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Surprising Benefits of Bingo for Seniors

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Surprising Benefits of Bingo for Seniors

Bingo is a popular go-to activity for elderly communities, but the long-term effects of playing can often go overlooked. As it turns out, this popular pastime can provide way more than entertainment. So if you or a loved one enjoys playing bingo, you may be surprised to discover that it comes with some significant health benefits. From mental- to physical-health improvements, have a look at the benefits of bingo for seniors.

Cognitive Benefits of Bingo

Since playing bingo requires listening and concentration skill, it sharpens one’s cognitive abilities. The game requires alertness and the ability to retain information. Players need to hear and remember the numbers called out to locate them on the board. That can sharpen the brain functions and improve the memory of seniors. Research has also revealed that bingo can help improve brain function among seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Bingo is great for reinforcing skills such as short-term memory and concentration, which often decline with age. A lot of seniors have issues with coordination and reflexes. Among the health benefits of bingo is the improvement in hand-eye coordination skills.

As seniors age, their hand-eye coordination begins to deteriorate, resulting in slower reflexes. The fast-paced and repetitive nature of bingo involves immediately identifying the digits called and placing chips on the corresponding squares of their cards. That promotes coordination between the eyes, hands, and brain. It also prevents the onset of mobility issues and other problems.

Even seniors with dementia issues, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer's disease, have demonstrated improvement in hand-eye coordination. Moreover, using cards with high contrast in color and bolder, larger text enhance memory and thinking skills among patients with dementia issues.

Social Benefits of Bingo

Bingo for seniors is an inclusive game in which everyone is welcome regardless of their ability levels. It does not matter if you are in the early stages of dementia or riding a wheelchair.

Lack of socialization negatively impacts one’s health and wellbeing. Seniors are prone to anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, they need to keep an active social life. Being social helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while improving physical health.

Playing bingo can be a good excuse for older people to find new friends. Moreover, older people who get involved in regular social activities tend to have healthier lives and live longer.

Joining a regular bingo group allows seniors to keep in touch with friends as well as make some new ones. Bingo offers a fun and safe environment for socialization. By connecting with people, a senior will have something to look forward to. Statistics reveal that older people who maintain social interaction have a much slower decline physically and mentally compared to those who do not.

Being acquainted with fellow regular Bingo players contributes to a sense of belonging and community. It may even result in building friendships that go beyond the game.

Emotional Benefits of Bingo

More socially active seniors usually enjoy happier lives and better health. Since the benefits of bingo include socialization, players have a lower risk of depression or loneliness. Bingo is usually a very enjoyable event. Players can laugh and enjoy the company of other regular bingo players.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins in the human brain. Research shows that social laughter causes happy feelings and significantly increases the release of endorphins as well as other opioid peptides within the brain areas responsible for emotions and arousal. Besides creating an overall sense of well-being, laughter has some pain-relieving effects. It is can relieve stress, promote relaxation, and elevate your mood. Laughter can even boost the immune system.

Physical Benefits of Bingo

Playing games is an excellent way to kill time. But it does not stop there. Interestingly, seniors playing games like bingo are likely to have quicker recovery times during hospital stays. It can shorten the healing time from an injury, surgery, or illness.

Playing games is also a great way to feel positive emotions to reduce depressive symptoms and the perception of pain linked to recovering. Plus, the mere act of placing chips on the board helps seniors overcome discomfort from arthritis and maintain good motor skills.

Bingo Regulation in India

The legal status of both online and land-based gambling in India is relatively complex. That is since the country is the second most populous in the world. It consists of 27 states, each with a separate government. Hence, gambling regulations in India differ from state to state.

Since bingo is a game of chance, it is illegal in most Indian states. Bingo is likely legal in the states that authorize casino gambling, such as Goa and Sikkim. However, there are no reports of casinos offering bingo games nor any bingo houses in operation.

Online bingo in India is unregulated. To date, no online bingo operators have been granted licenses. Generally, India-based players utilizing international online bingo sites are not punished. However, it is difficult to access sites and deposit funds.

What Are the Best Bingo Sites in India?

Playing bingo is entertaining and relaxing. The game is all about sitting back, enjoying, and wishing for the right digits to be drawn. Bingo has long been a popular game in India. However, you will not find any bingo houses where you can play. Moreover, finding an online casino in the country that offers this game can be challenging. Here are some online casinos that allow Indians to play online bingo.


22Bet boasts an incredible selection of bingo games that you will not find anywhere else. You can choose from about 18 different bingo games. These include Electro Bingo, Penalty Bingo, Bingo Machine, Super Bonus Bingo, and several other exciting bingo variations. You will enjoy exploring the different online bingo games available on 22Bet.


1xBet is a global gambling site featuring one of the most comprehensive game selections of any gambling site. You can play virtually any type of casino game, including online slots, blackjack, roulette, lottery, keno, and bingo. 1xBet has a diverse bingo game selection. You will find different bingo providers, each offering a unique and exciting bingo experience. Besides regular bingo, you can also play tombola, goal bingo, candy bingo, and several other quirky bingo variations.


Unibet is an incredibly popular gambling site in Europe. Even so, it is quite unheard of in India. Unibet is a great bingo site that accepts India-based players and Indian rupees. Here, you can find sports betting and an array of casino games, including a variety of online bingo games.

Where Can I Play Live Bingo in India?

Live bingo occurs in real-time. You sit with several other players in a bingo table. All of you will compete for the same prize. Every player can see their bingo cards and the digits as they are drawn from the pot. You can also connect with fellow players throughout the game. Only a few online casinos in India offer live bingo. These include Unibet and KTO.

KTO is an international gambling site that caters to Indian players. It features a variety of games, including table games, slot machines, sports betting, and bingo games. It offers a live bingo game called Tombala. To participate in the live bingo game, you have to buy a bingo card. A bingo card costs around Rs. 75 to Rs. 35,000. It is advisable to begin with a small stake. Once you have a card, you are ready to play live bingo.

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