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Most Expensive Poker Sets of All Time

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Most Expensive Poker Sets of All Time

Poker is probably one of the well-recognized casino games there is. The game exudes a lot of testosterone but it does not mean that the game is exclusive to men. There is just something about the game – its intensity – one may feel like they are always making a bet of their lifetime.

When playing live poker, it is not unusual for players to go all in, particularly if they have high confidence in their hands. It is one of the few gaming sports where one can win millions and lose just the same in just one sitting. Some players invest in a good set of poker sets, considering its feel, texture, and the success it will bring them on the table. Others, don’t really care at all especially those who will be hosting poker nights at home where chips can get scratched and even spilled on with a beer.

Well, these poker collectible sets will surely make one feel like a winner. Make your poker nights quite interesting if you can score any of these collectible poker sets.

Most Expensive Poker Collectible Sets

Pre-World War II Poker Chips with Pickled Swastika

Market Price: $1,999.99

Probably one of the rarest finds in poker industry is this Swastika-laden chips. According to the seller, who sells loads of antique and vintage stuff, the chips were made before World War II began. Whilst this is a good buy, it is something that you cannot really boast of during a friendly poker night because you know…

Pre-World War II Poker Chips with Pickled Swastika

Asprey Luxury Poker Set

Market Price: $7,500

Asprey is a company known for manufacturing exquisite luxury goods so it is no surprise that this item will sell for quite a price. The 200-year old company has been making specialty items like jewellery, board games and apparently this outstanding poker set encased in a cinnamon English saddle leather. The feel and the smell of the leather are already enough to make you feel like a winner.

This stunning collectible includes two packs of Asprey signature playing cards, 550 ceramic poker chips, and a dealer chip that comes in a palladium finish. Secure the set with the palladium locks at the front of the case.

Asprey Luxury Poker Set

Cartier’s Bold Poker Set

Market Price: $10,100

Those who really want to get something to brag about come poker night, they should get this limited edition Bold Poker Set from Cartier. There was a time that French luxury watchmaker and jeweller, Louis Francois Cartier manufactured poker sets to serve its high-class clientele who are into gambling as well. The set comes with 360 chips in five different colours, two sets of playing cards, and five reddish-black dices crafted in wood and plated with gold neatly packed in a gilt casket.

Cartier’s Bold Poker Set

Lancelot Lancaster White – Buckingham Poker Box

Market Price: $28,000

If you are looking for a set that screams creativity and craftsmanship, then this Lancelot Lancaster White – Buckingham Poker Box set is your best bet. This set comes with completely handmade 20 ebony inlaid poker boxes designed by Linzi Stivey Davies. The box comes with brass fittings with 18 Carat rose gold. The nameplate in the set in laurel leaf cluster is completely customizable so you don’t have to worry about your buddies stealing the set from you.

Lancelot Lancaster White – Buckingham Poker Box

Cartier Mother of Pearl Poker Set

Market Price: $29,000

Another prized collection from the House of Cartier is this mother of pearl poker set. This set, made with hand-carved sycamore wood and mother of pearl marquetry is adorned with gemstones including Alcantara linings and garnet cabochons. The poker chips are created using the finest silver and are available in five different colours: grey, red, black, and white.

Aside from the pieces of jewellery, the poker set features an Art-Deco stylized motif including a set of cards guarded by a panther, the House’s iconic symbol.

Want to secure yourself this poker set? You’d have to wait for some time as the set already has a long wait list.

Cartier Mother of Pearl Poker Set

Vintage Cartier Poker Set

Market Price: $30,000

This vintage set sells for 30 grand and for a good reason. This rare poker chip set is made of plastic but it is quite hard to find, particularly for a complete pristine set. The poker chips feature the original Cartier design. The set was on sale by the famed brand for only $7,500 but its rarity and brand skyrocketed its value to $30,000.

Vintage Cartier Poker Set

The Meteorite Poker Set

Market Price: $150,000

Would you be crazy enough to shell out a $150,000 for a poker set? What if I tell you that this particular set lets you own a piece of the heavens? This exquisite set comes with 120 poker chips, complete set of playing cards, and five ivory dices all designed by Swedish jeweler Stahl. The set and case is made with 18 Carat white gold and is fitted with precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. The interior of the case itself is made with Swedish reindeer calfskin whilst the exterior of the case is made from polished leather, and the dices are crafted from Swedish wooly mammoth bones. So they are not just plain ivory but ivory from an ancient animal at that!

Another thing that makes this poker set unique is the material used for the chips – they are made from an iron meteorite known as the “Muonionalusta” that crashed somewhere north of Sweden some 800,000 years ago.

The Meteorite Poker Set

Geoffrey Parker Poker Set

Market Price: $7.5 million

This ultra-luxurious and highly expensive poker set is made by Geoffrey Parker, a high-end game manufacturer in the UK in the early days of the 1960s. The white gold and diamond-encrusted poker chips are not for the average gamer. The case is made from alligator hide and has a white gold lock and diamond decoration to keep the 18 Carat white gold chips. All in all, the poker set is embellished with a staggering 22,364 precious stones and a total carat of 1,012.

The most expensive poker set ever made has 384 poker chips created with 18-Carat white gold with stingray skin, which can be fitted with any currency that the customer prefers. The chips are colour-coded with precious stones: sapphires for the blue chips, rubies for the red, black diamonds for the black, emeralds for the green, and white diamonds for the white chips.

The dealer chip is also made with an 18-Carat of white gold and set with two rows of diamonds on its edges. The set will not be complete without its four packs of platinum finished playing cards. Made for the ultimate high-roller, those who want to own a piece of this poker set would have to wait for at least a year as production would usually take nine months at the very least.


Are you ready to go all in with these expensive poker sets? Which of them are worth their price tags?

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