fifth YouTube gamer on our list is Sean William McLoughlin, also known as the Jacksepticeye. He holds the 83rd YouTube’s most subscribed channel and the most subscribers in Ireland. The story behind his name started when he was still young. Jack is a common nickname for Sean in Ireland. When he injured his eye, his classmates teased him by calling him “Jack Septic Eye”, which explains how he got his alias.

Sean established his YouTube account on February 24, 2007, but started his content only on November 12, 2012. He created a series playing Happy Wheels, Skate 3, and Grand Theft Auto V, which are all adventure games on eSports.

Sean also has a number of playlists such as content dedicated to Minecraft and he also has Portal Co-Op II which he teamed up with his friend, Gabi. He is also a close friend of Felix, who signed him up under the PewDiePie company, Revelmode. 

6. DanTDM

Daniel Robert Middleton, also known as DanTDM, is on the seventh rank. He is an English YouTuber who started his channel on July 14, 2012. Daniel is a popular gamer for his Minecraft content, and with his Twitch live streams.

He also received several Kids Choice Awards and the Guinness World Record for his commitment to Minecraft. Daniel went on a tour from 2016 to 2019 in places such as Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, giving his followers scripted Roblox and Minecraft stories. He also played other games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Mario Odyssey, which resulted in 100,000 views in just one hour. His hard work made him one of the most viewed and subscribed channels in the United Kingdom.

7. KSI

Knowledge, strength, and integrity, or KSI, is the seventh-ranking YouTuber Olajide Olayinka Willams “JJ” Olatunji. KSI built his career through filmmaking, rapping, acting, professional boxing, and gaming. He is an English YouTuber who created his channel on July 24, 2012, and uploaded his videos playing Modern Warfare 2, FIFA, and some series of comedic sketches and vlogs.

KSI also expands his career in music as a rapper, where some of his tracks are directly for Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, as they continue their ongoing grievance with each other. They soon competed in a boxing match, which led to KSI’s boxing career that gained huge amounts of subscribers, viewers, and monetization. Their match also included Deji and Jake Paul, who are their brothers, as an opening act for them. KSI’s career made him the second most popular YouTube subscriber in the United Kingdom.

8. SSSniperWolf

Coming in at number eight is Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, a British-American YouTuber who is popularly known as SSSniperWolf. She started her career on January 19, 2013, by uploading her content in playing Fortnite Battle Royale, Minecraft, and Call of Duty Black Ops II.

She also has live streams using Twitch to achieve more viewers. Alia’s dedication earned her a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Gamer, because of her thrilling content and a huge fanbase. 

9. W2S

At number nine on the list, Harry Christopher Georges Lewis, also known as W2S, is a Guernesey influencer who got his inspiration in gaming when his parents gave him a Nintendo GameCube. He created his YouTube channel on July 26, 2012, and began receiving recognitions for FIFA Fut Draft.

Harry dropped out of high school in 2014 so that he could build his career as a YouTuber and started an affiliation with Sidemen, which is a gaming group. People noticed his jolting and wild reactions as he filmed the events with famous YouTubers, like KSI. At a young age, Harry received backlash because of his behavior, despite gaining huge success in his career.

10. Syndicate

Another English YouTuber, Thomas George Cassell started his career on September 3, 2010, after creating his channel with an alias of Syndicate. The increase of his following base increased to a significant amount of subscribers since he started. His first videos were all about his comments on Modern Warfare II and Halo.

When he started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, his channel gained more popularity, which prompted him to play more game series such as the Minecraft Project. Thomas also has a huge number of followers on Twitch for a long period of time.

These YouTubers worked hard and gave their full dedication to building their career. They showed the world that you can be successful in any path you choose, but you have to give your time and efforts to achieve your goals. Viewers and subscribers experience fun and entertainment through their channels, and can also be the next YouTuber or best online gamer one day. Visit their YouTube channels now!

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