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Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo Halls

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Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo Halls

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You may be wondering what are the actual differences between playing at bingo halls and on online bingo sites. The concept is essentially similar. However, the experience of online bingo can be totally different from that of a traditional bingo house. The internet provides an alternative to play bingo and enjoy games.

Games are played and players can socialize throughout both. However, the similarity can end there. You can notice slight differences in things such as the speed of the games, atmosphere, and price. These factors are worth considering before deciding which fits your preferences.

Where live bingo houses let you win physical prizes and socialize with other players, online bingo delivers a higher level of convenience and speed. It also allows you to play at home or on a smartphone on the go. Both are entertaining and come with pros and cons.

Is Playing Bingo Legal in Malaysia?

Malaysia has complex gambling legislation due to its Muslim population. Muslim citizens are covered by the Sharia Law that prohibits any type of gambling. The rest of the locals can legally gamble in casinos, such as the Casino de Genting in Genting Highlands. But that is so long as they meet the necessary qualifications determined by the government. Several bingo parlours exist in Malaysia. However, underground casino operators illegally run them.

Bingo hall operators may be punished by the law under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. The legislation criminalizes running any type of gaming house as well as individuals caught inside one. Gaming houses refer to any place where individuals can gather and gamble. Therefore, it covers bingo halls. Those caught inside a gaming house may face up to 5,000 MYR fine and up to six months of prison time.

The Common Gaming Houses Act may apply to gaming sites, but it does not specify online bingo players. Therefore, Malaysian citizens and expats can play online bingo without worrying about prosecution from the authorities.

Online Bingo vs Live Bingo Halls

While the gaming experience is similar, a significant difference is an environment. Depending on whether you want to play in a more social setting or just wind down alone, you may already have a go-to way of playing.

Land-based bingo houses are way more interactive than online bingo since you are surrounded by other players. You get to see your competitors face to face rather than them being behind the screen. The bingo caller will stand on a platform or stage to call out numbers. Players are usually encouraged to call out and join the friendly competition.

Online bingo is suitable for those who are not fond of the social side of the game. It is perfect for those who want to concentrate more on the prizes.

Advantages of Playing Online Bingo

Online bingo is quick and convenient. Online bingo games are relatively more fast-paced. Instead of a bingo caller, a computer randomly draws every number. Its quickness makes it a better choice for players who are after the money-making opportunity instead of the social experience.

Convenient Access

Online sites deliver a hassle-free environment. They provide players with the convenience of being closer than a parlour nearby. Boasting instant access, you only need to log in to enjoy a variety of games in the comfort of your own home.

A lot of players prefer to play from a comfortable location of choice. They will love the privacy aspect of playing bingo in this manner. Going for online bingo gives players peacefulness and privacy. Any information related to the online bingo games may stay confidential. That is perfect for those who want to play bingo games secretly.

Gaming on the Go

With the newer tablet and mobile software updates, individuals can now play games while out and about. Moreover, many of the more prominent branded sites feature apps on their site, making gaming even more convenient.

Wide Selection of Games

With tons of sites available, you can find one that fits your preferences. From giant renowned sites to smaller, more intimate versions, they all provide unique experiences. Modern technology has paved the way for the inception of the internet, and alongside this innovation, plenty of online wonders.

Online bingo is a popular form of entertainment. It is only one of the attractions enabled by the internet. Online bingo provides secure and quick access to games. Players can play online bingo games faster than in traditional bingo houses. That makes it suitable for those who want a faster-paced game.

Free Bingo 

Online bingo has many free bingo daily, so gamers can play away for free. Aside from great promotions and bonuses, online sites also offer enormous jackpots. That includes automobiles, electronic equipment, holidays, and many more. You can score these spectacular prizes on online websites as well as mobile devices.

Some sites even provide free-play upon signing up plus matching deposit bonuses that you can spend on tickets and cards. Intense competition among online bingo sites results in bonuses. The one with the most handsome bonuses often gets a good market share. Therefore, looking for the perfect online bingo site means being bombarded with bonus offers.

24/7 Online Customer Support

Among the perks of online bingo is efficient customer support. They feature chat boxes to guarantee assistance to players. Chat masters monitor and operate these chat boxes. They are responsible for responding to the inquiries of troubled players. These chat boxes are open 24/7.

Communication Tools

Online bingo sites boast extensive communication tools such as instant messaging, chat rooms, and online forums. They come with a chat feature that lets you connect with other players in different places worldwide.

Online bingo has also become even more of a social game with the recent rise in social media. Almost every site has Facebook and Twitter pages. Such gives players more opportunities to meet up with friends and enjoy. Social media allow sites to post unique opportunities to win cash, prizes, bonuses, and so on.

Benefits of Brick-And-Mortar Bingo Halls

Bingo houses allow friends to meet up and have a drink while having a chance to win amazing prizes. However, brick-and-mortar bingo halls are slowly closing down. Below are some of the perks of playing bingo in bingo halls.

Instant Pay Outs 

When you win in a bingo house, you can claim your money on that night. There is no need to wait for the cash to be processed into your account.

Night out With Pals

Visiting a brick-and-mortar bingo house gets you out of your home. It lets you see and catch up with your friends in the flesh. It gives you a chance to fully get away for a couple of hours. You may sit and have snacks and drinks while having a nice face to face catch up between games.

Experience the Physical Game

With bingo halls, you can play classic 90-ball games in a good old fashioned manner. Some bigger branded houses have kept the original machines in place. Others sell cards that you mark off with a pen. Both versions enable gamers to get involved and play along physically.

Make New Friends

Bingo houses still have that initial social feel that started in the 1960s. The venues are generally friendly and welcoming from your first visit. You can meet different individuals every week and talk about common interests.

Extra Games

Several bingo houses host tombola or raffle competitions as well.

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