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9 Online Gambling Trends

January 24, 2022 1810 0
9 Online Gambling Trends

Excited about the online gambling trends to watch out for this year?

The online gambling industry may have its ups and downs, but it’s one of the sectors that continue to win big after all these years. With digitalization, many changes are expected to happen that gamblers should be aware of. This way, it’ll be easier for them to explore different betting options where they can make better money. Statista values the global online gambling sector to reach $92.9 billion by 2023. If you want to take a bite into this number, then it’s important to know the gambling trends that will rule this 2022. 

Online Gambling Trends to Watch Out For

Here are some emerging trends that you should know:

1. Use of Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology has made its way to the gambling industry. Digital currencies, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin, are now replacing some fiat currency as the preferred payment method in many casinos for its real-time processing and almost zero transaction fees. 

One thing notable about cryptocurrencies is their offer of anonymity. Since it uses decentralized technology, transactions are untraceable, which can either be good or bad. One, it offers gamblers data protection, but it doesn’t mean that casino operators must skip on making sure they know their customers. As part of holistic data protection, they should keep in mind their Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. This step is critical for ensuring that their platform doesn’t become a breeding ground for corruption. 

This 2022, while cryptocurrencies are still far from being mainstream due to certain limitations, it will be one thing that gamblers should watch out for this year. 

2. Adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality

While mobile betting is gaining immense popularity, it’s no longer surprising to see more digital experiences when it comes to online gambling. As Facebook has predicted, Metaverse will change our lives. It will propel the use of augmented and virtual reality (VR/AR) into the mainstream. The use of VR/AR is now in practice, and it’s one of the biggest online gambling trends. 

In fact, virtual reality is now being used for sports training. But it also has applications in gambling. PokerStars is now offering VR products for live betting, including digital poker via 3D avatars and gesture imitation. This makes live poker an even more realistic experience. Gamblers who wish to try this online gambling trend should invest in expensive headsets to get the best casino experience possible. 

3. Growth of eSports Betting

One of the not-so-new online gambling trends this 2022 is eSports betting. Bookmakers have now fully embraced the emergence of eSports as a lucrative gambling option they can “bet” on. This year, however, it’s possible to see more customers looking for data-driven experiences as they prefer accurate and in-game betting options. 

Many believe that eSports betting is one of the online gambling trends that will continue to grow, particularly for DOTA 2 betting. 

Take note, however, that many bettors are still unwilling to bet big on eSports betting because they still are a bit cautious about computer betting integrity. But as technology grows, its integrity will surely surpass traditional sports betting. 

4. Wearables for Online Gambling

Online gambling trends that will change the betting game are wearables. Wearables have taken center stage in many different ways, whether it be for tracking or gaming. It is among the powerful trends that will make waves this year. Playtech, for one, now offers slot machine apps that you can play via the Apple Watch. 

More and more game developers are now thinking about adopting this as one of the online gambling trends they’re willing to invest in. Why? This is because it offers more user awareness for gamblers since it’s closer to their bodies. Playing will be more accessible for them compared to mobile gaming since they are less likely to get distracted by several apps. 

With wearables, it’s much more straightforward for them to play and bet. However, one challenge that operators and developers may face is the difference in operating systems that most wearables run on. 

5. Rise of Social Betting

Social betting is one of the online betting trends that we will see this year. Gone are the days when gamblers will keep their gambling activities a secret. In fact, many are now joining different communities where they can socialize while betting. That’s why some operators have incorporated the use of community betting as part of their offering.

Some of the popular community betting options. One option is the request bet, which allows players to set up a betting pool where participants can add money. Some users can also join a community where they can challenge and comment on the best made by their friends. Other communities can also publicize their bets and encourage their friends to bet on them. 

As one of the online gambling trends that have seen immense success in various markets around the world, it’s no longer surprising to see more and more get involved in social betting. 

6. Birth of Micro Betting

Online gambling doesn’t have to be all about the huge bets and wins. For example, the sports betting industry is now getting “big” on micro betting. It’s no longer about the odds for favorites or the number of goals during a match. Traditional betting is now losing its ground. Nowadays, it’s all about small in-play bets like the player who will score the next goal to the player who will get the red card. 

It’s yet to gain popularity because it’s mainly technology-driven. Micro bets are high in volume, and to get the most data, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to decide on outcomes and report on results. As such, it’s pretty expensive for micro bettors. But, the thrill and excitement are often worth it. 

7. Demand for Better Apps

Mobile gaming and gambling have grown in years. Despite this, however, there is still so much more demand for better-performing apps. Online gambling trends show that gamblers want to use apps that are well-designed and factor in user experience. According to data, most gamblers look for apps that go beyond just offering the bare minimum. 

For online casino gamblers, it’s critical to make it customizable for users. Players are also looking at the ease of signing up and optimizing the discoverability, so it’s easier for them to look for relevant bets. For this reason, most operators should bank on localization to accurately provide these features. 

8. Secure Gambling Options

While it’s not really among the new online gambling trends, security and safety are still the main concern for many gamblers. It’s important for online casino operators to be proactive when it comes to the safety and security of their customers. From the app conception to development, operators should think about all the possible loopholes in security to ensure that their personal identity and money are safe from any possible data leak. 

9. Big Brand Intergration

Perhaps one of the biggest online gambling trends is the integration of big-name brands with online gambling operators. Disney is now in talks with some third-party providers about sports betting deals. Word is out that even Amazon, one of the e-commerce powerhouses, is also planning to host sports betting events using their platform. Just recently, Amazon has hosted live football streams. While they did not allow betting yet, it’s a step closer to online betting. 

Final Thoughts

Online gambling will only continue to grow. While online gambling trends will change every year, the best part of it is the chance to capitalize on it, specifically for this year, where there are many new changes that will revolutionize the industry. 

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