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Casino Bonus Abuse: Everything You Need to Know

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Casino Bonus Abuse: Everything You Need to Know

Casino bonus abusers have been around since the introduction of casino bonuses. During online gambling’s infancy in the 1990s, not many rules set guidelines for online casino ethics. As a result, patrons would often abuse bonuses, leading to the casino suffering massive losses. 

That said, online casino operators placed strict wagering and play through requirements to avoid bonus abuse. With these requirements in place, you need to play casino games a set number of times before you could get your winnings. 

Technically, not all casino bonus abuse is fraudulent or illegal. However, it still goes against standard ethical practice and casino etiquette. Violating these rules could blacklist and ban you from a casino and others on their network. 

Usually, individuals unknowingly break some of the guidelines. That is either due to inexperience, misapprehension, or failure to read the fine print on a bonus. Regardless, ignorance of the law is never an excuse to violate it. 

Understanding Casino Bonus Abuse

Casino bonus abuse goes by many names. Bonus abusing, bonus whoring, bonus hunting, promo abuse, casino hunting, and whatnots. Fundamentally, it’s all about finding new user bonuses and signing up for them several times. In fraud terms, that is called “multi-accounting.” It usually targets no deposit bonuses, such as free cash or free spins.

The problem is that it pushes fraudsters to register as many new accounts as possible. They rely on synthetic identity, stolen IDs, and prepaid card details to bypass the KYC checks. More sophisticated criminals even have the resources to employ virtual machines, emulators, as well as residential IPs like Socks5 proxies or mobile networks to use new IP addresses.

Types of Casino Bonus Abuse 

Besides no deposit bonuses, casino bonus abuse also comes in the form of creating fraudulent accounts to boost winning chances. This method is effective since, historically, bonuses were massive with low betting requirements and without restrictions on allowed games. Such is encouraging fraudsters to use several accounts for collusive play methods like chip dumping or arbitrage. Below are some types of casino bonus abuses. 

Creating Multiple Accounts

Bonuses are often exclusive to one individual. Sometimes, it may even be one bonus per household. Casino bonus abusers have attempted to skirt around this rule by registering multiple accounts with different email addresses. They also use various baking providers to make it appear that they are not the same person. Such type of deceitful behavior abuses and violates casino bonus terms and conditions. It may lead to the casino taking drastic action against you.

Since the casino’s servers monitor your IP address, they can easily catch you. They will flag several users from a single IP address. You’ll get an alert from the casino, asking for an explanation. While your reason may be valid, e.g., a friend using your IP address, they still have the final say. 

Double Bonus Claim

More often than not, players can only use casino bonuses once. But some of them might attempt to claim the reward several times. Typically, the casino server will detect that you have already availed of the promotion and block you. However, some players manage to use it repeatedly.

When the casino detects abuse, they will confiscate all your bonuses and prize money. You could even face a ban from the establishment and all their partners on the same casino network.

Bonus Hunting

Bonus Hunting is playing high volatility games aggressively to make huge wins instantly and then meeting the betting requirements. If you lose quickly, you move onto a different casino to avail of another bonus. But if you win big, you have enough of a buffer to slow things down on a lower volatility game then meet the betting requirements to cash out your winnings. While it is hard to trace immediately, if a casino discovers your tricks, you will face banning and funds confiscation.

Saving Bonuses

When you sign up for a casino bonus, you must use it. Casinos are against you collecting them for use in conjunction with later rewards to increase your winning chances. If you’re habitually prone to this tactic, the casino may soon withhold bonuses from you. 

Big Bet Bonus Abuse

Individuals often neglect the number of bonus funds they get. Since they have nothing to lose, they use it up quickly by making huge bets. For them, big wagers equate to big money. Well, that can be true when using your funds. However, take note that casinos offer bonuses so you can spend time on the platform. Use that privilege to explore options and learn new games. 

Big bet bonus abuse is an insult to the casino’s good faith. It may even lead to the casino taking action against you. Moreover, pay close attention to the maximum wager limits on bonuses. Many players also fail to realize that the gamble feature doesn’t count as a bet towards satisfying playthrough requirements. So if possible, keep away from this slot game feature.

Ignoring Game Restrictions

A casino bonus usually specifies which games you can play in. More often than not, you won’t find low house edge games, such as poker and blackjack, on the lists. That is due to the slim chances of the casino making any money off you.

Modern casino software blocks you from the games excluded in the promotion. However, there is still a possibility of slipping through. You can face penalties ranging from a credit confiscation to a casino ban. But you can avoid doing that by mistake by reading the bonus terms before using it. 

Consequences of Casino Bonus Abuse

No wicked deed goes unpunished. Casino bonus abuse comes with a set of consequences. Unfortunately, these affect both the abuser and the new players alike. Casino bonus abuse may lead to a reduction of bonus offerings or even discontinuation of bonuses altogether. Such consequences affect everyone. 

In case of bonus abuse, the casino in question often retaliates by either reducing the amount of the said bonus or removing it entirely. The aim is to discourage casino bonus abuse. Players tend to abuse the massive rewards that are on offer in match-deposit bonuses. Simply put, when the prizes aren’t as lucrative, individuals won’t even bother trying to circumvent the system.

Some casinos opt for the removal of match deposit bonuses altogether. Instead, they give players something that isn’t withdrawable or usable just as quickly. These include free spins or chips rather than match deposit bonuses, vouchers, and discount coupons. Since these aren’t as attractive, they aren’t as prone to casino bonus abuse. 

Alternatively, some casinos offer loyalty bonuses in place of match deposit bonuses. They are looking to discourage abuse on welcome bonuses. Therefore, they make their sizable match deposit bonuses available only to, e.g., individuals who have played for more than a month on their website.

How Not to Become a Bonus Abuser

First things first, you can avoid being labeled a bonus abuser by not doing any of the acts mentioned above. Another thing is to sidestep the so-called “irregular play” before you cash out any of your winnings with a casino bonus. Irregular play is any gaming aimed at exploiting some of the loopholes in the rules. 

However, not all casinos are victims of bonus abuse. In fact, some of them are the ones who take advantage of their bonuses and deny you what’s rightfully yours. But don’t worry, you can do something to avoid online casino scams and fraud.

If you’re a newbie, sign up only with reputable casinos. Check out reviews and ratings online to find out if the casino is fair. If they are notorious for withholding rightful winnings from players and other unfair practices, steer clear. It is also essential to read their terms and conditions when it comes to cashing out your winnings. An understanding of their rules and processes help you skirt any issues that may arise. 

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