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13 Dangerous Side Effects of Sitting Too Long Gambling

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13 Dangerous Side Effects of Sitting Too Long Gambling

Time flies when you’re having fun. You log in to your favorite casino site, play your go-to game, and before you even know it, you’ve sat all day.

But did you know that too much sitting can kill you? Several studies link sitting all day with many health concerns. Among them are obesity and a cluster of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome, including abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and increased blood pressure. Learn more about the dangerous side effects of sitting too long below.

How Many Hours of Sitting Is Too Much?

According to experts, an average adult sits for about 10 hours a day. Usually, that’s eight hours at work and two (or even more) at home while chilling.

Sitting for more than 30 minutes slows down your metabolism by 90%. As a result, the enzymes that transport the bad fat from your arteries to your muscles decelerate, and your lower body muscles shut off. Sit for an hour and a half more, and your good cholesterol declines by 20%. But don’t worry, getting up for a couple of minutes can help get things going again.

Ideally, you must strive to spend as much time standing as you sit. You can also apply the 30:5 rule. Since sitting for half an hour decelerates your metabolism, try to get up every 30 minutes. Walk to a friend’s desk, get a cup of coffee, take a call, stretch. Try to do anything that can get your body working again.

What Are the Side Effects of Sitting Too Long?

You might find it hard to believe, but the side effects of sitting too long can be so detrimental to your health. Even with the availability of gym equipment and ergonomic products, experts suggest that many individuals have already damaged their bodies beyond repair. Check out some of the side effects of sitting too long below.

Heart Disease

Sitting all day can harm your heart and possibly lead to cardiovascular disease. Studies suggest that it can increase the risk of heart disease by up to 64%. Take care of your heart by doing regular cardio workouts. These can improve oxygen flow throughout your body and strengthen your heart and blood vessels.

Poor Social Skills

Spending most of your waking hours gambling limits your interaction with other people. More often than not, your communication activities are done over the internet. Such behavior can lead to reduced psychological well-being and social involvement.


Besides your social skills, sitting all day gambling also reduces the size of your social circle, leading to feelings of sadness and depression. Going out and getting some sunshine is essential for your emotional well-being. Research has found a link between vitamin D deficiency and depression.

Slower Metabolism

Lengthy immobile sitting causes decreased muscle contractions. As a result, the clearance of fat from the bloodstream slows down, and the effect of insulin diminishes.

Low Energy Expenditure

Spending the entire day sitting while gambling leads to a drop in your non-exercise activity thermogenesis. That impacts your overall energy expenditure more than exercise. A low energy expenditure makes you prone to obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes.

Chronic Pain

One of the more noticeable side effects of sitting too long is body pain. Bad sitting posture accompanied by long periods of sitting while gambling gives excessive lower backpressure. While it goes away with some stretching, these somatic pains might be signs of chronic illnesses.

Back and Spine Injuries

Even worse than body pain, the side effects of sitting too long may also include back and spine injuries. Over time, long hours of sitting put undue pressure on your lower back. Not just that, it also adds stress to the surrounding muscles and joints.

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

As with your legs and lower back, your neck and shoulders also experience the side effects of sitting too long. You can feel stiffness in these areas, especially if you’re hunched over looking at your gaming computer.

Bad Posture

Whether it’s sitting at a computer all day or using your cell phone, your use of technology can gradually take your body out of alignment. Compromised posture is one of the side effects of sitting too long since it puts pressure on your lumbar discs and causes your pelvis to rotate backward. Staying in this position pushes your head forward and curves your shoulders.

Rheumatic Disorders

The rheumatic disease can develop in people of any age or gender. It comes in different forms, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, to name a few. Some rheumatic diseases result from wear and tear to your joints, like when you’re sitting the entire day.

Higher Cancer Risk

Studies have shown a higher cancer incidence in jobs with low physical activity. A group of researchers found that the chances of developing ovary, breast, and corpus uteri cancer is higher among women working in sedentary job.

Varicose Veins

Sitting all day can cause blood to pool in your legs, leading to spider veins or varicose veins. While they’re not harmful themselves, they can result in more severe side effects of sitting too long, like blood clots. Although that rarely happens.


Doing physical activities causes your muscles to release molecules that aid in burning fats. Sitting all day reduces the production of these molecules. Over an extended period, this can cause weight gain or, in more severe cases, obesity.

How To Reduce the Side Effects of Sitting Too Long

If you don’t want to suffer the side effects of sitting too long, there’s a simple solution you can try: move more. You have to keep moving and feel energized. While working, don’t forget to have time for a pick-me-up. Avoid gluing yourself to your office chair for most of the day.

When gambling, schedule brief bouts of exercise in between games to burn calories, boost mental clarity, and improve your overall health. Try setting an alarm that alerts you when it’s time to get moving. Allocate a couple of minutes for some deskercises, light stretches, or a quick walk around your home. These can help boost your heart rate.

More tips to avoid the side effects of sitting too long:

  • Stretch!
  • Go for a run
  • Do housework
  • Stand on the bus or train
  • Get up and walk every hour
  • Stand or walk while on the phone
  • Drop by a colleague’s desk to chat
  • Walk during TV commercial breaks
  • Take the stairs as much as possible
  • Participate in community-based activities
  • Place your laptop on a high table to work standing
  • Walk around the office during your tea or coffee break

The Bottom Line

Sitting all day might seem like an innocent act, but it can take a grave toll on your body. Unpleasant short-term effects include stiffness and tightness on your hips and back. In addition, lack of exercise or physical activity can contribute to tiredness. You tend to feel lazier to perform tasks.

What’s even worse are the long-term side effects of sitting too long. It doesn’t only cause occasional discomfort, but it can also lead to chronic pain and irreversible damage to your body. So before it’s too late, get moving now. Exercise regularly and be mindful of your sitting time.

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