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21 Best Halloween Slots You Can Play for Free

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21 Best Halloween Slots You Can Play for Free

If you fancy both Halloween and slot machines, you’ve come to the right place. While Halloween isn’t the sweetest holiday we have, there’s so much joy in seeing pumpkins, creepy costumes, and haunted house decors. And this fascination for horror drives game developers to create spooky Halloween slots. 

Halloween slots add some spookiness and grab-the-edge-of-your-chair features to traditional slot machines. Developers draw inspiration from your favorite horror shows—ghosts, zombies, mummies, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures. They want you to experience spinning reels in front of a mysterious castle or haunted house.

In this article, we made a list of the 21 best horror slots you can play online. And—spoiler alert—all of them are scarily good! 

Why Play Halloween Slots?

Besides the thrills and spooky animations, Halloween slots are popular because they’re available all year round. The concept behind Halloween slots is to give you shivers each time you decide to spin the reels.

Like with conventional slot machines, not all Halloween slots are created equal. Some come with tons of features and lifelike visuals, while others offer fewer bonus rounds. Nevertheless, all of them feature hauntingly stunning graphics that will surely satisfy your cravings for horror.

Top-Rated Halloween Slots Online

When it comes to finding the best Halloween slots, the sky’s the limit. But the overwhelming amount of choices shouldn’t scare you. This list is here to narrow down your selection in your quest for the best Halloween slots. 

Lucky Halloween

Perfect for gamers of all levels, this five-reel and 20-payline video slot comes chockfull of pleasant surprises. The graphic designers at Red Tiger Gaming created spooky Halloween-theme visuals and animation. Aside from the scary atmosphere and dark-colored screen, the Lucky Halloween slot offers mature features, bonus games, and special symbols.

Frankenslot’s Monster

In this spooky yet exciting 3D slot, BetSoft Gaming welcomes you to the palace of Viktor Frankenslot. Consisting of three rows, five reels, and 20 fixed paylines, the Frankenslot’s Monster slot lets you take part in Viktor’s horrible experiments. If you’re a fan of free slots with bonus games and requires no download, then this is the one for you.

Blood Lore Vampire Clan

Among the many night creatures in horror shows, vampires are the most elegant and dangerous ones. But when playing Blood Lore Vampire Clan, you can forget about the “dangerous” part as they’ll bring you money. Like other Halloween slots, it comes with three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines.

Monster House

As you enter the world of the Monster House slot, you get a chance to help the mad scientist conduct a horrible experiment for a reward. By matching at least three mad scientist graphics on any active payline, you can try your luck in the bonus game. Other exciting features include ghost hunting and Halloween house. 


Famous for its many secrets and legends, the Transylvania video slot will introduce you to vampires and werewolves. In this fear-inducing slot, you have three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines. Also on offer are free spins with a bonus feature to boost your chances to find the secret treasures.

Blood Suckers II

This bloody and thrilling sequel of the Blood Suckers slot comes with three rows, five reels, and 25 always-active paylines. Your mission is to help vampire Amilia find the treasures hidden inside the coffins of the immortal hunters. If you liked the original, expect this version to capture your heart as well.

Pumpkin Smash

Created by Yggdrasil developers in celebration of Halloween, the Pumpkin Smash slot brings the Day of the Dead and Halloween together for picturesque graphics. You’re in charge of the hunt for the rewards in the pumpkins at the Mexican cemetery. And like most Halloween slots, Pumpkin Smash gives you a thrilling experience and irresistible prizes.

Midnight Rush 

Inspired by Stakelogic’s macabre stories, Midnight Rush is among the many Halloween slots that will satisfy your longing for a spooky adventure. Consisting of three rows, five reels, and ten paylines, the game opens the world of nightmares where you can find treasures. Not even mummies, vampires, werewolves, and skeletons can stop you from winning. 

Zombie Slot Mania

If zombie horror is your thing, then the Zombie Slot Mania slot is the perfect fit for you. It uses frightening graphics and a superior soundtrack to recreate the atmosphere of a horror film. The key to winning in this slot game is to survive the zombie horror.

Lord of Darkness

Another horror masterpiece by Stakelogic, the Lord of Darkness, unveils the world of darkness. Playing this slot game will test your courage to hunt for treasures among the graves and castles, where demons, vampires, and werewolves live. Making up this terrifying slot are three rows, five reels, and 25 paylines.

Haunted Hospital

Halloween slots cater to different kinds of horror lovers, and if you’re the type to enjoy haunted building stories, Haunted Hospital is for you. To get your reward, you must survive the night at a deserted building. Your journey will revolve around finding the riches of mad medical workers.

Fear The Zombies

If zombie movies and big wins both sound exciting to you, check out this Fear The Zombies slot game. This terrifying 3D slot consists of three rows, five reels, and 20 bet lines. By playing Fear The Zombies, you reap the rewards of protecting yourself against the hordes of the living dead. 

Trick or Treat

Loved going trick-or-treating as a child? You no longer have to miss that joy with this Trick or Treat online slot. Comprising three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines, this slot game will give you all the thrills and sweet rewards you desire. Its graphics include Jack o’ Lantern, apples, and potions. Trick or Treat makes each day a Halloween.

Blood Queen

Made for immortal beings who live on blood, the Blood Queen online slot features three rows, five reels, and 30 win lines. Here, you’ll witness the clash between the vampire and the vampire hunter while standing a chance to win rewards. Overall, the Blood Queen offers exceptional features and effects.

Monster Wheels

Catering to scary festival lovers, the Monster Wheels is among the best Halloween slots online. Get stunning prizes while watching edge-of-your-seat races of the monsters from your favorite horror films. It comes with five reels and offers up to 288 ways to win.

Dark Carnivale

Here to scare the public, the Dark Carnivale slot game welcomes you to the world of a grotesque circus. While it’ll scare you with its gloomy design, it offers equally terrifying winnings. So get ready to brave those outlandish artists, ugly clowns, and bizarre shows as you play.

Trendy Skulls

Combining Aztec with Catholic culture, the Trendy Skulls slot re-enacts the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Like other Halloween slots, it has pretty simple rules. It comes with three rows, five reels, and 25 paylines. You aim to land as many identical skulls as you can on different paylines to win prizes.

Grave Grabbers

If you’re into dark jokes and free slots that don’t require downloads, then Grave Grabbers will be worth your while. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this online slot game takes you to a graveyard where spirits, skeletons, and zombies are staying. As its name implies, you have to find the treasures among their tombs to come out a winner.

Le Mystere Du Prince

Looking at the game visuals, you may say that the Le Mystere Du Prince is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Unlike other spooky Halloween slots, this game presents a beautiful harpsichord melody and animation. And to spice up the experience, spectacular bonus features await you.

Scary Night

Horror movie fanatics are sure to have a good time in this Scary Night slot. You don’t have to show up in your costume and go door to door to get candies. Launch the game, collect at least three candy packs, and you can now play the bonus game. You can also receive free spins by getting at least three Scatter pumpkins. 


The geniuses behind GAMING1 bring a “night for the brave ones” experience right at the comfort of your home. In Bloodpact, you’ll make a bloody contract with vampires and get a chance to win big. The best part is you can play this slot online for free without needing to download it.

Final Thoughts

Spinning reels on your favorite Halloween slots is all fun and game until you burn your bankroll. To avoid this, remember that even when you’re playing for entertainment, you have to do so responsibly. Don’t forget to set a money and time limit for gambling. That way, you can enjoy Halloween slots without worrying about other stuff. And in case you want to try something new, you have a ton of slot machine themes to choose from.

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