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Guide to Betting on Volleyball Games

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Guide to Betting on Volleyball Games

South Korea has two varieties of live sports betting. The fixed-odds betting and parimutuel betting on baseball, volleyball, golf, football, and basketball, but the odds are weak compared with international sportsbooks, and it is harder to win a considerable amount. This guide will help you learn important details about betting on volleyball so you can maximize your winnings. 

Sadly, sports betting is illegal in South Korea. Playing on a sportsbook without a license can incur you a fine of up to KRW 5 million (US$4,370), under Article 246 and 247 of the Criminal Code. Anyone can go to jail for up to three years and pay a fine of up to KRW 20 million (US$17,840) if convicted as a “habitual gambler.”

South Korean law has kept its reasons for the exemption of recreational gambling and habitual illegal gambling. However, an individual will not be persecuted if caught gambling just for pleasure.  

Volleyball in Korea

Volleyball is a team sport that requires six players for each team. The court has a measurement of 9×18 metres, with a net that is 2.43 metres high for men and 2.24 metres for women. The objective is to rally the ball over the net and force their opponents to commit fault or turnover. It is also a highlight score when landing the ball on the other team’s side of the court.

In a team’s ball possession, they are only allowed with three touches, but individual players cannot touch the ball two consecutive times in a row. Within a team’s rally of three, a block is not a touch. A spike, dig, or spike are several types of shots in the game.

The most common fault in a volleyball game is hitting the ball outside of the boundaries on a return. Other errors are double hitting (the same player hitting the ball twice in a row), and touching the net during a game. The player can hit the ball with the hands or arms or any part of the body. A team can win sets by scoring 25 points ahead of their opponents. To break a tied score of 24-24, an organization must win by a two-point margin more than the opponent. The matches are usually best-of-five sets.

All players for each team must wear matching jerseys except for the libero. A libero is a unique position. They cannot block or serve, and the substitution will not be regular. Teams are allowed six per set.

Betting on Volleyball Games

When a team is a heavy favourite against the other side, a handicap is open for betting. The bookmaker will offer a handicap based on the total number of sets in the winning margin to level the playing field.

For instance, there is a team with -2.5 handicap, and it would only be successful in betting on them if they win in straight sets. Betting on the opposing team with +2.5 will give you the winning bet even if the team loses the match.

Money Line

The Money Line in volleyball means betting on the team who is likely going to win the match similar to MMA or handball betting.

Total Sets

This type of volleyball betting entails the bettor to foresee the number of sets in a volleyball match that will be below or above a figure furnished by the bookmaker. The Total sets betting permits you to place a bet on a team who will win the game, how close the match is, and gives you a level of flexibility.

Betting strategy

Knowing the most crucial volleyball competition on schedule is essential in volleyball betting. The Olympics happens every four years, and it has the highest priority in volleyball betting. The World Cup Volleyball serves as a qualifier for the Olympics. Other annual events are Grand Prix Volleyball (women’s), and the World League Volleyball (men’s). The European and South American are continental championships that have local leagues.

Factors to Consider in Betting in Volleyball

In volleyball, the strength of the whole team is more important than the quality of individuals. The team plays more games in a season, giving more opportunities to bet on that team.

Volleyball teams usually play short regeneration times in between matches. The team’s fatigue recuperation will vary with the schedule of games. Some less critical matches give the opportunity for healing. 

The venue for matches is also a factor on how to bet on volleyball games. The height, distance of halls, and layout will have a significant impact on the team.

The Pareto Principle is a concept worth considering in volleyball betting. There is better accuracy in betting with less popular sports. Volleyball betting may be more effective than a well-known game. This principle is due to lesser competition and the difficulty in available information.

How to Make a Deposit at a Sportsbook

It would take you a few extra efforts to play at a sportsbook in South Korea. You must use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to obtain access because most sportsbooks’ ISPs in South Korea are banned.

It is also useless to tap your credit cards or bank accounts because they are easily traceable. You will not be able to use these techniques since online gambling is illegal. You can use e-wallets as an alternative to making your deposits. Sportsbooks commonly use Skrill and Neteller e-wallets. You must also make your deposits in euros, as more sites receive them. Most sportsbooks will not accept South Korean won. Converting your funds from Won to the euro will impose conversion fees.

You must also prepare your legit ID for verification. Most sites would prefer English ID verification, and your documents should be verified translations already. You need to use your e-wallets for withdrawals and deposits.

You should keep in mind to check out exclusive offers on every site so you can maximize your initial deposit. Most sites provide an irresistible bonus that will match your first deposit or free bets for your first match. 

Mobile Betting

All online sportsbooks are accepting bets via mobile over a few years now. Your tablet, smartphone, or any form of gadget that is internet-ready for you to place your bets online.

Using your mobile device for placing your bets depends on the site, for many sportsbooks now offer such services. Mobile-optimized sites let you sign in, and log-in through your device’s web browser in precisely the same way as you would do with your laptop or desktop computer.

You can use Safari and Google Chrome as browsers for mobile-optimized sites, and you can also access the same procedures for betting as on your computer. You can do almost anything from your mobile device like cash out, make a deposit, and open an account.

Again, always check out available promotions for mobile users. Sportsbooks, most of the time, provide exclusive offers to mobile users to invite more gamblers to place their bets from mobile devices. Just click in the promotions section of the site.

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