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Why Online Poker Forums Are Bad for Your Game

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Why Online Poker Forums Are Bad for Your Game

Like most games, poker is well-loved by millions of individuals across the globe. While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who enjoy it are often regular players. That is similar to how a football enthusiast will join a local side to play frequently or support a team. If you visit a local casino for several weeks, you can see familiar faces. That said, online forums, clubs, or societies form in areas so like-minded poker fanatics can meet together. And these are usually based on location.

If you’re considering asking your fellow poker players for tips on how to play better and improve your skills, think again. While online poker forums seem like a good knowledge base, the reality is that it is not. Of course, you can get some insight into the game as a newbie. However, it is not your go-to place if you’re looking to win consistently in poker. 

What Are the Downsides of Online Poker Forums

You might be wondering why online poker forums are not all they are meant to be when it comes to upping your game. Don’t get me wrong. Poker forums are valuable in sharing thoughts and discussing with like-minded players. But if your goal is to improve as a player, you must maintain a high standard when looking for a poker community. Make sure to find one with high-quality posts, hand histories, and highly-skilled members who are willing to give advice. Here are some reasons online poker forums don’t always contribute to your development as a player:

Lack of Expertise

Realistically speaking, if you’re on top of your game and revered as one of the biggest names in poker, would you shed time on these online forums? Perhaps no. Poker legends are great at what they do for a reason. They likely spend their time perfecting their craft, keeping abreast of their rivals, or resting. But definitely not on online poker forums. Also, it is unlikely that they will reveal their winning strategies. Their competitors and future players can use whatever they disclose as an advantage over them.

Untrustworthy Advice

It is worth noting that the people you’ll be seeking advice from might be your competitors. Imagine two businesspeople asking each other how to increase revenues when they are competing against each other. While some players on these online poker forums may be well-meaning, it is hard to distinguish. That explains why looking to improve your game via these sites is not the brightest idea. 


If your goal is to elevate your game, do it yourself. Stop wasting time asking others how to do this. Every person is different. What makes other players successful may not work for you. You can improve your game through constant practice and play. You can spend the time you shed on online poker forums, which are usually not of much help elsewhere. If you want to do better on poker, play the game instead of reading how other players do it.

What Poker Forums Are Good For

While online forums will not turn you into a fantastic poker player, they do serve a purpose. Firstly, it connects players and encourages discussion. It serves as an ideal place to meet like-minded players who are also learning to play the game. You can chat about your poker fails, fun experience and get insights on the best poker places online.

In a nutshell, online poker forums are perfect for socializing. Since poker is not a team sport, it’s a pretty lonely game. Therefore, it’s nice to find others in the same boat to make it more fun. Poker can even serve as an avenue to meet new friends.

Another advantage of online poker forums is they keep you up to date. You can get leads on several up-and-coming players, recommendations on poker books and guides, as well as find some individuals to practice playing with. Online poker forums offer all that. But still, it is not for receiving useful advice on how to up your game or become a poker great.

What Are the Best Poker Communities and Forums Online

While societies are typically location-based, online communities build on culture or personal approaches to digital poker. Societies have a website for disseminating information, whereas online communities interact and engage on the website itself.

Poker communities have witnessed a drastic spike in popularity in 2003. That’s after Chris Moneymaker’s victory on the WSOP Main Event, defeating several professional players in the process. As playing poker online became more popular, players continue desiring to connect with fellow players beyond the online felt.

A great way to improve in poker or any strategy game is to exchange thoughts and converse with like-minded players. Look for a poker community with hand histories, high-quality posts, and highly skilled players who are willing to give guidance. Here’s a list of online poker forums and societies to help you advance in your poker journey.

Beasts of Poker

Beasts of Poker features an in-depth forum page with discussions according to different categories. You can read general reviews, discussions on learning about poker, hand histories, as well as gambler’s lifestyle and diary. Other contents include the best online poker moments and conversations on recent online poker tournaments. 


PocketFives is a long-standing poker community that serves as a home to numerous tournament players. It caters to individuals who are big on playing multi-table tournaments. The website displays top rankings internationally and by country in online matches. You can also read reviews of online poker sites. Members usually post hand histories in question format. That allows forum members to give their opinion on how to play the hand.


For the latest news, live poker tournament coverage, and multimedia content like podcasts and videos about poker and the industry, check out PokerNews. It’s a great place to dive into the game and be updated on the latest developments across the globe. 


TwoPlusTwo facilitates insightful conversations, helping numerous players understand poker in more precise detail. Arguably the most prominent poker forum worldwide, this site offers a wide variety of discussions. The layout is intuitive, letting you find the types of conversations that you’re looking for easily. Chances are, if you’ve ever Googled a poker question, you would’ve come across this site.


Another site that draws on years of conversations to help players up their game is PokerStrategy. Here you’ll find thousands of threads to explore, covering every nuance of the game. Discussions outside poker also take place, allowing the community to express themselves more. That way, they get to know each other better. 


ReplayPoker is a globally-focused community site that allows players to play online for free. While most online communities default to English, ReplayPoker lets you play in a choice of eight different languages. You may also ask the Player Reps for guidance on strategy.


Originally a video hosting platform, YouTube has now become a legitimate career path for individuals. A lot of individuals love watching online poker greats explaining concepts and strategy tips for the game. They can even watch live poker games. YouTube also provides a transcendent avenue for learning thanks to numerous tutorials on the play and what to do in specific scenarios. 


You can find a ton of international Facebook pages and groups, from region-specific to globally focused. Even better, the social network also allows you access to various apps where you can play poker for free. And with Facebook’s social nature, it’s a great way to befriend fellow poker players.


Another fantastic place to talk about all things poker is Reddit. It provides an excellent avenue to contribute and learn from others. Since you can start discussions semi-anonymously, you can freely ask any question without feeling stupid. You can also find subreddits for virtually any facet of Poker, especially current events. 


In summation, learning how to excel in online poker is something you do on your own. Online poker forums are great for many things but not for providing helpful insights on becoming a consistent winner on the tables. 

Signing up to any poker forums is fine so long as you do it to get information on the basics, be updated on the latest gaming gossip, meet new friends, and other inconsequential reasons. Remember that it is quite unrealistic to expect that you will learn how to become a great poker player on these sites. All they can give you is a novice and misguided advice from individuals like you. And more often than not, this information is not helpful. 

Also, bear in mind that it’s crucial to find the right forums to sign up for. Each online poker forum has a different set of members. Some are just looking to mess with their potential rivals, while others are totally clueless. The best online forums have listings for places where you can learn how to play, poker book recommendations, and responds to newbie questions truthfully. 

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