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Casino Career 101: How to Become the Best Croupier

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Casino Career 101: How to Become the Best Croupier

Becoming a croupier can give you many great benefits, more positive aspects than negative ones. Every casino establishment has a very busy and exciting environment that you will experience while working, and it also gives you more opportunities for good tips and meeting new people. One of the most important positions on a gaming table in a casino would be a croupier.

A croupier is responsible for a smooth flow of a table game. They make sure that every play and transaction is fair for all participating players. Anybody can become a croupier, but they need to have certain qualities and undergo training to become the best croupier. Read on to learn more about this position and be inspired to pursue this career.

Becoming a Croupier

A croupier holds the most important position on a casino gaming table. They make sure that the game runs smoothly, correct players’ errors, and be in control of the bettings. Croupiers must know the games and their rules through training and practice. There are also many interesting features about this position, which can also make you the best croupier in a casino.

What is a Croupier?

A casino has many employees that perform certain tasks to render services to their customers. Every employee contributes their work to the overall operation of a casino. As mentioned above, croupiers are essential in providing good services for gaming tables. They help players in playing keno, blackjack, craps, and roulettes in casinos and make sure all bets are properly placed before the cards are dealt. 

Croupiers also collect the losing bets while computing the odds for the winning bets. They also force all players to follow the rules of all, especially beginners. To be the best croupier, you must have these skills mastered to perform well. 

You also need to work on a standard week of operations and shifts. The best croupiers have the ability to work on holidays, evenings, and weekends. They can also endure long hours of work inside a casino.

Training to Become the Best Croupier

If you want to be the best croupier in a casino, you need to have proper training and implement it as part of your services. You can approach the management and ask for their in-house training; some casinos provide these as part of their recruitment requirements. If a casino doesn’t offer one, many training schools are available for croupiers. 

It is also important that you do your research first on a particular training school before enrolling for the course. There are reputable schools that you can find and can provide quality training, while there are also those who will drain your money for poor training. The better option for becoming the best croupier would be training with a casino.

Croupier training would usually last 6 weeks to learn how to shuffle cards, handle chips, and learn details of games such as roulette and blackjack.

You can also start training at home to be the best croupier in a casino. It is a good head start to impress your bosses by training and practicing using the internet for references at home. This way, you can increase your skills and apply them to your work.

After completing your training, you will have the chance to work as a trainee and improve your skills to expand your capabilities and knowledge. You will also have to be patient to be the best croupier because it would take time to increase your skills.

Responsibilities of a Croupier

Every casino needs a croupier for better officiating on-table games. To be the best croupier of a casino, you need to be the casino’s representative that would facilitate hospitality business to customers. There are also many other responsibilities a croupier must know:

  • Facilitating the game
  • Paying out the wins
  • Exchanging money for chips
  • Teaching the rules of the game
  • Making sure of all legal activities and house rules
  • Determining cheaters or card counting
  • Keeping customers satisfied

A croupier must observe their customers for bad behaviour or foul play, but they do not have to deal with it. They have to inform the casino’s security and management of problems such as player aggression or accusations of cheating.

Croupier License

Part of being the best croupier in a casino is having a gambling license issued by the legal authorities of a state. Australian, British, and American croupiers need a gambling license with credit rating checks and police background checks to ensure they are eligible to work for a casino. Croupiers without a license cannot deal at any casino game table.

Croupiers Recieve Tips

In the United States, it is common for service staff to receive tips from their customers. Croupiers can earn more by receiving tips, especially from successful players in table games. Their tips are pooled and will divide among all the employees.

Casinos also prevent their employees from associating with customers and from being caught by their guests smoking while in uniform around the casino. Some gamblers tip their casino croupiers to build a good atmosphere and capture the dealer’s mood. 

Croupier’s Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

One of the factors of becoming the best croupier is to stay healthy to perform well in a casino. Unfortunately, almost all casinos allow their customers and guests to smoke inside the gaming area. Gamblers smoke to help them feel relaxed and think better about making the right moves in playing. Since most casino players are smokers, their employees are exposed to secondhand smoke, especially those who work on the game floor. 

Croupiers suffer from this situation, and many develop respiratory ailments that lead to a more serious health condition. Due to the risks of health hazards, some casinos banned smoking inside their game areas. Most countries also banned smoking in public places and created designated rooms for smokers.

Croupier Career

Pursuing a career in a casino can be a great way to earn, especially if you focus on becoming the best croupier. This position teaches you to interact with new players and share whatever results they produce in playing casino games. Despite being an entry-level job, a croupier career is a good job that pays enough money to help those who want to earn extra income.

A career in being the best croupier gives benefits such as:

  • Entertaining and safe working environment
  • Opportunity to increase wages with tips
  • A platform for higher career progressions
  • Flexible schedule with work

Part of being the best croupier in a casino is practicing professionalism in dealing with customers by being sensitive about their moods, polite, and conversing with players. Most casinos would also offer discounted meals and special places for their employees to relax and recharge.

Being the best croupier also has its negative aspects, such as working anti-social hours because of the company’s operating hours and the unpleasantness of a customer.  

More Opportunities

Working in a casino can give you many opportunities for growth and battery pay. All careers start at the bottom, and you need to work hard to be more successful and be the best croupier in the business. You can also focus on getting better promotions in other positions that have higher pay. Being the best croupier in a casino can give you opportunities to become a manager.

It will take time to prove your skills and talents if you want a high-paying position in a casino. You will learn more with work experience and training until the management notices your performance. It would be best if you also kept in mind that croupiers are in demand in the gaming industry. Becoming the best croupier would mean better opportunities to show your skills and work in any part of the world.

Cruise ships with casinos are one of the best options for working as a croupier, especially if you have no responsibilities at home. You can travel while working at sea and visit places like Singapore, Las Vegas, or Macau. It will also be a memorable experience while you earn from working as a croupier on a cruise ship.

Croupiers as Psychologists

Working as a croupier isn’t as easy as many people would think. Aside from dealing with chips and cards, they need to train how to analyze their customers and ensure they behave while they gamble. To be the best croupier in a casino, you need to look out for anything suspicious from the customers and prevent them from doing anything illegal.

Requirements to Become a Croupier

If you want to become the best croupier in a casino, you need to follow certain laws from various locations. Almost all would require a license, but you need at least an advanced education to start a croupier career. To land a croupier position in a reputable casino, you must have enough experience to perform well.

Final Thoughts

Becoming the best croupier in a casino takes a lot of hard work and determination. It is also a job that needs good decision-making and careful dealing with customers. You can earn decent money with your salary and tips from valued gamblers. The pay can also depend on your location, but the financial rewards would be worth working hard for, especially the benefits you get for being the best croupier.

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